Theo Pichard: “My first strength is that basketball remains my passion”

France’s U-17 men’s team, which plays in Friday’s World Cup quarter-final against Slovenia, Jan Vede, is made up of a wide range of talent. Players complement each other. Among them Theo Pichard (1.97 AD, 17 years old). A tall and powerful captain, the brother of the former Limoges Espoir Clement Pichard is known for his basketball intelligence and leadership. A real coach, both on the field and on the bench, cannot avoid comparisons with the brilliant captain of the French Championship, Laurent Ciara. The latter led the Orleans team between 2008 and 2010 when Théo Pichard took his first steps on the Loire Valley grounds, with Fleury-les-Aubrais.

“My dad played some basketball. I started young in Fleury-les-Aupresses, from my kid to 3-4 years old, so I always played basketball. For me, what is my first strength is that basketball remains my passion. Once I step into the On the pitch, I want to do my best, and I am happy to be on the pitch.”

In rotating top scorer Illan Piétrus, Théo Pichard found his place in the team and more broadly in the group. A place he got last summer during the EuroChallengers U16 Championship.

“I feel good. I felt good last year, I found my role, trying to be a leader little by little on the pitch and on the bench, to be honest, to encourage everyone, not to think of me but of the team to try to go where we want to, and that means To be the world champion.”

His undeniable collective will leads him to prosper more and more in the game offered by Blueberries, more and more during the meetings.

“Collectively, we are able to find each other more and more. There are small frustrations from everyone that they want to show themselves as they do at their club or at Pôle France. But I think he is starting to organize himself, we are starting to find our mechanism and that is a good omen for the future.”

Defensive progress thanks to investing in his fitness

Tall and therefore with a high center of gravity, but also strong and therefore heavy, Théo Pichard must make great efforts to be able to hold his own small and lively backs. Thanks to in-depth work on his physical condition, he is reaping the fruits of his labor.

“Defending was a problem for me because I couldn’t physically. But there I started to have sticks, to be able to defend all terrains and help my team defend.”

In the long run, the resident of Pôle France puts no end. Progress in the hope of reaching the highest possible level. With a particular interest in European basketball, but not only, he is a big fan of Luka Doncic but especially the Dallas Mavericks.

“Luka Doncic has always been my role model since he joined Real Madrid (Madrid). Before that I was a fan of Dirk Nowitzki, even if he was not in my position. So it is always the Mavs and therefore Doncic who comes on my Mavs… I think he can To have a profile a bit like mine, which is more down to earth and who can play.After that, I still have to work on my skill to be more efficient.I had a little shoulder problem while preparing which put me off for a week so it still works A little tricky, and my shots weren’t fluid enough.But I think I’ll be working on shooting this summer.

[…] I watch a lot of Euroleague matches. I don’t close any doors. If I had to go to the US for college basketball or the NBA I would go there but I think European basketball suits me more about the fact of playing together and sharing the ball and the choices And I rolled… It’s not about the body, it’s more about the intelligence of the game, the movements… I think it suits me better. »

While waiting to get there, Théo Pichard still has a long way to go. A road that leads him to Malaga, with a world title in his sights.

in Malaga

Coach Bernard Feuer’s opinion:

“He’s someone with a good IQ in basketball, trying to set up the team game, and he’s a complement – because he doesn’t have the same qualities and mistakes – to Ilan Beatros. He often comes off the bench to put a bit of order, to tie the team up. He’s made some defensive progress. He’s Not the fastest or the highest jumper but he’s really advanced defensively this year – even if that’s not his strong point – I think he understood he had to ‘evolve.’ He’s really into what we’re looking at there too. He still needs to manage his emotions Like everyone else, I think this is where he still needs to work.”


July 8, 2022 at 3:00 AM

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