Vitré: How Thierry Pigeon wants to relaunch the golf business that will reopen this summer

From left to right: Jean-Pierre Coty (President of the Sportif Vitry-Golf Association), Loris Lecosti (Director of the Sports Venues and Environment Company), Lionel LeBaron (Director of Eco Golf Services), Jacques and Madeleine Pigeon (Vitry-Golf Sports Association) and © Thierry Pigeon Le Journal de Vitré

On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, there were smiles and relief from the actors who will attend Bois des Rochers golf course in Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine).

During a press conference organized by Thierry BegonThe head of the group with the same name revealed a project SAS Golf du Bois des Rochers, It is headed by the wife of Thierry Begon, which is a 100% subsidiary of the group. The company bought the SARL Golf des Rochers business, which was placed under compulsory liquidation on February 2.

Two main dates have been reported: July 18 to reopen practice and August 28 for the 18-hole course.

Continuing the work of the father

“It was a shame that it ended. I wanted to continue my father’s work, because the initiators at that time: my father Alain Begon, Count Yves Alain de Ternay and Pierre Mhenery, He was right,” offers Thierry Begon.

For 30 years, the Pigeon Group has refused to interfere in the operational management of the activity located in a great place.

This is far from the core of our work. We were limited to the transfer of land and buildings through a long-term lease of 99 years granted by the de Ternay family to SCPAL, another subsidiary of the Pigeon Group. The latter implemented and financed all of the infrastructure and development of what a golf course is today.

Thierry Begon

The commercial tenants successively operated the activity until the end of 2021, and then the judicial liquidation at the beginning of February.

“An unfortunate deadline,” admitted Thierry Begon, who did not wish to comment on the former manager’s management. “Make way for the future!”, launches Mayor of Louvigné-de-Bais.

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Reliance on two specialized companies

How exactly does he paint? SAS Golf du Bois des Rochers decided to rely on two professionals in the field through service contracts.

Terrains de Sport et Environnement (TSE), Located in Marchésieux in the Manche department, it specializes in the development of grass sports surfaces. Ensures maintenance of the track and green spaces.

second company Eco golf services, is concerned with business development and day-to-day operational management. These two companies are supported by the Association Sportive Vitré-Golf to bring the site back to life.

First competition on August 28

See you on July 18 to reopen the clinic. The bridge, Jardin des Roses, will be reopened, putting the green near the laundry room, and putting the green near the start of hole #1.

The 18-hole course will reopen on August 28 with the first competition: the Digital Tour France. Seven to eight competitions are expected before the end of the year, plans AS Vitry Golf which has one hundred licensees and members.

With the reopening, the association headed by Jean-Pierre Coty hopes to quickly find golfers who have left to train elsewhere. To attract and create a group of players, can also be counted on golf school Children from 6 years old will be accompanied by a professional, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Jean-Pierre Coty, Jacques Begon, Madeleine Begon and Terry Begon
Jean-Pierre Coty, Jacques Begon, Madeleine Begon and Thierry Begon © Le Journal de Vitré

There is no restaurant at first

Also from July 18, golfers will have access to the temporary club pending the completion of the announced works in February 2023. A small restaurant with bar and snacks will be available.

“We had to reorganize the place and there would be no restaurant activity,” declared Thierry Begon. The latter prefers to see the golf activity make its mark first, but does not close the door to a restaurant project in a second stage.

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