5 ways to protect your computer without using antivirus

Hackers try to steal information from users and organizations in any way and for various reasons. It should always be noted that the accident occurs only once, and given the importance and value of the information, not paying attention to the issue of security is very dangerous. As you know, the more advanced the systems, the more dangerous they are. So, stay with us and learn 5 ways to protect your PC without using antivirus.

It should be noted that using an antivirus does not help much in saving information. Because computer viruses are so sophisticated that hackers can do something about it by creating a fake digital signature and running a series of code obfuscation techniques in the malicious file. The virus works but is not detected by even the most powerful antivirus. The reason why the virus is not found and not recognized is due to the digital signature and database of the malicious file in the antivirus. The hackers create a digital signature similar to the manufacturers, and add their malicious database to the antivirus so that this file is not malicious. Just like that, they bypass antivirus protocols.


1. Download the software from the manufacturer’s website

The first step to protecting your computer is not to download software from unofficial sources or intermediaries. In fact, many applications are commercial and many users will not be able to purchase a license to register the application. So the program was broken. On the other hand, hacking the program is very risky because you do not know who wrote the crack file and after running it, you do not know what changes they can make to the system.

So you should download the software from official sources and try to buy licenses as much as possible, otherwise using open source software is a better option.

2. Use the sandbox

We suggest using a sandbox. So how does a sandbox work? It is a widely used tool to prevent malware and virus activities from entering the system. In this way, using the sandbox provides an isolated environment for running the program and storing its information in the same window, preventing malware and the like. If the executable file is malicious, it will not enter the system and our computer will be protected from malware.

3. Do not click on any link or play the suspicious file

A very important point in preventing computer viruses that is rarely noticed is that many users of cyberspace can search for anything without knowing the reliable source they are looking for. Each link and file may contain malware, such as pirated software.

For example, we are looking for a rare scanner called Core Impact, so this program is not free at all, and it is not given to ordinary people. Apart from that, the price of its license is quite high. It is mainly used in defense and military organizations and centers. So, after searching the internet, we will see that there are a series of sites that have posted a cracked version of it, but they are all fake and you use it at the expense of stealing your information. So we advise you to be careful when opening any link in cyberspace and executing any file.

4. Use the latest browser version

Now, you may be wondering what is the role of the browser in protecting your computer from malware, phishing, etc. Yes, but you must first use SafeSearch tools. If we use a malicious anonymous browser, our sessions may be tampered and our information may be stolen while searching or shopping online, which is known as session hijacking. Well, as we mentioned in the first case, the first step is to download the browser from the official sites.

5. Update your Windows system regularly

Well, this is a very, very important discussion, if you do not follow it, you may face potential risks. As you know, Windows is provided and supported by Microsoft. As any version and any feature is added to Windows, a series of security errors can appear due to careless coding within the Windows kernel.

Well, in this case, Microsoft will release security packages called security updates. Since most of the users are using Cracked Windows, Windows cannot be updated online and this may invalidate Cracked Windows. For this reason, we have to download offline updates from the official Microsoft website, from which you can download the latest security patches.

Enter the link above and search for the following phrase depending on your version of Windows as well as your Windows architecture (32-bit or 64-bit). For Windows 10, for example, check for Windows 10 security updates.

Download Windows Security Updates


I have done my best to provide you with the best ways to protect your computer without using antivirus software. Of course, using an antivirus also contributes to security to some extent, but it will not be 100% reliable.

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