Break reminder software to help you break computer screens

We all know how bad it is to constantly stare at our computer screens. Nowadays, computers are an essential part of the workspace, and instead of avoiding screens, we should take some precautionary measures.

Why should you take a break from the computer?

Most of us may wonder why we have to stay away from the computer screen. First of all, our eyes are not accustomed to staring at an artificial light source for long. Additionally, the increased use of computers and smartphones has been linked to digital eye strain. This independent research also revealed that uncontrolled computer screen use will also have a direct impact on physical and mental health. So here are some reasons why you should take a break from computer screens,


  1. Avoid digital eye strain
  2. Stay productive
  3. Improves body posture
  4. Helps to stay healthy
  5. Helps prevent hand, arm and neck injuries.

Free break reminder software for Windows PC

In this article, we will guide you through a few apps that remind you to take a break from computer screens:

  1. 10 . break reminder
  2. stretch
  3. breakers
  4. small breaks
  5. tomato timing
  6. And more!

1. 10 outage reminder

With Break Reminder 10, you will never forget to take a break again. Its features include:

  1. Reminder notifications when it’s time to take a break
  2. Customizable reminder frequency
  3. Customizable activity hours
  4. Customizable active days
  5. Dynamic background tone.

You can download it from the free Microsoft Store.

2. Stretching

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Stretchly is a comprehensive tool that offers multiple features. Stretchly provides features that help you take short breaks and long breaks. I love how you can control your breaks. The app allows you to skip the slot or push it to the next available slot. Small breaks are distributed over 10 minutes, and the app advises you to stretch your body before returning to working position.

The app is open source and cross platform. Moreover, the app also allows you to choose between different melodies for the reminder. All in all, a good tool that helps in planning small breaks and refreshing your mind.

3. Circuit breaker

breaker interface

Breaker is a Windows program that helps you stay away from your computer screen and prevent health problems. Breaker is mainly for those who work on computers a lot and tend to forget to take breaks during working hours. The program is equipped with two timers, one for your work time and the other for your leisure time. When your working hours are over, Breaker notifies you and the break timer starts.

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4. Small breaks

Free break reminder software for Windows PC

Micro Breaks is another Chrome extension that promises to be even better than other Standup Reminders. First, Micro Breaks also includes healthy habits that will help you become more productive. Aimed to help reduce stress, this program is two minutes long and runs for two hours.

We’ve all heard about the 20/20/20 rule, but how many of us follow it? Micro Breaks reminds you to follow the 20/20/20 rule and urges you to look at an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds and repeat the same exercise every 20 minutes.

Micro Breaks also allows you to customize the breaks. For me, the 20/20/20 rule works best when looking at the greenery in my workplace. You can download Micro Breaks Extension Chrome here.

5. Tomato timer

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The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique that uses procedural steps to break down tasks into smaller parts. This technique is based on the basics of planning, monitoring, recording, processing and visualization. Tomato Timer is one such application that is based on Pomodoro technology.

Tomato Timer is a web-based application that offers various features such as customizing audio alerts and the ability to set work times/breaks. You can use the Tomato Timer here.

Other break reminder software you may be interested in:

Delirium work | fade | eyes relax | Pause 4Relax | CareUE Yes | Iris Protection Program.

It’s hard to remember to take breaks when you’re busy with your work, so using a break reminder on your computer is the best solution. Use one of the free apps mentioned in this article.

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