FIFA 23: FUT, cross-play, career path… Players’ big expectations!

game news FIFA 23: FUT, cross-play, career path… Players’ big expectations!

EA’s latest FIFA game doesn’t have a release date yet, but we doubt it will land, as usual, at the end of September or beginning of October. With the deadline for football fans fast approaching, it’s time to put their other expectations and hopes into words. Career mode, FUT microtransactions, cross-play… We asked your opinion and here’s what came out of it.


  • Career Mode vs FUT
  • Scenario, free kick… Reworked matches
  • Next-generation games, intersection…technical advances

There are video game licenses that have become essential over time, aimed at novice and working gamers alike. Call of Duty is of course one of them, as is FIFA. EA licensing is a real institution for many. In France, the annual FIFA regularly ranks first in sales, not only in the video game market but in the entire cultural products industry. (Only this). Needless to say, FIFA is especially appreciated by players…at least insofar as it is marked. Reinforcing its dominant position, the series is having little difficulty renewing itself, and some of the choices EA made have been given the gift of teasing fans in the first hour. Thus, many of them hope to change course to finish in his style and make an impression. In fact, FIFA 23 will be EA’s last FIFA. It is enough to stir up wild desires or legitimate hopes in the minds of players. But what are they?

Career Mode vs FUT

You may not have missed, EA, for several years, has focused on its own FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode. Upon its arrival in FIFA 09, the mode quickly became popular and specifically allowed EA to stand out from its main competitor, PES. So much so that in its latest runs, the FUT mode has evolved a lot to become the main interest of the game, both for players but also for EA, thanks to which it makes huge profits. It has often been pointed out that this economic model is based on many small transactions, and it is not surprising that many of them hope to see them take a smaller stake. in FIFA 23.

Beyond this purely economic aspect, some would like to see other changes on the FUT mode side. ElPhenomeno76 I hope so Overhaul of the FUT Champions Qualifiers With the possibility of participating in this tournament in cooperation. Jay LacroixHe, pointing with his finger rebalancing system Which makes building the best team quickly pointless.

FIFA 23: FUT, cross-play, career path... Players' big expectations!

This is for FUT mode. But if the latter, as we have said, has now become FIFA mode, but this was done especially at the expense of the historical mode, which is present in the vast majority of sports simulation games: Employment status. If present, it will be marked much less than in FUT mode. However, recently there has been a desire to bring new features and more complete mechanisms to the quarry. Therefore, EA has a good chance of continuing on this path, which will delight players who are disappointed with this situation and who expect more. to improve it, Bat Shadow 99 Until you make a certain number of points: More possibilities and events, as well as better realism on the transfer side. according to levenadrianEA will win in Get inspired by the NBA 2K license Which provides a more complete functional mode and gives center stage to customization.

As mentioned by the players, Gamble Clubs Pro social status improvements. As a reminder, the latter allows you to create your own team with your friends. It is through the latter in particular that the now known FC Silmi was created. Overall, it’s a good way to have fun with friends, although this mode still needs a number of improvements, as noted in particular. brkwskill. This player, for example, would like the point system to be more understandable. Others ask The return of the story mode is like flight, Which made us follow the career of a player from FIFA 17.

FIFA 23: FUT, cross-play, career path... Players' big expectations!

Scenario, free kick… Reworked matches

FIFA 23: FUT, cross-play, career path... Players' big expectations!

In addition to form, it is also the material that some hope to see change. The FIFA license is not without flaws and some are just waiting to be fixed. This is especially the case with free kicks and penalties that made many players lose their patience, as such Tho_Loco who says he’s angry “at the highest point” with these. He also talked about better AI for goalkeepers, a point echoed by other players. Other details that upset players: The new definition of licensing. For a few years, it was based on the speed of the players. Thus, having fast players on the field is a huge advantage during matches and negatively affects the construction of the game.

Other players indicate lack of player control. Between the physics of the ball that sometimes render players incapacitated and the scripts that allow the opposing team to turn back, the player sometimes finds himself as a spectator in front of his game. Many of them hope for changes at this level, such as LukeNukem64 Who made this point through a long argument:

Next-generation games, intersection…technical advances

FIFA 23: FUT, cross-play, career path... Players' big expectations!

A final major theme emerges from the various expectations you gave us: Technical skills of the game. Many of you are really hoping for a more beautiful and streamlined game than its predecessors. This is a fairly standard request for a new game, but some go so far as to request a true next-gen game like japaneezu. for others, EA should generally provide the correct versions on all platforms, particularly the Nintendo Switch. Just take a look at your reviews of this version of FIFA 22 to understand how disappointing it was at the release. In addition to technical limitations, the game offered less content on the Nintendo console. Players hope that won’t be the case this time around.

And since we’re talking about platforms, there’s another request that came a lot: intersection. From what we’re hearing, FIFA 23 should be the first FIFA game to offer cross-play at launch. To test this feature, FIFA 22 has integrated it since last May. Nothing has been officially announced, but there is talk of cross-play intended for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, and available in all modes. So players naturally expect it, while some hope it will expand to other platforms. See you in a few months to see if their expectations will be met.

FIFA 23: FUT, cross-play, career path... Players' big expectations!

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