France defeated Slovenia 83-63 and qualified for the semi-finals

The French national team continued its journey in the U-17 World Cup this evening, with the quarter-final match against Slovenia. After beating Japan hard in the Round of 16, the French national team triumphed, not without finding themselves in difficulty at times. The main thing is still there: to qualify for the semi-finals of the competition.

This France U17 team is a team that gives chips to all the other picks in Malaga in Spain for the Basketball World Cup. Let’s quickly relive the history of the Bleuets before attacking this match, so that everyone can measure the sentence. In the chicken, our representatives did not laugh, the upside down smile mode was activated: Serbia? Great game, +13. Canada ? Come on, we go to +32 because we have to increase the speed. Finally, New Zealand? +69, Families panties. At the same time, he targeted the talented group: Illan Piétrus, Zacharie Risacher, Killian Malwaya being the most prominent. who are they ? Quite simply three of the top five odds in the French Espoirs Championship. Yes, it weighs we agree. So Slovenia will show its courage against a highly charged team. It is clear that the start of the game is in favor of the belot, because the opponents simply do not have the right to enter the racket. Everything is going too fast for the Slovenes to react. The French get away with a lot of one-on-one confrontation, and above all a relentless defense that de facto gives plenty of free points in the transition. He claimed the attention and reaction of the Balkan people if they did not want to take the price of the house. Can we talk too fast? No doubt, because the latter has great assets. Jan Vidi is the first of them. He’s wearing a number 7, so call Luka Doncic from now on. He’s so hot, he sends a thread from afar to keep his people in the game. In the first half, France should be very advanced and the level seems to separate the two formations… but it’s 8/11 from three-pointers and a slightly relaxed blue defense that brings the two formations back to the locker room with three small formations points difference in favor of the French (38-35).

You guys should wake up. Getting back from the locker room is very difficult, and Slovenia takes the lead in buying a few properties. At the same time, we are not coaches here, but we left one meter in defense for opponents who are going wide, we saw better tactically. Come on, no doubt feeling scared because we’re at the start of the summer weekend and it would be a shame to freak out. Blueberries will return to him and regain command of operations. Small arc opportunity on Zacharie Risacher. The resident of the ASVEL Training Center acted like a boss this evening: 14 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 100% in shooting, the kind that fits a man. We brought it up to you above as one of French basketball’s biggest hopes, and he has just taken that spot. Solid defensively and with offensive initiative to revive his team, Zach will be a motivating effect. At only 17 years old, that’s what makes him such a high-end. All friends are revived, and Slovenia is hit by a severe storm. It will even end up in view mode, based on alley skips and passes in the back. The result may have been a bit cool, but this Slovenian team was quickly pushed to the breaker once the French game was back to what it was. Come on, 83-63 for our berries. Eliminating the semi-finals, which will be held on Saturday, against the winner of the Spain-Australia match. The time has not yet been determined. To watch the game, everything will happen again on the side of the FIBA ​​YouTube channel.

Well done boys! We would be afraid anyway, because these Slovenes were able to squeeze where it hurts. Fortunately, you have reserve and passes. Directing the role of the four now, for a possible derby against Spain? Hey, we’re signing straight.

Source: FIBA

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