How to Download Private Videos from Facebook 2019 (Android & PC)

In this feature we will show you How to download private videos from facebook. Well, it is very easy to download public videos from Facebook. As you just need to copy the video URL and paste it into some online video downloader like Getfbstuff, savefrom, FBDOWN etc.

but nevertheless What about private Facebook videos? Private Facebook videos are those whose privacy is set as “private” or not “public” by the uploader and this private video cannot be downloaded only by providing its URL to the public Facebook video uploader.

The biggest problem you face is that you simply cannot do this with private Facebook videos. When you copy the facebook video url on facebook online video downloaders you will see an error like this “ It appears that the Facebook video you are trying to upload is private or cannot be accessed from our server” where ” Unfortunately, Facebook has restricted access to this page.


Meanwhile, if you tried every possible way to download private videos from Facebook and failed. But don’t despair, there is a way to download Facebook videos! We will do our best to provide you the best methods for any private Facebook video.

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What you will learn in this guide:

Method 1: Download private videos from Facebook using ‘mbasic’ (Android, Windows/PC)

mbasic method is the best way to download private Facebook videos with ease and convenience, you don’t need to use any online app or downloaders to download private videos. However, in this method, you need a browser whether you are using Google Chrome or UC Browser. Keep in mind that UC Browser is the best to download. it’s your choice!

As you can see below, the uploader is posting a video to a private group, so the video is definitely a private Facebook video.

How to download private videos from facebook 2019 (Android and PC)


Note: This method works best for all Android and Windows/PC devices!

level 1. Click on three points and choose “Copy the link”.

How to download private videos from facebook 2019 (Android and PC)

The second step. open any navigator And the paste the link.

Step 3. replace file “www” with “mbasic” in the video URL.

How to download private videos from facebook 2019 (Android and PC)

Step 4. open the Link and press “to play” button.

iMarkup 20190914 111900 min 1

Fifth step. Press and hold in the video, then tap “download the video”.

iMarkup 20190914 112306 minutes

Method 2: Download Private Facebook Video Using Only Web Browser (Windows/PC)

This is another way to download private videos from Facebook. Most of the videos uploaded by your friends are private. So, if you want to download your friends’ videos from Facebook, follow the below steps.

level 1. Right click on the private Facebook video and select Copy the URL of the video at the moment.

iMarkup 20190914 141657 minutes

The second step. replace file “www” with one “I” in the video URL and open it in a new tab.

iMarkup 20190914 141729 minutes

Step 3. hurry F12 where Fn + F12 To open Developer Tools, then tap arrow icon.

iMarkup 20190914 141749 minutes

Step 4. In the developer tools window, Click on On the logo at the top left and click “Play Video”. Right click on a file Featured lines and choose “Open in a new tab”.

iMarkup 20190914 141809 minutes

Fifth step. In the new tab, click three points and choose “Download”.

iMarkup 20190914 141826 minutes


These methods we mentioned above have been tested many times and currently they work without issues. The first method works on both Android and Windows/PC devices. While the second method is for Windows/PC only. You can use it to download private Facebook videos as you like.

Facebook is trying to update the source code to prevent users from uploading private videos.

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