How to install macOS Monterey via VirtualBox on Windows PC?

Would you like to try installing macOS Monterey on Windows 11 or other Windows operating systems, if yes then follow this post to the end and find out how to install macOS Monterey on VirtualBox on Windows 11?

macOS Monterey is the next operating system that is currently in beta and will soon replace macOS Big Sur on Apple computers in the market. This operating system is very cool and has a lot of new features among which it is very good for developers who want to create something new. So if you want to try macOS Monterey on the real PC, you will probably have to buy an Apple computer or you will have to build a Hackintosh from scratch. Now, both scenarios cost a lot of money and for this scenario, in my opinion, I came up with a new idea which is to install macOS Monterey on VirtualBox on Windows PC. There is also a scenario of not liking macOS Monterey, so it is better to test it in a virtual machine than to buy a new computer and test it there.




Steps to install macOS Monterey on VirtualBox

  1. Download the required files
  2. Install VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine
  3. Configure virtual machine settings
  4. Install macOS Monterey in a Virtual Machine on a Windows PC

Step 1. Download the required files

You need to download some files and software before installing macOS Monterey on the virtual machine. So, the first step is to download VirtualBox which is an open source virtualization software and the other chosen one is that you need to download VirtualBox codes to configure the virtual machine. Finally, you will need to download the macOS Monterey ISO image, and you can get them all from the links below.

Step 2. Install and create a new virtual machine

The second step to install macOS Monterey on VirtualBox on Windows PC is to install VirtualBox on PC. Double click on setup, click next, and finally install it on your computer. To make sure the installation process isn’t too difficult, please let me know if you run into a problem somewhere, I’ll be happy to help.

After the virtual machine is installed on your PC, double-click on the VirtualBox extension package and choose Install. Or open the virtual machine, go to preferences, go to the Extensions category and click the plus icon and locate the VirtualBox Extension Pack, then just install it.

Install VirtualBox Extension Pack

Now, to start the real process of installing macOS Monterey on your Windows PC, you need to create a new virtual machine. On the VirtualBox homepage, click New, and then click Expert Mode.

It’s time for us to specify a name for the virtual machine and choose the type and version of the guest operating system. And do not forget how much RAM you need to put in it, at least 4 GB will be enough, and finally choose Create a virtual hard disk and click Create.

Enter invitation details

Decide how much storage you want in macOS Monterey on the virtual machine. I’d go with 100GB and leave the rest of the default settings as they are.

Step 3. Configure the virtual machine settings

To be perfectly clear, there are a few settings that need to be applied to the macOS virtual machine. In addition, we will need to add a macOS Monterey ISO image to the virtual machine. To join it, on the main page, click on Settings of the virtual machine containing macOS. Next, go to Storage, click the blank icon, then click the CD icon and locate the macOS Monterey ISO image.

Add a macOS Monterey ISO image

We also need to disable the floppy from the boot order, to disable it, go to the System tab and uncheck the floppy disk box.

Next we need to increase the number of processors, under the system tab there is a processor tab, go ahead and increase it to at least 2 processors.

Increase the number of processors

We also need to increase the video memory of macOS Monterey on the virtual machine. And to increase it, go to the “View” tab and go to the last one, which is 128 MB.

Increase video memory

Also enable USB 3.0 from the USB tab panel.

Once you have configured all these settings for the virtual machine, you should set another setting of CMD as administrator. So go to the file menu and close VirtualBox. Next, open the notepad file you downloaded. Now replace the virtual machine name with the virtual machine name you entered for macOS Monterey.

Change the name of the virtual machine in Notepad

Now run CMD with administrator privileges.

Run CMD as administrator

Copy all these lines of code from Notepad and paste them one by one on CMD and hit Enter.

Run codes in CMD

Step Four: Install macOS Monterey on a Virtual Machine on a Windows PC

It’s time to start a clean install of macOS Monterey on the default box in Windows 11. So launch the virtual machine from the VirtualBox home page and wait until all those lines of code are gone. After that, you will be in a panel where you have to choose a language.

Choose Disk Utility.

Choose Disk Utility

Click the delete icon.

Name the macOS Money volume and erase it using the following parameters. After that, close Disk Utility.

This time, instead of Disk Utility, choose to install macOS Monterey.

macOS Monterey Installer.jpg

Click Continue.

keep installing

Accept the terms and continue.

Choose the drive that was just erased a little while ago and click Continue.

Choose the hard disk to install

Well, then you will have to wait at least an hour to copy the files from the ISO to the hard drive. Remember that during this process, the operating system will resume several times, and once you reboot, you will finally be in the area panel.

Next, the other settings are basic settings that you can configure yourself, but I provide all these screenshots in the slideshow below so you can see if you get stuck.

  1. Continue to the Written and Spoken Language panel.
  2. Choose Not Now in the Accessibility window.
  3. Click Continue in the Data and Privacy window.
  4. Choose Not Now in the Migration Assistant window.
  5. Choose Set up later if you don’t want to sign in with an Apple ID.
  6. I accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Enter your user name and password to login.
  8. Choose to continue in the window known as Make this your new Mac.
  9. Configure Screen Time if desired.
  10. And finally, choose a theme for macOS money.

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Summary :

To install macOS Monterey on VirtualBox on a Windows PC, download and install the required files and configure settings, then it’s finally on the virtual machine. I hope this message was useful to you.

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