Laptop or desktop computer?

Given the progress made in laptops, we can now reasonably ask ourselves whether the traditional hard-computer format could not be equivalent to, if not replaced by the latter … Needless to say, everything depends on the model, however, we I will return to the main advantages and disadvantages of these two types of machines, in order to help you choose, in the face of the ever-increasing supply.

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has one the computer Fixed at home, in a designated room, or using a laptop, this is a dilemma many of us face. We will try to see the strengths of each in order to help you decide.

stationary computers

Before proceeding to more technical explanations, let’s first dwell on the price-quality ratio, which is now, for stationary computers, a really important asset. In general, for the sake of equal performance, and this is undoubtedly related to the imposed miniaturization, we can consider that a laptop will cost 1.5-2 times the price of a desktop computer.

As for graphics cards, know that from now on you can find them in a stationary computer and in a file laptop. However, if the card in question has a mention of “M”, this means that it has been minified (for laptop needs) and therefore does not develop the same performance.

A stationary computer is more flexible than a laptop computer. Over time, the mobile version will gradually become obsolete. A stationary computer, for its part, provides an important advantage, because it can be upgraded. You have the option to make changes and replace components (graphics card, processor, etc.) with recent versions. So you can adapt your computer to your desires and performance requirements Toys More and more greedy.

Along the same lines, we can consider that a stationary computer provides several connectors: about tenUSBports HDMIAnd the DVI, etc. You will also have more audio and video (webcam) and microphone outputs, etc. Peripherals.


The main advantage of gaming laptops is the ease of portability, so you can play almost anywhere you find yourself. laptop for player can weigh 2.5 kg Max 5kg (versus 10kg, or sometimes about twenty for a stationary PC), which is really ideal for being able to move it around and hold it. If you are on the go a lot, if you have two addresses, it is better to buy one laptop instead of two stationary computers.

One of the main problems with laptops is their “obsoleteness”, that is, as soon as a new generation appears on the market, software and the Toys Too greedy is designed to run on it, and it won’t be able to run at full speed (or not at all) on my old generation laptop (except for RAM which can still be inflated relatively easily). can not change Graphics Card Or the processor, so you’ll have to make some compromises there…Most of the time, HDDs players They end up reselling their old model to buy a more modern one, and then we lose a lot of itsilver In the deal…

In addition, as we noted in the previous paragraph, find out about your laptop’s integrated graphics card, if it has a mention of “M”, this means that it is miniature, and therefore it does not develop the same performance as its title or name might suggest (ask seller about the question, he will be able to answer you).


It is true that the ideal option is to have a stationary PC for gaming at home and a gaming laptop for travel, so you are more free to take your devices with you, but this is a budget that not everyone can afford.

So if you want to run the games Of the latest generation and you have a small budget (about 400 or 500 euros), it is better to choose a desktop computer, which will have much better performance than a laptop of the same price, which will necessarily be frustrating when you cannot play this or that game, so Small budgets should prefer stationary computers.

For those with average or average plus budget (between 800 and 1200 euros), it is up to you depending on your lifestyle, your travels, because at this price you can already own a laptop that allows you to play most of the latest generation games. However, for such a price, a stationary computer that you can have will be of very high quality.

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