The Editorial Team at the Riom Golf Course (Puy-de-Dôme)

We will not lie to each other: before coming to test golf, our relationship with the sport remained very colorful: a symbol of an anthology of napping before the gentlemen of Augusta?; An equally cult scene from the movie Goldfinger or Tintin’s Panties, a distant link to our career as a journalist.

A very fashionable practice everywhere in France, we have tested the swing game for you at the snowshoe center in Châtel-Guyon (Boys de Dome)

But Nicholas Aumont, a professional golfer and one of the Riom golf instructors (along with Jeremy Moreau) immediately warned us: “It is a sport, with five basic physical skills: strength, flexibility, explosiveness, endurance and coordination title.”

It’s not an old man’s sport.

What else breaks the image of Epinal that our young teacher in orange shorts had already somewhat stockpiled in one of the 18 holes of the course: “And this isn’t an old man’s sport?! Better yet,” it is a very important sport for developing physical skills when you are small. And this is from 3-4 years “and up to 100 years”.Since our average age is between 23 and 45, we’re a good fit. But before we leave the green and take ourselves in Tiger Woods, we’ll be more like kittens for a lesson, with a club shaped like a moon or a half moon. “It allows you to learn how to manage direction and dose. Golf is a game of trails, you have to be creative,” says Nicholas Aumont.

Between course renovations and expansion, Riom Golf Course (Puy-de-Dôme) is taking on major work.

The club is in hand, you enter the game very quickly, adopting the correct stance, your arms glued to your chest like a T-Rex. But Nicholas Kors also gives it a go by keeping track of the paths our little ball has to go with tees. In one, even two, or even five shots, we all managed to perfect our team.

“Before I was in Paris. There is worse as an office »

It suffices to move on to the next stage, the practice stage, equipped with our 7 or 9 irons. A chance to gain a unique perspective on facing the Boise series offered by Riom Golf Course. “Before I’m in Paris, does that change?! There’s worse in the office,” says Nicholas.

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You can start with a small budget.The club has two teachers: Nicholas Aumont and Jeremy Moreau.

“At Riom, there is everything you need to learn,” says Yoan Türk, general secretary of the Riom Golf Association. Above all, “No need to invest a fortune. You can start with a small budget. As a guide, he indicates the 5 euros charged for use of the driving range and 50 jobs (including 20 covered), to which will be added the purchase of a 40-ball bucket from the machine. As for learning, it happens, as we do, on the location “put greens” or the two greens approaches. On the price side, again, Yoann Tureck plays the calming game: “For a coffee of the day, you can come and play?!” ‘, about forty euros a month. Contact. Website:

But there again, before trying to get our balls up to the 100m board, our teacher teaches us about the different clubs available to us in his bag, particularly the ‘lift the ball’ wedge or driver we use at the start of the course. “Isn’t that a hammer to hammer a nail into?!” the professor reminds us. “You have to do the pendulum movement from back to front,” he corrects. “What is the goal? One of my colleagues asks. “We try to send the ball in the direction we are targeting,” Nicholas answers.In the absence of a hammer, the iron initially leans towards the rake, but little by little, you take the gesture and the balls come off. or almost. “What makes our balls take off??” asks a colleague. It is all a matter of angle, “You shouldn’t try to wade into it,” analyzes Nicholas, striking with his hand, breaking his gesture and showing us the example. Clear sound, the ball is flying in the sky, it is flying over 100 meters .

We start at 18 holes

After this training session, we don’t have our ‘green card’ yet which allows us to approach without risking – for others – the 18 holes, but our supervision allows us to make two holes. Here we are at the highest point of the field, at hole number 6, three 62-meter protrusions with a final tip. Above all, do you know how to lie wisely to justify a risky move?! A lot of wind, a lot of people, a frog going by… A little game allowed us to complete the hole with four shots. Entrees before hole number 7, dominating the site and its water point, with a few bunkers here and there.After three or four shots – and a ball in the pool – the course was completed before the final stage of a good golf course: a debriefing on the terrace of the symbiosis area. It maintains the philosophy of golf that its practitioners remember: “A sport full of good moral values. We are out and about and enjoy.” The contract was largely fulfilled.

The club was born in 1991 and today has 680 members

Riom Golf Club was born 30 years ago, in 1991, from a handful of enthusiasts, connected with the municipality of that time in order to rehabilitate the entrance to the city of Riom. The former waste collection center became a nine-hole semi-urban golf course before moving to a compact 18-hole golf course, since 2001. Yoan Türk, general secretary of the 680-member management association, explains. Our members can come between noon and the hour, do the course and go back to work. In addition, we are located next to the companies. »

An investment of 300,000 euros

The site is known for its quality, technical aspect, and learning offered. The last work focused mainly on both the balcony and the living area on the one hand and on holes 1 through 9. Over the course of five months of work, these works have been resumed with the construction of environmentally friendly warehouses for €300,000.For the future, the golf course should expand beyond the Ambène, allowing the end of the course to be broadcast. “We are working on it with our architect,” Yoann Tureck confirms, as well as on a project affecting the club house.

Francois Gulhach

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