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A little over a year ago, I signed up to buy one Kaddey golf cart. The Dutch brand drew me in with the design of its trolley. The original with its big wheels, promised a lot. After one year of use, it’s time to review the wagon, its accessories, and brand innovations for 2022.

Maximum practicality

After a short period of adaptation, the camper delivers on its promises. Sure, it weighs less than that, but the fact that it stays on the bag all the time is a major asset. We take the fold to take it out and store it in the car.

I’ve noticed other golfers with 2-wheel and 3-wheel carts that have to be disassembled into several parts and I admit that having just the wheels to assemble or take apart saves time. In addition, it is a simple process that is performed.

After dozens of assembly / disassembly, all elements of the trolley are fixed in place. I cleaned it once after a muddy cycle in the winter. Wheel hubs may need lubrication next winter.

What I like most is that when stationary, the trolley positions the bag very vertically, ensuring maximum access to the clubs and bag pockets.

Additional accessories

The canopy, very light and when opened is giant. Its wind resistance can cause the wagon to tip over if the awning is attached to it. But, once you’re off the wagon, just tap the orange button to fold the parachute.

If I remember correctly, the stroller comes with an umbrella stand and an insulated bottle. I added the umbrella and towel.

caddy golf umbrella

On the other hand, the towel is perfect. Made of microfiber, it has a hard sponge inside. A unique addition to a golf towel that gets rid of anything clinging to your clubs.

Left to choose between the two, I’ll pick the towel, and say that while I remember I still had 3 folds in the closet!

What is missing

To be honest, not much. The quality of the finish and the attention to detail give the wagon a long life.

The only mistake I can make is during the long steps. My heels hit the inner wheel of the wagon several times.
Now, after a few years on the market, we will have to talk about its price … which has increased significantly.

What’s new since then? Supplements? its price?

The price is going up

We have to talk about the price. When I got it, the price of the barebones cart without the thermos bottle and umbrella stand was 295 euros. Today with the increase of raw materials, the “naked” trolley car exceeds the 300 mark and is now offered at a price of 329 euros! A leap that prompts some to think twice before buying from the site.

On the other hand, it is unique and can only be overshadowed by the ClicGear 6.0 2-wheeler as long as it is available.

Also, the brand doesn’t stop there. With an efficient cart and the start of a range of accessories, Kaddey Golf has just added to its range of accessories that will hit the mark and then other less-interesting accessories.

flex bag

Without seeing it or touching it yet, to me it’s the best possession you can make. No more fear of leaving valuables in your golf bag at the entrance to the club. Easy to disassemble, the bag is large enough to hold balls, tees, your snack, keys and more. Especially if your golf bag is sleeping in the club’s locker room.

Price: 184 EUR

caddy trolley bag

Unavoidable, the Kaddey Trolley Bag is the item your trolley has been missing. The big plus of this bag is the clip on the bottom of the bag which allows the bag to hang on the trolley without the slightest effort. Especially not running itself.

Price: 319 euros


The perfect tool if you want everything to fit together. To be tested, there should be models that are more competitive in the market in terms of features.

Otherwise, the Kaddey rangefinder has the basics in it; Rechargeable battery, OLED display, considering the slope. The only downside is that it is not customizable unlike other products on which you can change the color. Like the wheel handles in a camper, for example.

Price 279 euros

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