With this French software, your Mac becomes Speedy Gonzales (3 times faster)

If your Mac starts to slow down, opt for a washing machine cleaning program published by the French company Intego. Thanks to it, improve the speed of your Apple computer up to 3x.

Your Mac is not as fast as before and you unsuccessfully tried to improve its performance? Thinking of buying a new one? We will stop you immediately because we may have a solution to your problem. The cleaning program called the washing machine, published by the French company Intego, allows you to restore your Mac to its previous speed.

Usually offered at €49.99 a year, it’s on sale this weekend and drops to just €19.99. For such a modest amount, this super efficient tool will allow you to extend the life of your Apple computer for at least a few more years. And for once, you can save a maximum.

Discover the washing machine

In fact, you will no longer need to buy a new computer, because it is enough to simply improve it with a washing machine. Also, don’t take any risks because Intego provides you with a safety net. Understand that you have a free trial period of 30 days to convince yourself of its effectiveness and familiarize yourself with its interface.

How does the Intego washing machine work?

So you are definitely wondering how a washing machine works. Well, simply put, once you have it installed on your Mac, you just have to run it for it to take effect. First, the cleaning tool scans your Mac’s hard drive from the ground up. It searches for unused and often outdated files, but also finds duplicate files on your device that can be safely deleted.

These are the ones responsible for slowing down your computer. After that, the washing machine makes a full report with all the mentioned files. Finally, you have access to them and you can choose which ones you can delete or, conversely, which ones you want to keep. This way, you remain the decision maker and give your consent to the software to do the main cleaning process.

After you turn it on, your Mac will run faster and more efficiently. Concretely, the washer allows you to increase your Mac’s startup speed by 30% as well as allowing your applications to be up to three times faster. For less than 20 euros, it is undoubtedly the best cleaning and optimization tool on the market for Apple computers.

Mac Premium Bundle X9: The Perfect Solution for Your Mac

To go even further, you can turn to the ultimate package offered by Intego. The latter in addition to the inclusion of the washing machine includes the best software published by Intego. Just like the cleaning software, Mac Premium Bundle X9 retails for -65%. Thus, you can get it for only €29.99 instead of €84.99 in normal times.

In detail, you have the following program: VirusBarrier X9, the Mac antivirus that protects your computer from all malware and other types of threats. Net Barrier X9, Mac Firewall and Network Protection, Washing Machine X9, the previously featured Mac cleaning software. Content Barrier X9, a parental control tool for your children’s online safety. And Personal Backup 10.9, an automatic backup tool for all your essential files.

If you can afford it, this ultimate package is clearly the one we recommend. The latter integrates all the necessary software to keep your Mac updated, optimized and above all protected. Finally, note that whatever offer you choose, all Intego subscriptions are non-binding. Which means you can cancel it whenever you want.

To find out more, find it here:

Discover the Intego package

Discover the washing machine

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