Golf at the service of your personal development: better prepare to go further

Are you sure you’re training properly so you’re ready for the moment? Great heroes seem to have amazing self-confidence. This ease, this apparent ease, they reinforced by shaping their character by the quantity and quality of their training, their preparation – that upstream work, unseen on television. The big secret is to be ready…and never give up!

The name of the hole No. 10 of L’Albatros, cots poolagain from a simple local note, explains the architect Hubert Chesnot: ” There have always been colonies of gulls on this long stretch of water. And since the pool plays such a big part, golfers are very afraid of it! But if you place your tee well, there is a slot for… Birdie ! But beware, in golf, nothing is ever obtained or even easy…

Flexibility and work

The difference between success and failure often lies in how difficult paths are negotiated. ” How can you overcome it? When I miss, I start to remember it’s just a golf stroke, explain Thomas Levitt. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go the way you wanted it to. You should not undermine yourself if you missed, but work more. Work again, and one day it will pass! What makes the difference is this seriousness, this work, and perhaps this strongest desire to get there… and luck too.”

to be responsible

This training work. Patricia Meunier Lepok I did it early to take things better and gallop quickly: “Even if I wanted to be accompanied, I have always been in favor of taking full responsibility for my decisions. I’ve never liked this young side who decides for a player.

Getting to know each other is an ongoing task.

Patricia Meunier Lepok

During my mental preparation, I always had to answer the questions put to me: “What do you want?” No one ever told me what to do or how to do it. Getting to know each other is an ongoing task. We progress through a game of questions, self-reflection, and self-observation of certain key moments. This is how I set out to discover myself. We often reproduce the same mistakes: we reproduce what we know how to do, because we only know how to do it. On a regular basis, it is necessary to stop, analyze and take a step back. It takes a lot of effort to turn a negative strategy into a positive one.”

Learn over and over again

In August 2020, after the PGA Championship, Mike Lorenzo VeraAfter going from 2nd Friday night to 43rd Sunday, he explains exactly how to learn from golf: “Learning from the very good things – it’s good to be ahead – and from the not so good – correcting what happened this weekend. [Mike a sans doute été perturbé par les graves menaces d’un parieur américain sur les réseaux sociaux] “.

But in order to learn, precisely, so as not to make the same mistake over and over again, sometimes we need outside help (MLV accompanies psychologist Maryam Salmi), otherwise ” Ends attacking the system As Patricia says, with usual frankness.

be accompanied

Patricia Meunier Lepok: “It is necessary to have experts to decrypt the information hidden behind the error. When we have talent, we progress quickly, but the limitations always end up imposing themselves on us. It can be technical, physical or mental. If we do not have the means to understand these barriers, we may feel pain. Then we constantly repeat and repeat negative patterns, at the risk of hurting ourselves.

If I win a major, it’s because I let myself win it.


So we need real reactions to what went wrong, to understand it, to develop different strategies and evolve: changing our routines, our internal dialogue, our view of ourselves, about what we think we know about ourselves, about what we imagine ourselves to be able to achieve, and about the limits we impose on ourselves. , also unconsciously, in the face of success.

If I win a major, it’s because I let myself win it, to tell myself I deserve it. Without the help of mental preparation, given my personality, I would probably have had a hard time finding the major trophy in my hand. It is the fruit of long and continuous work. Together, to really test things out, we quickly determined that I had to take the time to develop myself even outside of golf. My loved ones, my family and my coach were never there to push or lure me… They were by my side to accompany me on my journey, at my own pace, respecting my wants and needs”.

Show courage

Don’t judge a man without stepping on your feet ‘ advises an Indian proverb, of course, but perhaps we try to make a difference between the real tests and the excuses we make for ourselves.

Jean Le Charonpresident FF golf : “In particular, one must have the courage to face his poor form with dignity on certain days. When the outcome is much worse than expected, you should have the courage to accept it, take responsibility for others to the end, and not spoil their game. In every competition, there are always final competitions, and when that happens to us, we have to face that reality !

don’t give up

The secret is to never give up“,” announced Ballesteros sword. Indeed, those who reach the top are necessarily part of those who have bravely overcome learning experiences, preparing themselves … to accept the downfall and allow themselves to win for personal reasons.

to have fun

It is not healthy for a trained hero to act solely on external motives, such as to please his parents. For if this “forced upbringing” can lead to successes, it also generates irremediable disasters (for example in Korea), in particular because one can make all the efforts of the world, and make absolutely all the sacrifices, and though Everything, not being able to fulfill his dream, hence the importance of having fun in the journey.

It’s the journey that should count, not the destination.

In other words to make it clear: work and sacrifices do not guarantee success; Remember that it is the ‘path’ that should count, not the destination! Training, as intense as it is, should remain a real pleasure. Again, it’s all about balance and respect. And remember, there is one sacrifice you should never make: that of your mental and physical well-being.


Your progress depends on your strategic and psychological approach to the course, which is why we invite you to consider every golf course an introductory journey.

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