How to check CPU temperature on Windows 11 PC?

The heart of a computer is the processor, called the CPU. The more you use your computer, the higher the CPU temperature. If you are doing hard work, the CPU temperature may reach 100°C. It is very obvious that a CPU running at more than 90°C for a long time can damage the CPU. This is why manufacturers add cooler thermal paste, and in data centers, the server room is cooler than the rest of the places. While adding coolant paste and thermal paste can help cool the CPU, that doesn’t mean it will never heat up. If you are facing a performance issue, it is best to check the CPU temperature as well. So, in this article, I guide you how to check CPU temperature on Windows 11 PC?

Optimal CPU temperature

In general, the ideal CPU temperature under heavy load is between 65 and 70 degrees Celsius (it varies between CPUs). On a normal laptop, if you play and edit videos for a while, the CPU temperature can easily reach 100 degrees Celsius.


Key speeches:

  • Install and run heavy applications like using Adobe After Effects 2022, Premiere 2022, etc. It can increase the CPU temperature. Use older versions of these graphics programs instead.
  • 85-90 ° C is a sign of CPU overheating, check the cooler (or add another one), check the thermal paste. Over time, thermal paste dries out, so be sure to check it.
  • Also, if you use your computer daily for about 10-12 hours for gaming and editing, check the CPU temperature.
  • In any case, the CPU temperature rises, and manufacturers have implemented a protection measure to prevent damage to the CPU. If it exceeds the normal temperature, the heat will start to speed up itself (in simple terms, it slows down the CPU temperature).
  • If this protection system fails, your system will surely shut down.

Apparently, by default, Windows does not have a built-in application to monitor the temperature of the CPU. This means that we have to use a third party app to check the CPU temperature. Some computers seem to have the ability to monitor the CPU temperature from the BIOS.

To monitor the CPU temperature in real time, there are many programs that can provide accurate information. Plus more information like clock speed, usage percentage, fan status, and more. Simply put, you can monitor the properties of the hardware that you have added to the motherboard, such as the GPU.

Here are some of the apps that you can use to check the CPU temperature.

Step 1. In this post I will be using NZXT CAM, feel free to use any of them. Download and install the application, if you are a NZXT CAM, after downloading the application, click on the installer and wait for the files to download.

Download NZXT CAM

Step 2. After installing the app, you can either log in to NZXT CAM or go ahead and use it as a guest that I will use.

Open NZXT CAM in guest mode

Step 3. Next, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the application.

Step 4. Under the Computer screen, you will see details about CPU temperature, GPU usage, RAM, network, storage, and current processing applications.

computer monitoring

If you are looking for more information about CPU details, click on CPU temperature. Then you will get details like clock speed, fan speed, temperature, load, frequency, etc.

Check CPU temperature


If you are looking to check CPU temperature, clock speed, fan speed, system details, etc., it is best to use the NZXT CAM app. I hope you have an idea of ​​the CPU conditions.

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