How to install Pubg on PC? [Fix Lags, Glitches, And Frame Drops]

In this article you will learn how to install PUBG Mobile on your PC. PUBG was a huge hit in 2016 thanks to its innovations in Battle Royale style and gained a lot of fans in a very short time. During this game, you and a hundred other players enter a large map at the same time and you have to collect different weapons and defend yourself against other players. Initially, you do not have any equipment, and depending on the speed of the process, you can collect different tools.

The graphics of the game are very high and the audio features used are excellent. There are several game modes, you can team up with your friends and enter the battlefield with them. Survival during the game is very important and for this you have to follow the right strategy. According to the creators of this game, it is recommended that your system has 2 GB of RAM for all game elements to function properly.

Here are the system requirements to run Pubg on PC:


System requirements for Pubg on PC

Steps to install PUBG on PC

  1. Download and install GameLoop on PC
  2. Download PubG in GameLoop
  3. How to fix delays, glitches and frame drops on Pubg on PC?

#1. Download and install Gameloop on PC

As the title suggests, the first step is to download and install Gameloop on your PC.

Install GameLoop on PC

Once you download and install Gameloop on your PC, open Gameloop and search for PubG inside. Once the game name is displayed, click Download to download. If the internet is interrupted during the download, you need to download the game from the beginning. So make sure you have a very fast network connection.

Download and install Pubg on PC

Since the system specifications and power affect the game, but the most important point what are the settings to run the game? Even if you have a powerful system, you can still encounter lags, glitches, and frame drops while playing PUBG, so you better know the settings.

When do you use OpenGL or OpenGL+?

Open GameLoop Settings > Engine section (to enter GameLoop settings from the first three lines to the right of Gameloop). It’s now at the top of the renderer, which is a major part of the game’s frame lag and drop associated with that part. You should choose the graphics engine according to the specifications of your system. If you have high graphics and those graphics are more powerful than your CPU, set the graphics to OpenGL+. But if you have weak graphics and your CPU is more powerful, put your graphics engine on OpenGL.

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When is DirectX or DirectX+ used?

DirectX and DirectX+ are used when your processor is more powerful than your graphics card. In this case, the game works with the DirectX graphics engine with a lower delay, it is recommended that if your processor is more powerful than your graphics card, try the game with DirectX first and then with DirectX Plus. Compare the game episode by Show FPS, and in which mode you get more frames, select the same mode. (In most cases, DirectX runs with less delay, but the game quality is better in DirectX Plus).

DirectX and DirectX +

RAM, CPU and Graphics Settings for Pubg

  • refinement: If you have good graphics, set it to Ultimate, in which case you can play the game in high quality. If you have bad graphics, choose Close.
  • memory: If you have less than 4 GB of RAM, set it to Automatic. If you have 4 GB of RAM, set it to 2048 MB. If you have 6 or 8 GB of RAM, set it to 4096 MB and set the RAM above 8 GB to 8192 MB.
  • Healer: This section relates to the number of your processor cores (CPU). Most of the time this section responds best to automatic mode, but if you have lag and frame loss in automatic mode, find the number of CPU cores in the CPU section through the task manager, then adjust the processor value accordingly.
  • the decision: Adjust the simulator resolution to better match the resolution of your laptop.
  • PPP: DPI plays a role in the quality of your game, the higher the DPI, the clearer the game.
  • Playback and recording: Related to audio output and audio recording, usually detected by default.

Configure game settings

In the Game section, the list of games and settings related to them are displayed separately. These settings are the same for almost all games.

  • Game accuracy: If capturing more frames is important to you and you want your game to have less lag, set your game resolution to 720p SD. (Of course, it is recommended to use the same game loop for HD and Ultra HD 2k graphics, but this mode causes lag and frame drop)
  • Display quality: Set the display quality to Smooth to get more images.
GameLoop Settings


GameLoop is the perfect emulator which is very clear and powerful software where you can play any Android game on PC. I hope this article helped you how to install Pubg on PC and also fixed the problems while playing it.

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