How to reset Windows 11 PC to factory default settings?

Windows 11 is amazing in terms of speed, design, look and functionality and is much better than Windows 10. However, many of the features are the same with Windows 10, but with each update there may be a new change. seen. If you are done with how to reset a Windows 10 PC to factory defaults on Windows 10, the steps are the same in Windows 11. There are still some minor changes, but you can follow this article and learn how to reset a Windows PC Windows 11 with factory default settings?

If your computer has a lot of viruses, runs very slowly, and a lot of applications are installed, and besides them, you do not want to lose your data and Windows license. It is better to reset Windows 11 to default settings than to perform a clean install. However, during the process, you have the option to remove everything or only remove installed applications.

Reset Windows 11 PC to Factory Defaults

Step 1. Open Windows 11 Settings and under System, click on Recovery.


recovery path

Step 2. Next under Recovery options, click on Reset PC.

computer reset

The third step. The moment you click Reset My Computer, a new dialog will open where the windows offer two options to keep my files and delete everything.

If you choose to keep my files, all applications installed on your computer will be deleted, except for your files. In other words, it will only reset Windows settings to factory defaults. The other option is obviously obvious because it will erase everything on the hard drive except for the installed Windows.

Depending on your needs, choose one of the options. In my case, I would choose to keep my files and walk you through the steps.

Select an option to reset this PC

Step 4. The next option is to choose how to reinstall Windows, and to choose a cloud download, for a local reinstall.

  • Cloud Download: Windows 11 will obviously download the latest version of Windows, from Microsoft’s server, and then install it. If your internet connection is too fast to download, go for it, otherwise choose the other option.
  • Local Reinstall: Apparently, it will use files from your current Windows installation directory to reinstall or reset Windows 11. This is a faster way to compare the cloud option, but it won’t install the latest version of Windows 11.

In my case, I would choose the local reinstall.

How do you want to install Windows?

Step #5. After going through these steps, Windows will ask you for other additional settings like Are you sure to reinstall Windows 11 using this method or not.

Additional parameters

After this window, it will analyze everything, and will provide a list of applications that will be removed. Remember that installed drivers will not be deleted. Also, this process will take at least 4 hours, you need to make sure that your laptop is connected to a power source.

Ready to reset this PC

Clicking Reset will restart your computer and after the restart you will see the steps below. Although you don’t have to do anything, just make sure your computer is connected to a power source.

This slide show requires JavaScript.

After completing these steps, you will see a list of applications in the PDF file that you deleted from your computer on your desktop.


Here’s how to reset your Windows 11 PC to factory defaults without losing your data. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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