PlayStation: 10 PS4 and PS5 licenses you won’t find anywhere else!

PlayStation: 10 PS4 and PS5 licenses you won’t find anywhere else!



  • Indiana Jones in JV
  • Post-apocalypse from father to daughter
  • Here is the North!
  • Machines and men
  • The galaxy in furry
  • web star
  • Miyazaki’s gift
  • massive trilogy
  • The haters’ berries
  • samurai sauce

We evaluate 10 promising Sony PlayStation licenses from PS4 and PS5, with sheets that include tests of the latest games, but also a list of all the titles of each series. Finally, you’ll also find topo on PS Studios and their projects.

Let’s start by putting the title’s “Nowhere Else” into perspective, since Sony PlayStation has been offering console exclusives too on PC for a few years now, both on Steam and the Epic Games Store. This is especially the case for the licenses that came out at the end of the generation and a lot of the intellectual property has yet to make its way onto our bikes.. This is a strategy that Sony wanted, to attract an audience that might not be used to the big chain manufacturers.

  • In this article, we’ll see the largest parts of Sony’s video game divisions portfolio, with a list that will be updated based on the new entries. In every series or new promising license. We also take the opportunity to tour PlayStation Studios and their recent projects.

PlayStation and its PC port policy

Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War 2018 are the best witnesses to the strategy of Sony Playstation PC. These games are primarily released on Steam and EGS if a sequel has already been announced on home consoles. Horizon Forbidden West was released a few months after Horizon Zero Dawn was released, and the same is true for God of War Ragnarok, with Steam earlier this year releasing God of War 2018 in a Steam version. As mentioned above, this allows the manufacturer to withdraw their powerful licenses from the PlayStation ecosystem and present them to a much wider audience.

Play Station

The license from Sony and Naughty Dog is entitled to a remastered compilation for the next generation, as well as a port on PC for the first time. Here’s our opinion on the improvements made as well as the general interest in this bundle that includes Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Lost Legacy.

PlayStation Studios and Projects

Asobe team

  • Latest game: Astro ألعاب game room
  • Next project: Unknown

studio bend

  • Latest game: Days Gone
  • Next project: Unknown

blue dot

  • Latest game: Demon’s Souls PS5
  • Next project: Unknown

fire spirit

  • Latest game: improved stability
  • Next project: Horizon Call of the Mountain


  • Last game: Horizon Forbidden West
  • Next project: Unknown


  • Last match: Back
  • Next project: Unknown


  • Latest game: Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart
  • Next project: Spider-Man 2

London studio

  • Latest Game: Blood & Truth (PSVR)
  • Next project: Unknown

media molecule

  • Last match: Dreams
  • Next project: Unknown

obedient dog

  • Latest game: The Last of Us 2
  • Next Project: Remake of The Last of Us


  • Latest game: Spider-Man Miles Morales
  • Next project: Unknown computer ports

Pixel Opus

  • Last game: Concrete Reap
  • Next project: Unknown

digital polyphony

  • Latest game: Gran Turismo 7
  • Next project: Unknown

San Diego studio

  • Last Match: MLB The Show 22
  • Next project: MLB The Show 23

Santa Monica studio

  • Latest game: God of War
  • Next project: God of War Ragnarok

lollipop punch

  • The latest game: Cut the Ghost of Tsushima the Director
  • Next project: Unknown

Valkyrie Entertainment

  • Last match: Guns Up
  • Next project: Working on God of War Ragnarok


  • Last game: Run Sackboy! Being!
  • Next project: Unknown

Play Station

Platform and shooter collaboration software for this PS4 and PS5 collection from PS Plus Essentials “Basic” subscription mode on the Playstation Store. A symbolic amulet from the 32-bit era arrives with the fourth episode of this first month of summer vacation.

New playstation plus

Over the past few weeks, Sony has turned its PS Plus offer to finally thwart Xbox Game Pass Its creation dates back to several years. It will take time for the Japanese manufacturer’s response to find its feet, but if it is regularly provided with the latest updates and more modern games with PlayStation connotations, there is a way to compete in the medium term. At the moment, the package of offers is very vague and XGP already has a lot of progress in terms of registered members, catalog and clarity of service: we will talk about it again in 5 years.

Play Station

With the completely disappointing April 2022 free PS Plus games, we decided to dive into the free PS Store catalog to pull out the best games available for download right now.

Play Station

Sony Playstation lève le voile sur les détails des offres de son nouveau PS Plus : des exclusivités PS4 et PS5 aux abonnés extra, aux classiques exclusifs aux abonnés premium, enant par les jeux pass PS3 passives en streaming des pour je puxè la liste Absolutely.

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