Victor Perez, Tarbes Child Itinerary

France’s top seed Victor Perez and recent European Tour winner (age 29, world 101st) Tarpais will play the British Open from Thursday. It is one of the four Grand Slams, and the oldest championship in the world, and is celebrating its 150th edition this year. An appointment in Scotland, where he lives, not to be missed.

July is the month of the Tour de France. And if in Perez we generally have the choice between rugby…or rugby, we also love cycling. At the age of three, young Victor accompanies his father, Michel, to La Mongie for a stage appearance. Fascinated by the crowd waiting to pass the contestants on the Grande Boucle, the little boy doesn’t budge: he wants to do like an adult. At that time, he took his bike, and for a few dozen metres, he embarked on an ephemeral climb under the amused gaze of the crowd who won his case. “He was so tired after he fell asleep, the contestants, he didn’t see them,” his father laughs again.

After many years, Victor Perez now has better things to do than wait on the side of the road. This Thursday, 29-year-old Tarbes will make history as he will play the 150th edition of the British Open, in St Andrews (Scotland), the home of world golf where the rules of the sport were enacted in the mid-1800s. A place Bigordan knows well, and here he is the winner of his first European title in 2019. Above all, in Scotland, Victor Perez lives in his house, has lived there for several years and just bought a house in Edinburgh.

From Victor La Bijour to Victor of Scots

Victor Le Begordin became, over the years, the Anglo-Saxon Victor, who left very early, barely 18 years old, for the United States. “But he’s keeping the basics here despite everything, especially with regard to the food,” defines the father, amused.
Victor Pérez, the son of a multi-professional sports educator who had remarkably coached the Tarbes stadium at the end of the last century, was the son of a nurse, or rather a child of balls. In the Séméac family home, soccer balls, basketballs, and even tennis balls are everywhere. Many of the sports that young Victor practiced in his childhood. “You might think that because of or thanks to me he became a real little athlete, but with all this equipment, he would not have had to use, if he had chosen another path, it would not be a problem.”

Yes, but here it is, young Victor has a real problem, and it’s not really a problem: he wants to reproduce everything he sees. In addition to his performance as a climbing tourmalate, the young boy is also trying to surf on the sofa in the living room when he discovers pictures of the sport on TV. “He wore everything, and he loved to make people laugh,” his father explains.

“He is able to remain silent for a long time but when he decides something, he sticks to it, it is like that and nothing else.”

A stark contrast to the image that today’s golfer, who rarely veers off an all-British mule when his word is precious, can reflect. “He’s a bit of a robot, dad admits, but he’s changed a little bit, I find that in tournaments lately. But yes, he’s hiding a bit, that’s right. Yes and no, in fact, at the end of December, back in his garden, at the Hippodrome de Laloubère For golf, Victor Perez shared his passion for the game for several hours with the local kids.With ease.

Like going back to basics for those who hit their first balls with a croquet set, from the age of three. Here again, a story of tradition because by watching an old golf strip with a green jacket, made by journalist Jean-Louis for free, Victor Perez contracted the little white ball virus.

This is how Victor discovers the greens, after fiddling with him in a club adapted to his size. The birth of a passion, even a real obsession for someone who spent hours upon hours of Tiger Woods videos during his youth.

words and actions

The French champion of 11-year-old chicks, Tarabay knows what he wants and, above all, how to achieve his ends. A few weeks before passing the baccalaureate S, which he will receive with honors, I already declare in our columns: “At the moment, frankly, I think golf, I dream of playing golf […] Next year I will be spending a year in Biarritz taking private lessons, playing and working on golf, as well as improving my English. »

The goal is clear, and that is to get a place at an American university at the beginning of the 2011 academic year. From words to deeds, there is only one step for Victor Perez. “Early on, he is wired. He is able to be silent for a long time, but when he decides something, he sticks to it, it is like and not otherwise. I remember when he stopped playing the piano or Occitan in school that took a lot of His time, he spoke to us about it with an interest in controversy. He always made his own decisions.”

Incubated for a year in the Basque Country by the American Mike Meagher, who would become his mentor, the young man does better and better in the Shakespearean language and sees his game, too, improving. In this way he was drafted by the University of New Mexico who offered him a scholarship. Anything is insignificant when transatlantic tuition is several tens of thousands of dollars per year. He studied there for four years and even ended up as captain of his team before returning to the Old Continent, where he turned professional in 2015, on the Alpine Tour (European Division III), before gradually climbing the ladder (read here below).

“It is often said that golfers’ careers really start at age 30, he said six months ago. I don’t have them yet, even if youngsters don’t wait for that achievement to win the majors. But comparing yourself to the exceptions isn’t necessarily the best thing to do.” Rather than wanting to run. Towards glory, Victor Perez intends to climb gradually, on the train, like a climber. Or how not to forget the kid who was on the slopes of Tourmalt.

Luxurious month of June after a black hole that lasted several months

Victor Perez won his first European Championship in 2019 in Scotland, rising to 29e He ranked world a little over a year ago while in 2020, he earned his 22nd entry in a major in a US PGA major.e Field.
For a long time in the race for the Ryder Cup last year, the first-place finisher lost quite a bit for several months. After teaming up with experienced J.P. Fitzgerald, a former chariot of Rory McIlroy, he now teams up with his former college friend James Erkenbeck. Backtrack to 161 for a whilee World No. 1 Victor Perez, however, had an amazing month of June with a stunning victory at the Dutch Open, his second European title, before being fined 3e He finished first at the Porsche European Open in Germany in full swing. A click back to the top of the global hierarchy?

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