Why are Macs not suitable for gaming?

Unlike their Windows counterparts, Mac computers do not have a good reputation as a gaming platform. This idea is only reinforced by the marketing of Apple, which never talks about video games when it comes to a Mac. But is this picture worthy?

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Mac computers are known for their elegant design, innovative features, and excellent software optimization. These features tend to make Macs an excellent choice for work computers, especially for those who work with them apps Creating and editing requires a lot of processing power, such as software Video, photo or graphic design software. However, those who already use a Mac computer for these types of tasks, or who are considering purchasing one, may be wondering if these powerful hardware are also a good option to take advantage of these devices. video games Favorite.

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Although Apple has modified the specifications of the latest Macs in order to offer performance to its users Game Higher quality especially since its new release Treatments m 1However, there is still one major downside when it comes to gaming on a Mac: the choice of the game itself. When it comes to PC games, almost all of them are coded to run on Windows. This makes sense from a financial point of view because Windows is the platform with the most players compared to Mac, which struggles to reach 10% of the market share.

Most of the games released are not coded with a Mac compatible version, or in some cases, the macOS version comes later than the Windows version. In addition, we must now take into account the fact that a Mac has two distinct architectures that we must code: x86 for processors Intel Corporation and ARM64 processors Apple silicone (m 1). The result is a segmentation of the user base, which means extra efforts are made to reach all players on the platform. These development limitations certainly won’t help things in the coming years because the Mac is in the process of transitioning to Apple Silicon processors.

Apple Arcade case

Apple Arcade is Apple’s premium gaming service that allows users to download and play games for a monthly subscription fee. The games in question can be accessed on all Apple devices, from iPhone to Mac viaIPAD. Although available on a Mac, the games on offer are mainly ” cell phone ‘, far from the AAA and standalone experiences one would expect from an expensive machine like a Mac.

Is a Mac a good choice for gaming?

Macs are not good for gaming because they focus more on software optimization than on raw hardware power. Most Macs simply don’t have the hardware power needed to play modern games. Also, high-end Macs, which are powerful enough for gaming, do not offer good value for money, as they are often equipped with hardware intended for workstations.

Cloud gaming, a viable solution for Mac?

The latest revolution in the world of video games, The cloud games Don’t leave your Mac behind. In fact, many services like Xbox Game Cloud or Nvidia GeForce Now are available on the Apple computer. The advantage of this method is that it does not require powerful hardware. In addition, cloud gaming services generally offer a larger selection of games than Macs. Finally, it allows you to take full advantage of two major strengths of Apple computers: the screen andindependence.

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