Confirmed disaster for Alain Bernier: Confirmation of the reduction!

Nearly three weeks after Alain Bernier refused to commit, the National Directorate of Professional Club Management Consulting and Control (DNCCGCP) met again on Monday following the kind return of Alain Bernier. US President David Otto went there full of hope by providing two major new items related to Sud Ouest: a statement of account from the Seattle Credit Union of 981,258 euros dated July 6, 2022, and 948,214 euros in crypto assets. But the ax fell, similar to a second blast, with increasingly irreparable consequences. On appeal, the LNB financial constable did not believe the evidence presented by EBPLO and maintained his penalties that were expressed in the first place. Either demote, at best, at National 1.

will remain SNCF

A few minutes after the announcement, our colleagues from France Bleu Béarn Bigorre published another document which the club’s owner, Counterpointe Sports Group, was to present to the Direction Nationale du Conseil et du Contrôle de Gestion (DNCCG) with the various situations where Americans owed money. In the midst of ‘they can wait’, a way of emphasizing that payments are not imminent, one debt appears to be more pressing than the others, the union debt, underlined by the phrase ‘need to pay = union basketball’. There is also an embarrassing sign: €58,200 claimed by SNCF Voyageurs, accompanied by “SNCF will survive.” Dozens of debts to which 800,000 euros must be added were never paid by the CSG to the Pau Municipal Council.

Document revealed by France Bleu Béarn Bigorre

Conglomerate still hopes for buyers

Now more than ever on the verge of clinical death, Ilan Bernier now has ten days to file an appeal with the Federal Chamber. And even if that doesn’t work out, there will then be a last resort, reconciling with CNOSF, with little hope of not ruling the League and the Federation. EBPLO’s former majority entity, Pau’s conglomerate was quick to respond, blown away by the hope of a takeover project in order to save the club. The decision of the national basketball authorities was expected from the moment the US owners did not offer new guarantees. The step that is now being opened is the search for potential investors who can offer to take over the club. A number of them were presented, but it remains to check the solidity of the plans that they can offer. Of course, this must be done quickly because any appeal or appeal must be made within a very short time. Although not a club stakeholder, the city and conglomerate are sufficiently connected to the sporting and cultural heritage that Elan Béarnais represents to offer our support for robust solutions. »

A monument was wiped off the map in about a year…

Passed under the American flag in June 2021 with promises of a lyrical sports future accompanied by a mysterious environmental and real estate project, Alain Bernier lived a historic season on Earth, with a Cup (Coupe de France) and a semi-final. . Almost a season on credit since the club has accumulated an estimated deficit of between two and three million euros, with a planned budget of 7.8 million. The first alarms began to emerge in early May, when problems with late payment of wages and the departure of GM Tom Houston were revealed, against a backdrop of internal tensions. “When I was communicating with Pau and CSG, I explained to them what makes it a special club, the history, that it is necessary to adapt to the culture and the people,” current general manager Taqwa Pinheiro said at La République des Pyrénées last month. Tom Houston was not involved in these discussions. Then I was fired from the project. Yes, it looked good from an American point of view, it was impressive, but I also saw the disconnect between CSG and Pau. In my opinion, there was a lack of respect on the part of Mr. Houston. From there, you can see the project moving backward instead of moving forward. […] The biggest mistake in the first place was not working on connections with people and understanding of Bao and its culture. Here, not Paris. He thought differently and soon it became difficult. He has put himself in a situation where he has made promises that he cannot keep. That’s what I’m here for, to fix as many things as possible. »

But management has generally been precarious from the start, like the case of Sadio Doukuri, who was hired during the summer of 2021 and then saw the club slam the door in his face. The international financial player won the industrial court case and ordered Pau-Lac-Orthes to pay his full salary plus €15,000 in compensation. At the same time, CSG has discouraged itself by invoking “world first,” in the voice of Greg Hughes, about tokens, or opening its capital to the public by acquiring these digital assets. But happy token holders aren’t very happy anymore since La République des Pyrénées reported that around 500 buyers (for €400,000 subscribed to by CSG) still don’t see anything coming…

In about a year, CSG made the unlikely feat of losing all of its credibility, when they arrived with the ambition to make Alain Bernier a laboratory for their NBA ambitions, and above all to wipe a monument off the map. Tri-color basketball, nine-time champion of France (third most successful club). The Americans are sure to leave Pau as soon as they get there. But when will high-level basketball be back there? The struggle to survive in Elan Bernier is not over, but the future suddenly darkens…

The ominous press release


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