How AS Oriels Basketball Club contributes to the cohesion of Dreux

The AS-Oriels basketball division was born in October 2021. There is a football club that started off strong. But there is also basketball, which is a team sport that is also very popular among young people.

Mohamed Zajoud Stadium regained color with AS des Oriels

Ismail Al-Tayboubi is the manager of this basketball club which has about a hundred sympathetic players, about thirty of them are very regular.

“We offer recreational basketball, every Sunday, at the Louis Armand Gymnasium, from 4 pm to 8 pm. The youngest arrives from 4 pm. The idea of ​​​​the competition. Here, the results are not the most important, it is the state of mind.”

Ismail Al-Tayboubi (empty)

The manager is very proud of his success in establishing a second basketball club next to the historic strong club of the Alliance. But he praises those who took part in the adventure.

“When you start out, you don’t know if you’ll get there. Then you realize you’re not alone. In AS, we’ve been able to rely on Olivier, the secretary of the association who takes care of all the administrative affairs because without him nothing could have been done.”


If Ismail Tayboubi, a 44-year-old Darius who lives in Rochelle and works for Remy Transportation, told us he would be at the helm of a basketball club, he would not have believed it.

But the desire to “do something for others, to participate in the building and cohesion of my city”, pushes him to participate. Serendipity encounters, and his passion for basketball does the rest.

“When you’re an employee of a company, you do a job, you get a salary. But you don’t necessarily have the opportunity to commit yourself to others. With an association, you take your life another dimension.”

Ismail Al-Tayboubi (empty)

For Smaïl, basketball isn’t just about assists or a few balls. Behind the ball and baskets, there are players. He tracks young people’s school results, encourages them, and identifies those with a sense of collective commitment: “We give prizes to those who have exemplary behavior even if they are not the best players on the field.”


Four hours every Sunday at Louis-Armand, it’s the perfect spot for recreational basketball. But Ismail Al-Tayboubi would like to be able to meet the demand and welcome all levels.

For this, the club should have time slots during the week. “I applied, two weeks ago, to the City Council for slots, twice a week, at the Viollette Gymnasium. That would be ideal for our players who are mainly in the Bâtes.”

Another project: creating a women’s team and emphasizing a little more that the club does not discriminate.

“I discovered basketball watching Smaïl play. I loved him so much. I love basketball, it is a beautiful sport and I feel more comfortable with the ball in my hand than at my feet. I can’t wait to be able to play with the girls.”

Asia (basketball player, 13 years old)

Smaïl Taïboubi wants to continue to open new horizons for his players. Like when he takes them out to tournaments. The opportunity two weeks ago to meet young Nogent basketball players to contribute to the social mix that the AS-Oriels basketball team manager dreams about.

He also considers letting them gain self-confidence, especially when public speaking in front of the camera. Exercises “that will be useful to them in the future.”

Valerie Baudouin

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