Matchpoint Tennis Tournament – Review on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC

Point Tennis Championships this landed 7 July 2022 on me PlayStation, PC, Xbox and Switch. For my part, I tested it on Xbox Series via game pass And on PS5. I’ll tell you all about this new tennis license!

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  • A loyal court experience, with a rich career mode and a unique matchmaking system for players
  • Dominate the court as a tennis pro.
  • Compete against opponents in local or online matches.

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Don’t miss my match point video test on YouTube Vega TV.

Match point – tennis is not dead!

Before analyzing the gameplay and aesthetic characteristics of rendezvous pointlet’s evaluate a file amazing pose. Tennis is one of the fathers of video games. Moreover, one of the first blockbuster films of the video game era, the sacred PONG! It is nothing but a divided interpretation of tennis. Tennis licenses, whether arcade or simulation games, have always been a part of the gaming scene, from tennis on the NES to Virtua Tennis in the arcade, there’s something for everyone.

However, the leaders of this genre are really getting old and we wonder Why, we have so few good paddle games to eat since the great Top Spin 4 On Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011! Neither the World Tennis Tour nor the AO International Tennis, both released in 2018, reversed the trend..

So when I was told that Kalypso games start in rendezvous pointI confess to you that I do not know whether I should rejoice or be afraid of their promises. In any case, they announced an immersion in the world of professional tennis, with a career setting and ambitious realism. We’ve also promised to put forward a display and an advanced tactical approach for as realistic a margin of technical progress as possible. The online mode is clearly in the game, so it looks like if all the promises are kept, we’ll be putting together a game that can move the summer of 2022.

Matchpoint camera photo

Matchpoint is in the physical version on PS5 but is also included in the Xbox Gamepass

How to play – Beautiful black dot lights up your game

Matchpoint career mode

in Match point, career mode makes sense as the main course. This one is very Basic but it works. You play as a customizable player, male or female, with some items to customize. You start career mode and your goal is to reach 1time place in the world rankings. Matches and training sessions follow each other on the schedule. Events such as training can be skipped. Championships pass. Some of them, like Grand Slam tournaments, for example, will only be available when you reach a sufficient rank. Exhibition matches You also come in between tournaments, it’s beautiful.

If the progress is too linear and does not have a theater worthy of the most beautiful 2K murals, it has the advantage of being legible and clear. To increase the difficulty level, you can choose between difficulty levels Amateur, semi-professional or professional. The difference between the latter two is quite obvious, and you will have to really upgrade your skills if you want to perform like a pro. This is a good point, even if the coffee seems a bit strong during the first parts.

Serves at match point

Serve to become a legend?

What is the value of this cushion racquet on hand?

The other game modes are basically there to get you started, be it Offer for one or two players locally, or private lessons. Moreover, the exercises The tutorial is complete and completely technical. who – which Really lacks freshness, tempting assets to boost you, but if you focus on your goal, you will advance. On the other hand, if you don’t like the academic and serious side of the tutorial, you might feel like you’re back in school this summer!

Available match players

Throwing Low Cost, Ryanair Tennis! Fortunately, we have Kyrgios and Medvedev!

In terms of handling, the Matchpoint is a classic. Front button, lift button, slide button and slot button. If you combine the trigger with the slide, you get cushioning. there where Match Point does particularly well with a small black ball to mark the direction of your shot. I explain that, in classic tennis games, you hit the ball and then direct it, by feeling. Here, the system is the same, but the effectiveness of the path will depend on how quickly you react, after pressing the switch. This is the time when the black ball teacher appears, and you need to place it strategically.

It’s simple, but just perfect as a system. And I can tell you that it requires quite a bit of focus. Only when you understand this principle can you begin to have fun.

black match point

Black Master caters to all playing conditions. If we stick, that’s great.

Matchpoint Tennis can also be played with multiple people!

The multilocal allows players to play, has been criticized for the good quality of Matchpoint’s idea. The black reference point already allows your opponent to see where you put your ball, so your shots become predictable and fall like breath.

Online, you played a game against a brilliant stranger. You found a discount in 1 minute via game pass And the game went very well, without delays and without connection problems. We’ll see with time If the network is active, but it seems to be promising.

Online List

Online mode, on PS5 or XBox, is full of people… for now.

Technical – low-cost casting, and not only …

Technically, I would not obscure my face, the result is very limited. The graphics on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X don’t fly high. On the contrary, they hardly do justice to what the PS4 has in its stomach.

The first disappointment concerns the available players. with Only 16 international tennis stars as such Nick Kyrgios, Kei Nishikori and Amanda Anisimovawe can’t say we’re surfing the ultra-noise wave. Neither Nadal, nor Federer, nor DjokovicThis is obviously very poor. But hey, it’s time to finally rebuild tennis culture, the next John McEnroe might be in the middle of these less rhinestone-and-glitter pets than the aforementioned stars. Not to mention, the 2022 Wimbledon runner-up also happens to be on the cover of the title, so they may have hit the nail on the head after all.

Close match point

The second show is available, totally unplayable, and likely to attract perverts, and again…

However, on a technical level, it’s the graphics that really hold you back. Engravings, light effects, audience, dust particles, … all this, do not shine in Matchpoint. There we feel how under-resourced the studio was. Even comments are not available in French. In 2022, that’s crazy.

Worse, often during clips, the title tends to be delayed or clipped, It’s low end. You can change your clothes, but we wonder who ordered the T-shirts and shorts design. This lack of means or this clumsy, terribly diminishes the gaming experience. This is particularly unfortunate because The title is fun to play in generalbut it’s very ugly.

Close-up during the cut scene

This close-up says a lot about the technical level of the match point.

My review for Matchpoint

I’ve rarely been divided over the title. I’ve been playing this match point for 3 days and I’m having trouble picking up. I want to be number 1 in the world. I enjoy and am addicted to the frontiers. However, if friends come home, I will find it difficult to show them this address as It is visually outdated. recognized, Since Top Spin 4, Matchpoint has probably been the best tennis game released on consoleThe problem is that we are in victory without danger, do we not win without glory?

See you soon on SITEGEEK,


promotional offer -11%

Match Point - Tennis Championships Legends Editions

  • A loyal court experience, with a rich career mode and a unique matchmaking system for players
  • Dominate the court as a tennis pro.
  • Compete against opponents in local or online matches.

Wait… we are looking for the price of this product on other sites

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