-60% off on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch video games

Gardens, High Tech, Home, Home Appliances, IT… All universes benefit from big discounts on the occasion of the 3rd Cdiscount Sales Sale. The site also allows players to find what they are looking for among the latest discount video games. Enough to complete your game library without breaking the bank.

Cdiscount sales: dates and discounts …

Cdiscount sales began June 22 with the first price reduction and interesting promotions. The third price cut starts now and will end on July 19, 2022. During this period, within the limits of the available stock, many items are 50%, 60%, and even 70% off for some, such as the Computer Division.

Up to 60% off video games

The video games section of the site reveals promotions of up to 57% on Nintendo Switch games and up to 60% for Sony reviewers.

Leighton’s Adventure: Cattrill and the Millionaire Conspiracy (Switch)

This game uses codes from previous games. Numerous puzzles, puzzles and logic games introduce the story of Catrell, the daughter of Professor Layton. The little girl is looking for her missing father. The difficulty of the different tables increases as you progress, saving you several hours of gameplay.

Farming Simulator 22 (PS5)

The latest version of the farming simulator game is enriched with new features, especially in machines and types of crops. PlayStation 5 performance pushes realism to an unparalleled level. AI has been redesigned to be more accurate, for example regarding climate and its impact on crops.

Horizon Forbidden West (PlayStation 4)

Declared as the Game of the Year 2022, Horizon Forbidden West continues and completes Aloy’s mission. Hunter Nora has many new skills for this, such as moving on a flying platform. The wide open world and access to certain areas of the map only after progressing in the main story guarantees several dozen (up to a hundred) hours of gameplay.

Pokemon Sparkling Diamond (Switch)

If the common scenario of all Pokémon games still exists, this new version benefits from a redesigned art direction. The player begins his hunter’s quest by choosing a small monster among the three new: Piplup, Ouisticram and Tortipouss. The main story allows you to learn more about the origins of Pokemon, from their strength to their legends.

Paper Mario: The King of Origami (Switch)

A change from the traditional platform game, this Mario game relies on paper folding to develop the characters. Although the game is radically opposed to the previous reviewers, Mario World is respectable. Several tables reveal sometimes complex puzzles to add excitement to the main story.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 (PS5)

This simulation game allows you to create your own Jurassic World park and make it grow. From genetically creating dinosaurs to building their enclosure through all care and security systems, the player manages all aspects of the park. Graphics are made more realistic thanks to the performance of the Sony console.

Cdiscount à Volont program that can be used during a sale

The site offers a loyalty system that can be used during the sale period. The Cdiscount à Volonté program makes it possible, thanks to an annual subscription, to take advantage of the benefits:

  • Free and fast delivery of non-bulky orders;
  • kitty part of the expenses;
  • coupons
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Dedicated customer service…

The Cdiscount à Volonté service, billed for €29 per year, can be tested free of charge for 6 days.

If you’re still missing video game references, now is the time to cut back on sales of the third Cdiscount. With the big discounts on offer, there will be no discount for everyone…

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