Between FIBA ​​and Paris 2024, the confrontation continues

Expression does not lack a certain elegance. This Tuesday, July 12, the OCOG Paris 2024 Board of Directors will examine “Concept review“From the upcoming Summer Games. Obviously the sitemap is still in draft form after two years and just over two weeks from the three shots.

worrying? Not at least, OCOG insists. Tony Estanguet and his team don’t budge: Every new pencil stroke on the plan for future Olympic and Paralympic sites”Project strengtheningThey also remember that badminton and gymnastics changed their playing field less than two years after the deadline in London 2012. More recently, the Tokyo 2020 Marathon was moved to Sapporo in the final stage of preparation.

However, the series continues. Above all, it gives COJO the impression that a ship is struggling to stay on course.

File that crystallizes all the tensions: the preliminary round of basketball. Its episodes are tied together without real progress, so much so that it turns into a confrontation between OCOG and the International Federation (FIBA), with the IOC in the role of referee, and ultimately the decision-maker.

A few hours before the board meeting where the question will be discussed again, but without a final settlement, the positions of the two camps are as follows: OCOG proposes a basketball/handball exchange, the first in which both teams play. The preliminary stage in Lille before returning to Paris, the second doing the opposite; FIBA wants to stay in the capital, or at worst in the inner suburbs.

For OCOG, Lille and Stade Pierre-Moroy is the only possible option. “The only person who checks all the boxes“We insist on the organizing committee. The budget will not increase and the balance of games will be respected.

An exchange between the two sports will be proposed on Tuesday 12 July to the Board of Directors. If it is validated, which is a highly likely scenario, it will be proposed to the IOC. OCOG will not offer a replacement.

For its part, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) continues to express doubts about Lille’s ability to receive the preliminary round. His most recent card: temperature. The international body fears that the heat will rush into the Pierre-Moroy stadium and threaten the smooth running of meetings. I explained it very clearly to OCOG.

As a good student, the organizing committee took up its notebooks and conducted the investigation. He noted that the last two major indoor team sport events in the Lille region, the World Volleyball League and the European Basketball League in 2015, were organized without the slightest difficulty in the temperatures.

The Paris 2024 team went to Lille last month, at the height of a heat wave on the last day of spring. I discovered that the temperature showed 22.3 degrees on the ground when the thermometer rose to 35 degrees outside.

Even better: OCOG commissioned a technical study on the possibility of air conditioning at Stade Pierre-Moroy during the Games. His findings have been sent to FIBA. “They have questions for usWe explain in Paris 2024.

According to a source within the organizing committee, the International Basketball Federation has not traveled to Lille since the start of discussions to study the reality of the site and the playing conditions at the site.

Determined not to have players travel to northern France, the International Basketball Association has proposed using an auditorium at the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte, in Seine-Saint-Denis, its newest location to date. In addition to the Paris 2024 system. But the option is not kept by OCOG.

The confrontation continues. will be back finally The International Olympic Committee to decide the question. when ? mystery. “There is no deadline for making a decisionOCOG identifies.

In other places, fortunately, the grass turned out to be greener. On Tuesday, 12 July, the Paris 2024 Governing Council must approve the reception in Hall 8 of the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte for the preliminary rounds of boxing (the finals will be held in Roland-Garros), seated volleyball, and the initial modern pentathlon fencing event.

Above all else, it should complement the other hot file on the sitemap: photography. Set initially at La Courneuve, in Seine-Saint-Denis, the discipline will be disputed at Châteauroux, in the province of Indre. All stakeholders came to an agreement, sooner than expected. The letter of commitment from the communities, including the city of Châteauroux, arrived at COJO on Monday, July 11.

The last point of discussion concerns the cost of renting the Center National de Terre Sports (CNTS), which is owned by the French Federation. It will be about 5 million euros, compared to 17 million at the beginning of the exchanges. Good deal.

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