Derek Ingram: From the mecca of hockey to the birthplace of golf

St Andrews, Scotland | At the other end of the old field early Monday afternoon, there was a little smell of salt air and…a hockey game. Even though he walked the fairways and greens of his hometown of golf, Derek Ingram was still floating on cloud nine after his son was named to the NHL.

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“Frank, were you at the supplement last week?” Cory Conners friendly coach and men’s national team coach threw me when he saw me outside 12e Green color.

“It was unbelievable,” he added immediately after my negative answer to his question.

Last Thursday and Friday, he put golf aside to accompany his son Adam to Bell Center during this wonderful moment.

A true fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, his allegiances have now changed as his son wore a Nashville Predators shirt in the third round (82e total selection). He will also have to learn to listen to country music.

St. Andrews

The day after this moment of jubilation, Saturday morning he hopped on the plane in Montreal for Scotland. In just a few hours, the proud father and famous coach had moved from Mecca for hockey to the birthplace of golf.

“It really is special and unique. The last few days have been the best of my life,” the 52-year-old said.

We won’t repeat it especially for his wife Kim!

He added: “I love hockey and golf, and all smiles. My son now belongs to the NHL team and I’m here at St Andrews Arshad the athlete I’ve worked with for nearly 12 years who is living the joy of competing in the British Open for the first time on this journey.”

Another pilgrimage

If he set foot at Bell Center for the first time last week, Ingram won’t be on his first pilgrimage to this legendary Scottish North Sea setting. He came there during the amateur championship. But the trip is still just as special.

Just yesterday, this moment was immortalized by what he considers to be his third son, Cory Conners, on the famous Suilkan Bridge. It is a small stone stream that hangs from the stream that crosses the alley at 18e Gap.

St. Andrews

Even if this memory stayed with him forever, he did not stop talking about the auction in Montreal. A real Canadian. Hockey…and golf.

successful event

“I was a fan of the Leafs, my Canadian brother and my sports dad. House rocked. I’ve always loved the history and rivalry between these two great sporting franchises in the country. I’ve always liked Lafleurs, Béliveaus and Co.

“I absolutely loved my week in Montreal. The Canadian organized a very beautiful event in the most beautiful arena in the league. Behind the scenes, I heard many people saying that this selection session should always take place at the Bale Center. The atmosphere was exciting and the club was surprised by the first pick to go there with Juraj Slavkovsky.

The Ingrams were in the arena Thursday night because Adam may have heard his name on the opening round. In his first season with Youngstown Phanthoms in the USHL (U.S. Junior League), the forward impressed with a total of 55 points in 54 games. in sum At Buffalo, he faced 27 teams and was expected to be a potential pick among the first 32 picks.

“I’m so proud of it. It’s a dream come true now. My Winnipeg wife and I wanted our kids to play hockey because the Manitoba winter is long.” He believed in himself and we always supported him because he worked hard.

Professional Tips

Although Derek doesn’t handle a hockey stick like a golf putter, he has been able to give his son athletic advice over the years. After all, these two complementary sports have many similarities. And co-author of a book on sports psychology, he knows very little about it.

“When I talk to him about sports and give advice, I try to put feelings aside as if I were a coach. I often told him not to think too much and to over-analyze situations. Keep it simple and follow your instincts. It’s good for both hockey and golf. You have to play with that feeling.”

“In golf, the worst thing is to start overthinking and dissecting everything.”

This is valuable advice for both those who push the little white ball in the alleys of the old pitch and those who push the puck on the ice at the Bell Center.

St. Andrews expression

All the pieces…on time!

With delays, delays, and craziness at airports for weeks, I was skeptical about finding all my packages at their destination on time. A stop in Dublin before heading to Glasgow did not convince me. Hundreds of bags were stacked near the rotors. Ditto once in Scotland. I miraculously received my bags on time. In short, a flight delay of nearly three hours in Montreal Trudeau and another 75 minutes delay in Ireland certainly helped. Fingers crossed to return next week!


to celebrate 150e On the anniversary of the start of the tournament, the organizers yesterday presented a “Celebration of Champions”. This 10-team mini tournament brought together Omnium winners with golfers, both professional and amateur. Teams of four players scored two best scores on each of the four holes. From Gary Player and Lee Trevino to Jordan Spieth and Colin Morikawa, through Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo, we even saw Jack Nicklaus on the Suilkan Bridge. Several scribes recounted that they had heard raucous raving stories on the hills. The mood was good there. Faldo’s team, made up of three other St. Andrews winners, Louis Oosthuizen, Zach Johnson and John Daly, triumphed at -6.

separate group

The controversial LIV Golf series continues to tease. This weekend, R&A made it clear that it did not invite the new ring’s chief official and two-time winner, Greg Norman, to the Champions Dinner organized this evening, to avoid it being a distraction. 150e. Out of respect for the man and the athlete, Jack Nicklaus was convinced to say he wasn’t on the same page as his friend when it came to the new league. After winning the Claret Jug in 2013 and joining the LIV series, Phil Mickelson meanwhile decided to skip the action. None of the golfers in the Saudi series appeared on the pre-tournament press conference schedule. And in practical tours, these tours come together. We feel the prevailing division. The fight has just begun as the US Department of Justice has announced that it will investigate the PGA Tour that has banned its players from joining international series. The PGA Tour may have violated antitrust laws.

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