Prime Day: The best PS5 deals on Amazon are enough to shake sales!

Yes, Amazon decided to overshadow summer sales by launching Prime Day in the middle of it. Smartphones, TVs, PCs…even games and accessories for PS5 sports at very competitive prices for Prime Day.

Prime Day: Amazon delights PS5 players with amazing offers

Amazon Prime Day has just arrived in France with more attractive offers than one another. You may not know it yet, but Prime Day is the main event for Amazon which allows you to take advantage of the best promotions of the year from the American giant.

However, to take advantage of it, you must be an Amazon Prime member. If you’re not, rest assured: you can activate the 30-day free trial to take advantage of it.

Take advantage of Amazon Prime 30-day free trial

Take advantage of Prime Day on Amazon

Be warned, many people have been waiting for this rush day on a consistent basis. Therefore, if you find a particularly attractive offer on a product that you have been looking for for a while, our advice is not to hesitate for too long, otherwise you risk seeing it missing out.

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Prime Day: The best PS5 deals are on Amazon

Samsung 980 Pro SSD

The PS5 is so cool, that everyone is tearing it up even after a year and a half of its existence. The default is the place occupied by the games it offers. Always heavier and heavier, it’s very likely that you’ve already hit the 1TB limit, or roughly.

Do not panic, it is of course possible to extend the storage, but you should not use anything. Samsung knows how to do this with quality SSDs and especially with the 980 Pro which has 1TB of storage, enough to double what you already have.

Three things to remember about this SSD:

  • The reading speed is at least 5.5GB/s, and it can reach 7000
  • The presence of a heat sink to limit the heat input from the SSD, a real guarantee of quality.
  • PCle 4.0 . interface

It is also possible to add this SSD to a stationary PC, it works great and the performance is there. No more annoying messages saying storage is full.

Buy the 980 Pro at 130€ on Amazon

PS5 DualSense Controller

Prime Day: The best PS5 deals on Amazon are enough to shake sales!

They are here! After Cosmic Red, Midnight Black, and Classic White, three new and very beautiful clean colors are available for the PS5’s popular DualSense controller. Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, and Galactic Purple are now available to play Sony’s greatest titles. Additionally, Ice Blue, a lighter blue than the Starlight console, is available in a limited number of copies!

Whatever your choice of controller, you will above all benefit from the flawless Dualsense with its tactile vibrations, ultra-accurate motion sensor, dynamic triggers and built-in microphone. Without a doubt one of the best controllers that a video game has known.

You should know that in addition to this, some PS4 games ported to PS5 are compatible with these new technologies. Finally, if you want to use your console on a PC, it’s possible via Bluetooth or a USB-C cable.

Buy PS5 DualSense Controller at 68€ on Amazon

PS5 controller charger

Prime Day: The best PS5 deals on Amazon are enough to shake sales!

This is one of DualSense’s weaknesses: independence. If the PS5 console’s features are innovative with haptic feedback, the touchpad, or adaptive triggers, we quickly find ourselves running out of battery if the latter is constantly on.

Manufacturers like HEYSTOP have found the solution, with a rather quick battery charger if you’re playing with two controllers in turns.

Capable of charging controllers in Half the battery in 30 minutes, 80% in 1 hour and 100% in less than 2 hoursthe HEYSTOP dock has a small LCD screen on the front representing the controllers that changes color from red to blue to indicate when the controller(s) are charging.

The charging station is supplied with a USB-C cable, and connects to your PS5 or any smartphone charger.

Buy a PS5 charger for 13 euros on Amazon

Horizon: Forbidden West

Prime Day: The best PS5 deals on Amazon are enough to shake sales!

With more graphical improvements, gameplay and above all a new area to explore, Horizon Forbidden West has made an exciting debut on PS5 but also PS4 and it doesn’t bother us. Plus, upgrading to PS5 is free.

As in the previous authorship, we follow the adventures of Aloy who departs to explore a new area that is still just as dangerous. With new especially deadly new bots and especially a new tribe.

Witty as ever, this sequel will always bring you that feeling of excitement and fascination. New tools are available and the western region is much larger than Zero Dawn.

If you like post-apocalyptic worlds and pseudo-adventures, Horizon Forbidden West is the rare pearl not to be missed this year.

The script remains the same, and even if Studio Guérilla has already achieved a feat in Horizon Zéro Dawn from a graphic point of view, it crosses the line with this latest composition.

Buy Horizon: Forbidden West at 57 € at Amazon

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Prime Day: The best PS5 deals on Amazon are enough to shake sales!

Ratched & Clank Rift Apart is an action game that is exclusive to PS5. Rated 18/20 by the JV . Editorial Boardyou will enjoy Dynamic game full of animation They are all as beautiful as each other.

The script is also frankly well-revised, and we can say without fear that it is The most successful game in licensing.

Rift Apart races at a fast pace across the entire galaxy, impressing and engaging the player all the time. With its high stages and encounters that gain flair, especially thanks to DualSense, you will be able to seduce even the most heat-resistant series.

Funny, lively, adorable and impossible to put down once you’ve embarked on an adventure, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart delivers exactly what it was expected to do: a fun space journey through dimensions, suitable for the whole family.

Buy Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for €36 on Amazon

F1 2022

Prime Day: The best PS5 deals on Amazon are enough to shake sales!

With the second startup on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the F1 22 put some oil in its engine.

More animations during festivities and on the track as the Safety Car arrives at the race, adding events with Supercars to drive and lower FPS during less important scenes than in 2021, the status of the latest generation of consoles finally.

Codemasters has succeeded in setting this new title as a reference for multiplayer gaming with tweaks to new rules, addition of sprint races, and a new entry system.

We’ll complain about F1 Life’s shallow space and lack of inspiration on content, but F1 22 is well worth it for new motorsports fans and enthusiasts of multiplayer.

Buy F1 2022 at 73€ on Amazon

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergraded

Prime Day: The best PS5 deals on Amazon are enough to shake sales!

Final Fantasy VII Remake was already impressive on PS4, even more so than on PS5. Finer textures, a choice between 4K and 60fps, a significant reduction in loading times… All these changes provide additional gameplay comfort that makes this Intergrade version the best way to enjoy the title right now.

As for its content, we are left with the same game with an already known scenario and universe that gains depth and emotions thanks to a high-flying launch. And what about a combat system that manages to combine those of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV to keep only the best and deliver more intense clashes than ever before.

Besides, we can’t help but be impressed with the work done on the soundtrack that managed to give this music, however cult it may be, a new lease on life.

Despite this, we can always blame it for its linear structure and lack of additional content that does not provide great replayability.

As for new scenarios, they can chill as much as pleasantly surprise you. In any case, Final Fantasy VII Intergrade proves that Square Enix is ​​able to extract the best from the past to produce a game of quality that we can’t wait to see a sequel.

Buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade at 59€ at Amazon

Take advantage of Amazon Prime 30-day free trial

Take advantage of Prime Day on Amazon

How can you benefit from Prime Day Amazon?

Prime Day promotions are for Amazon Prime members only. If you are not a member, you can start a profile 30 day free trial Without obligation you are allowed to take advantage of Prime Day offers. The free period offers you a full range of Prime member services (Prime Video, Prime Music, One-Day Delivery, etc.).

What are the best Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals?

The event, which takes place on Tuesday 12 July and Wednesday 13 July 2022 at Amazon, offers highly competitive promotions. For example, on a Fire TV Stick at -50%, on an HP Omen PC with an RTX 3070 at €1099 or on an iPhone 11 at €474! Come and discover our selection of the best promotions.

How much does an Amazon Prime subscription cost?

The subscription price is set at €49 per year (or €5.99 per month) after the end of the free trial month. You also have the option to choose the monthly payment. You will only pay when the free period ends and only if you decide to remain a prime member.

Don’t forget to activate your free 30-day trial before signing up!

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