The Turtle Beach Headset for PS4 and PS5 has never been so cheap!

Kilian Bonami

At the moment, no player wants to do without a headset for one second. Good news, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 is one of the stars discounted during peak days.

If Stealth 600 successor to PS5 And the PS4 It is a huge success, because above all because it takes advantage of many very useful properties.

In the wireless gaming headset market, Turtle Beach Stealth 600 2nd Generation act like referenceEspecially thanks to the amazing sound quality.

Always be ready to draw your own console, because it comes with one battery Battery life 15 hours Rechargeable with USB-C, you’ll never run out of sound.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 – 65.99 € Amazon

Why use a gaming headset?

Remove all annoying sounds or noises during his games for Maximize your focusThat’s what gaming headphones are all about.

It doesn’t matter what console you’re playing, they’ll come and bring Increase the accuracy of the soundwhich was impossible to access before its existence.

The purpose of the operation is for the user to be in some kind auditory bubbleable to silence everything that is happening around you.

The attention level of the player in question is then greatly increased, thanks to a full immersion Which effectively isolates it from its surrounding environment.

All video game fans know, stay concentration In his game it is impossible from the moment one plays it is possible acoustic distractorslikely to affect their performance to a greater or lesser degree.

Gaming headphones: a must-have communication accessory

to create a Polished game strategy, but above all to set it to the nearest millimeter, you still need to be able to communicate with your teammates. Hearing clearly then is as important as listening to it.

Especially for your party in multiplayerin addition to methods that require the creation of precise maneuvers.

The strange noises It has the effect of damaging the gaming experience, as it will be imposed on those we are supposed to be able to distinguish It seems enemies.

War games are the most susceptible to this phenomenon, where you have to make as many eliminations as possible by finding positioning For the opponent, focusing on listening to linear.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2: Amazing Sound

Sony made a strong impression with improvement 3D sound Especially for these helmets. Thanks to multiple technological advancements in PS5 processing power, ambient sound It has been significantly enriched, in order to tilt the sound reproduction towards excellence.

Made of soft and breathable material, the pads make Intensive sessions the games less trybut also gives more realistic access in terms of depth perception.

Be unbeatable in FPS thanks to Superhuman Hearing

Another ingenious audio feature: super hearing.

The exclusive Turtle Beach has been tested on over 100 players, giving access to The most accurate sounds and more ImportantWhich will ultimately increase your chances of winning.

as part of a royal battleBeing able to hear that kind of detail, like reloading a weapon, will change your relationship with video games forever.

This is an important asset to beat other players, as it has been proven that Toil Can (ratio) of some increase up to 40% on some very popular FPS games thanks to this tool.

Voice chatting is fun with Turtle Beach Gen 2

Made by Turtle Beach voice chat very cute with Ultra sensitive microphone This improves clarity of discussion.

Your voice is custom-adjustable, making your online friends happy so they don’t have to hear you anymore anger When the game is going badly.

In addition to, Four audio presets Turtle Beach’s exclusive features are just a button away: bass, treble boost, and signature sound.

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