Board games, video games, books… Our culture and TV choice for Christmas

When television and the great heroes of the world of culture are turned into board games, books, or video games, there are plenty of gift ideas for the holidays.

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“Don’t touch my TV!”
To mark the tenth anniversary of the show hosted and produced by Cyril Hanouna, a book and board game were developed. The first, produced by journalist Gilbert Gwen, who specializes in television history and popular culture, collects testimonies from the series’ heroes. From basic Cyril affectionate to people in the shadows. From major columnists, old and new, to Eric Mendes, the chauffeur of the room, including producers, authors and even security personnel embodied by Mukhtar Al-Katari. All this was preceded by a very moving introduction by Gad Elmaleh.

Board game, on the other hand, is a fun blend of Game of the Goose and petty pursuit. A plateau where you have to advance as fast as you can to the end by answering questions about the world of TV, the world of ‘TPMP’, stars and people. Interspersed with unusual little challenges in the spirit of Cyril Hanouna’s show.

‘Deal done’

Sophie Davant’s show that launched in August 2017 now has a board game published by Dujardin. According to the same principle of the program that hundreds of thousands of viewers follow every afternoon on France 2, the goal of each player is to make the highest possible capital gain on the thing that he will have to sell. But also on those that he will buy from other participants. In total, the chest contains cards of 325 objects with their properties. Simple, fast and easy to use game, within reach of youngsters.

Unparalleled trains

The documentary series embodied by Philippe Gugler is one of France 5’s great successes. After the first volume was published in September 2018, Albin Michel Editions released the second volume of the beautiful book that chronicles dozens of other travels around the world. A chance for the broadcaster to put on glossy paper his memories aboard these precious and special trains, all rich with endless pictures of Costa Rica, Switzerland, Mongolia and England. A total of 240 rich pages of discoveries.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”

It is never easy to meet the challenge of effectively turning a TV game into a video game. With “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” (Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC) Microids manage to immerse you in the atmosphere of TF1. There is no Jean-Pierre Foucault or Camille Compal in the place of the animator but the characters who do the job and the difficulty are worthy of the original. Just like on TV, you have the real clowns, 50/50, public opinion, call a friend and switch to help you overcome the 15 questions out of 3000 registered. It can be played alone, with others or online, with different fun game modes, this “Who wants to be a millionaire?” It aims to be family friendly, accessible to everyone with a child mode to allow the youngest to ask appropriate questions.

Harry Potter Magical Beasts

The primary hero and the universe have fallen out of favor with JK Rowling in every possible way, this new game accessible from the age of 6 invites you to embody Harry Potter and his friends Ron, Hermione or Ginny. Your goal is to find and locate the magical creatures and monsters that have invaded Hogwarts and its surroundings. An articulated board game of achievement and opponent that offers two decks and plenty of clue cards to help you advance in the adventure. Fun and active.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

When Denis Brogniart starts using his Nintendo Switch to cater to some judiciously aired fringe commercial for “Koh-Lanta,” it gives another dimension to the game like animal crossing. This friendly life simulation invites players to develop their own character on an island full of resources to exploit and inhabited animals. A resolutely positive game that is played at everyone’s pace, without pressure or restrictions and in which each game is unique.


To pass one of the arcade game’s greatest classics to a simple board, you had to dare. Edited by Dujardin, this physical version of the famous cannibal is a small yellow marble that has been haunted by ghosts in a highly effective labyrinth. Players have the option of reversing roles, either playing Pac-Man and trying to get as many points as possible, or playing ghost to block him as quickly as possible. A thinking game where each step must be calculated to achieve its ends.

Game and watch Nintendo

Back in the ’80s, Nintendo was all the rage with these small pocket electronic games equipped with a small screen (single or double), a directional pad and a few buttons, the Game and Watch. Mario and Donkey Kong remarkably made their range there before taking on a whole new dimension for the more powerful home consoles. To mark the 30th anniversary of its portable mini console, Nintendo has re-released the limited edition Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros. With three games inside: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels And the monochrome mini-game a ball. happiness.

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