Fontiers-Cabardès: “An opposition to golf is to run after a train that has already left the station”

The public inquiry into the new PLU at Fontiers Cabardès ended yesterday. Among other things, I examined draft golf, a real sea boa at Montagne Noir.

Gérard Carral Villa, former criminal and commercial attorney and chair of the Project Golf Support Committee, which has more than 80 members, responds point by point to the arguments of the project’s critics. Yesterday he completed the public investigation that was opened regarding the reform of the local urban scheme, which is an essential step for the realization of the programme.

Through this interview, what do you want to bring?

As part of the investigation, our intervention is limited to the purely legal aspect with the argument of ineligibility. The PLU is an essential verb in the life of the municipality, it participates in its future and the opinions that are formed here or there indicate that they are based on factual elements and not on false assertions. Reclaim basic facts, even opponents confirm lies.

What about arguments about golf course irrigation that will reduce water resources?

Opponents carry the argument of water as their banner. Telcapi decided not to use the irrigation potential represented by the water reservoir already in Canada (the site) but on the contrary to develop it in a wetland of more than 8000 m2 surrounded by a protection area, i.e. more than 1 hectare. Irrigation will be from a 35,000 m3 basin fed by the only drainage of the upper parts of the field.

Pollution, loss of farmland, deforestation, a lot of challenges by the project’s opponents? what do you think ?

All new construction will be carbon neutral and integrated with the landscape using local stone facades. The law requires that all French soils be free of any vegetation, and zero of fertilizer as of 2030. The soil in Fontiers Cabardès will be there once it is opened. Regarding agricultural land, you should know that the property has been for sale for about 10 years without any buyer ever appearing. Without the acquisition of Telcapi, it would be nothing but a huge impenetrable wasteland. After some farmers saw that the project had been blocked, they asked the promoters if they could not benefit from the use of this land. Catherine Lacoste responded favorably by giving the possibility to exploit these without peer, while paying property taxes. As for deforestation, the trees were certainly cut down with ONF approval, but it’s a diseased conifer, planted a few decades ago. Cutting it down to plant other species is not deforestation, but, on the contrary, a sustainable reforestation.

Economically, does the golf course bring jobs?

Creating a company of 80 jobs in the low season and 120 in the high season for a village of less than 500 inhabitants, this is a structural project. Moreover, the planned hotel will never be able to meet all the requests for accommodation and the hostels and bed and breakfasts in the area will see the arrival of new customers. Aude is in the very sad top five of the poorest departments, and its unemployment rate is higher than the national average. To miss an investor’s commitment to pump millions of euros into land no one wants and create at least 80 jobs there would be pure heresy. The construction will generate excess tax revenue (property tax for 45 villas, 70 apartments, a hotel with 40 to 80 rooms and over the entire 18-hole stadium). The city will be rich for the well-being of its inhabitants. Conversely, if golf is not played, it will be a compensation of €300 per day for 30 years. I let the calculations be done, not a budget hole but a pit.”

Young farmer struggling to settle down says she is ‘angry’

The public inquiry into the new local urban planner (PLU) in Fontiers-Cabardès was launched on June 7 and thus closed on Tuesday. Henceforth, Edmond de Chevre, commissioner and investigator appointed by the Administrative Court of Montpellier, must give his opinion, within an unspecified deadline. In total, about thirty contributions have been posted on the municipality’s website and can be consulted. Some are in favor of draft golf, and most are vehemently against it. Among them, the contribution of a young farmer looking for land to settle and is indignant: “This golf real estate project is an aberration for me when I see difficulty in accessing the land as well as” The impact of this project on the agricultural area concerned and the protection of water resources, confirms that more and more of us are settling in agriculture , outside the family framework, in the logic of peasant agriculture, through participation in local social life and by trend towards practices that respect the environment. Mostly we stick to this access to farmland, so why remove more? “

Rejection of “soil synthesis,” concerns for biodiversity, threats to water resources, concern for local finances in the event of a golf project failing, concern for landscape preservation, refusal to privatize space for the benefit of the wealthy minority: the arguments put forward by opponents are many and varied. Among them, two very active associations spoke during this public inquiry.

Romain Ecorchard, on behalf of France Nature Environnement Languedoc-Roussillon, has developed a great deal of hesitation. He is particularly surprised that the opinion of the mission of the Regional Environmental Authority, and the withdrawal of the Administrative Authority for the Conservation of Natural Areas from it, was not obtained. According to the association, the PLU could have outperformed the commitments made in the past: “The municipality does not bear its choices,” the association asserts. Finally, the Montagne Noire Avenir Association, which claims to have 150 members, noted that Project Golf does not align with the goals of the Sustainable Development Plan. According to the association, 74 protected species have been counted at the Canada site. Within a few days of observation.

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