God of War, Horizon Forbidden West…a big scam for collector’s editions without a physical game

For several years, AAA games have been like God of WarAnd the Forbidden horizon west where Resident Evil: The Village Take advantage of collector’s editions that do not include any physical game. A look back in a new direction is less than satisfying.

The fun of opening the huge chest in the colors of a long-awaited title, to discover many good things, often completely useless and thus radically necessary, then take the cartridge or gamepad and insert it into your console to discover with amazement (or disappointment) will it end soon?

Video game collectors, and collector’s editions in particular, will not cease to state that nothing equals the thrill of discovering the content of these editions, sometimes thick as a cover, sometimes very large. For already crowded apartments of hardcore gamers.

RPlayer view 2 seconds before opening a sore game

The process of physicalization of video game products is accelerating from year to year, and it seems that publishers are slowing more and more with the idea of ​​producing physical editions of their titles. If this can be understood for freelancers, since publishing costs are a very expensive component of expenditure, for major players in the industry the approach is more debatable, especially when it leads to distractions such as the fact of throwing Collectors’ editions at exorbitant prices, without including a physical game.

Resident Evil 7 And the townAnd the Forbidden horizon west and so on God of War: Ragnarok All offered, and will provide, compiler limited versions of their software. Versions whose prices fluctuate between €199 and €299 during pre-orders, which after their rapid disappearance from digital and physical kiosks can reach colossal sums, three to four times the starting price. Back to growing practice.

Forbidden Horizon of the West: PhotoBI! Right in the wallet!

buy and shut up

Whatever the selling price of collector’s editions, they are disappearing as quickly as they appeared. Collectors seem willing to do anything to own a rare object, even if it means putting the price of a new console into a game accompanied by a bunch of extra items. Collector’s Editions elden ring or Forbidden horizon west they were Out of stock only a week after it went on sale in publishers’ stores.

For a modest amount of €299, From Software fans can get a box that includes Malenia’s figurine, a replica of a warrior’s helmet, a hard book, an art book, a soundtrack in digital format, and the base game disc. Despite the high price, players jumped on it, even before the game hit the shelves.

Elden Ring: CollectibleA helmet to look stylish in the evening

from his side, Forbidden horizon west Several collector’s editions were offered, with prices ranging from €89.99 to €269.99. In its more expensive version, called the Regalla Edition, the bundle contained several figurines, including one of the pachydermic Strike-Defense creature, a miniature Aloy, a replica of Focus, a small art book, some in-game bonuses, and a hard book . The common point in the multiple versions: it offered Blank iron books exclusively containing game download codes.

A practice already familiar to Capcom fans, as the company offered it to collectors RE7 And the Resident Evil Village It contains figurines, cards, and steel books, and is also empty of any disk. It is not here to question the practice of pre-orders and blind purchases with respect to titles that have not yet reached the market, but the question is what is the point of having the limited edition soft, if it is not. Contain a physical game? What’s the point of buying a set of toys that are made only in China?

Horizon Forbidden West: CollectiblesTo get everything but the game disc

Go get Scalped

Publishers defend themselves when they are criticized for these practices by making two main arguments. First of all, this It will reduce scalping, which consists of buying limited edition items and reselling them at full price. With only one game code included in these compiler releases, once the code is redeemed, all that’s left is a bunch of goodies of varying quality, which are far less attractive to resell.

This would also have an effect Bypass the flea market, which publishers have been fighting against since the inception of the video game industry. There is no record of a resale, so there is no second life for the game, no resale where the studios do not touch the slightest euro.

Resident Evil: The Village: PicturesDrThey are the players claiming to get a real game disc

At the same time, remember that the sale of non-physical games is becoming more than democratic. According to data from Resetera, the share of digital software reached 80% on PS4 and PS5 in 2021 on a global scale, and Dematerialization will represent 82% of all video game sales in France in 2021 According to SELL. This represents an increase of more than 10 points in less than 5 years in favor of digital format.

In the face of the small part represented by supporters of physical resistance, publishers have nothing to do with this minority that claims the necessity of owning a game in its physical version. Although it is legitimate to judge the practice of not including physical games in collector’s editions as questionable, they still have a bright future because even though there are no ready-to-use real discs in these packs, they are finding their spread faster than ever. fake news on twitter

God of War: Ragnarok: The PictureTheThey support non-physical resistance

For 100 bullets you have nothing

Aimar Azazia, Transmedia Director and Business Development Officer at Ubisoft, presented a Explain this practice from a logistic point of view and manage publisher schedules. According to him, the issue will not be to fight resale, but to manage the increasingly powerful logistical and financial constraints.

Video games are engraved in certain factories, which are not those factories that make and assemble games or goodies included in collector’s editions. These gatherings take place long before the games release, which are generally ready for release just a few weeks before the big day.

As a result, it will be very expensive for publishers to send game discs to limited edition production and assembly plants, especially since logistics costs have increased 20 times since the Covid-19 epidemic. According to Al-Azayzi, it will beImpossible to hand it over when the game was released. At best, you’ll receive collectors after 4-6 weeks… In other words, no more“.

The Second Horizon: The Forbidden West: PicturesWhen we are not really convinced of an explanation

Wouldn’t it be enough to specify game release dates in order to be able to manage initial supplies? The working conditions of developers, especially in AAA games, with the practice of tight deadlines and adhering to strange deadlines, would limit this possibility. This is why publishers may choose to include only download codes in their assembler versions.

However, if it is for titles like Saints row where Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Studios have been able to include physical supports in their collectors, they remain entirely within the realm of the possible.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: PicturesDo you want my big physical copy? “

However, the “no physics” policy allowed the emergence of a parallel market, a market Physical limited edition published by outside companies. Companies such as Limited Run, Strictly Limited Games, or French Pix’n’Love have chosen to publish a very limited number of titles that have succeeded in immaterial form.

These titles are then reissued in the physical version, accompanied by good things or not. The cool initiatives targeted 100% fitness collectors and fans, often at fairly high prices, but when you love fitness, it won’t count.

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