PS5 release date, new game or reboot, what we know

Is the inFAMOUS saga dead and buried? Or could a fifth game be released on Playstation 5, be it a reboot or a sequel?

The inFAMOUS series includes 5 games, although at least two of these titles are ultimately standalone and expanded content. So how, then, does he imagine the future of the license, which ended with a double ending in the last composition, which closed all its tales?

inFAMOUS 5: Release date on Playstation 5

No release date has been announced since development itself has not started. And it’s sadly official: studio Sucker Punch confirms that the video game is not in progress.

We have no plans to revisit inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper right now[…] No inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper games are in development.

Rumor had it that, after the release of another inFAMOUS Second Son authorship, a sequel project was in the works…it wasn’t.

Finally, 2022 is here and the franchise is clearly on hold. The studio behind these games, lollipop punch productionwas launched in Many other video games. Especially the ghost of Tsushimadownloadable content, Director’s Cut edition, and its multiplayer mode called ‘legends“.

  • Not to mention two other Sucker Punch projects exclusively for Playstation: Ghost of Tsushima 2sequence of events 1Beside’A mysterious video game called “prophecy“.

In short, there are many points that make a new inFAMOUS seem unreal at the moment. In addition, Sony’s statements on this point did not confirm the release of the fifth game. So at the moment, inFAMOUS 5 does not exist. However, if it is ever released, it will still only be available on Playstation, and there is no Xbox or Nintendo Switch version!

will inFAMOUS 5 restart? A few leaks then it goes away

In an old Playstation display, we almost saw new things on inFAMOUS. At least, that’s what Shpeshal_Nick (Xbox podcast host and co-founder of the gaming news site, first to leak Ghost of Tsushima DLC) thought. When it was unveiled in September 2021 :

Well, take that with caution because it hasn’t been confirmed. But because I love the series and I hope it’s true: We have a chance to see Notorious and its return to the Sony Show

Unfortunately for fans, Playstation Showcase event passes and the evening of Thursday 9 September 2021players from all over the world discover ‘only’ gameplay on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, news about Rainbow Six Extraction, and some information on a remake of Alan Wake (Then we learn to confirm its persistence, Alan Wake 2), as well as many of the following titles such as GTA 5 next-gen version, Forspoken, or Ghostwire: Tokyo or Deathloop. but nothing on inFAMOUS,

At the same time, a rumor surfaced on Reddit mentioning a reboot of inFAMOUS games that never really shined with its history. The opportunity would be perfect with Playstation 5: Make licensing a technology show with graphic engines Which Sony has (God of War, Returnal, etc), but this time it really focused on the story. However, the rumor exposed By moderators who point out the lack of evidence and delete the message.

inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper have appeared, an unlikely leak

The aforementioned leaker Nick”sock cuddle“Baker, he has other information on hand. According to him he quotes”Sony trusted sourceThe inFAMOUS video game series will return with Sly Cooper. Both games are said to be in development, but neither studio has yet. “100%“!

A few days before the tweet was posted (see below), was updated and the domain name was reserved for several years. Today, it only provides information about another Sucker Punch game: Ghost of Tsushima. But it was not necessary to feed the noise of the hallway …

Briefly, There is nothing official to say about a new inFAMOUS game Following the release in 2014 of the authorship of Second Son and DLC prequel, First Light. Let’s watch Sony’s announcements in 2022 and 2023, a surprise may be waiting for us!

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