Results at Golf de Campagne

In Nîmes, a sporty and friendly theater close to the squares. Back in pictures on this day

In Nîmes, Campagne is the historic club. Founded in 1968, it recently celebrated its fiftieth birthday, using the opportunity to renew its English language career. Amidst the cork oaks, blue bald cypresses, and ginkgo trees, enjoy the charm and marble of the ‘old’ courses. On the occasion of the Madame Figaro Cup, she proved that she is still very competitive. Victory is determined at minus 8 total and 25 net.

Madame Figaro Cup in Campania

net awards list

first network (Score: 97): Virginie Ricker, Mary Dominic Ricker, Segolene Ramecourt, and Brigitte Vaillard qualified for the final at Evian Resort Golf Club. They win a box of Baobab, a Claris Virot card holder, and a bottle of Charles Heidsieck champagne.

Internet winners Karen Dilthey

second network (Rating: 93): Lisa Estorg, Kristen Bonet, Anne Morrow and Janine Morin won a Dammann Frères tea.

The third network (Score: 92): Xavier Lempereur, Daniele Dutilleul, Marie-Françoise Tardieu and Françoise Benazech won Leonor Grill’s hair care products.

Fourth NET (Score: 92): Julie Mesongros, Helen Rodriguez, Valerie Pujols and Fiona Raffox win the Caviar Box.

Fifth NET (Score: 92): Christophe Leidan, Christine Baudry, Sophie Pahlawan-Labogue, and Agnès Balai beat Yves Delorme Bath Towel.

6e Clear (Score: 90): Didier Davico, Scheherazade Nygaard Christensen, Marie-Helen Folio and Genevieve Ferrer won the Geely swimwear.

7e Clear (Rating: 88): Julian Fritz, Claire Betty Payne, Colette Schneider Phoenix and Amelie Infu Bonfennati win Epic chèche.

8e Clear (Score: 88): Piott products were won by Roman Cortez, Daniel Raver-Perez, France Botto and Michel Michalski.

9e Clear (Score: 84): Xavier Deloi, Natalie Isaacs, Martin Riviere and Lawrence Stefal won the Eden Park accessories.

10e Clear (Score: 82): Marion Benzekri, Marie-José Pasoli, Veronique Chaman and Sophie Okorokov won the Munity Prestige bottle.

11e Clear (Score: 78): Dominique Menard, Veronique Marie, Marie-France Massard and Jeanine Busutil won the Exeue Accessories.

All net results

overall prizes

first total (Score: 80): Timothy Lopez, Lea Charbier, Anais Gibal and Catherine Sharpier qualified for the final at Evian Resort Golf Club. They win a box of Baobab, a Claris Virot card holder, and a bottle of Charles Heidsieck champagne.

Raw Ranking Winners Karen Dilthey

second total (Score: 78): Emmanuel Thomas, Shanemei Wegner, Sandra Clement, Roxanne Gignac win a Dammann Frères tea.

third overall (Score: 73): Mathieu Bosio, Christine Graulo, Isabelle Audbert, Françoise Prager won Leonor Grill hair care products.

fourth overall (Score: 73): Matthias Montgilard, Christine Vanlo, Christine Calvet and Lawrence Garcia win the Kaviari square.

fifth overall (Score: 71): Remy Dupuis, Isabelle Leger, Chantal Sochaux-Pauli and Isabel Bernegol win the Yves Delorme Bath Towel.

6e raw (Score: 71): Olivier Nier, Zantiana Cacchia, Anne Chazout and Carol Jengen won the Geely swimwear.

7e raw (Score: 70): Laurie Seibel, Beatrice Hernandez-Mayer, Dominic Fernandez and Odile Coroleore win Epice chèche.

8e raw (Score: 68): Payot products were won by Samuel Tanfin, Anna Kodrick, Sandrine Le Roux and Lawrence Yakuno.

9e raw (Score: 65): Romain Dore, Christine Villary, Veronique Haas and Florence Fontaine win the Eden Park accessories.

10e raw (Rating: 56): Nicholas Ceremet, Ariel Bozard, Patricia Oberger and Isabelle Delister won the Minute Prestige bottle.

11e raw (Rating: 46): Sylvain Sauvage, Catherine Barriere, Brigitte Gabe and Valerie Delonet Romano won the Excio accessories.

All preliminary results


Eden Park Driving Contest Sandra Kleiman 205 AD and Lisa Sturgess 257 AD.

Lexus mode contest : Florence Fontaine 13 Boots.

Payot competition for accuracy Christine Vanlo, 1.40m and Xavier Deloy, 0.63m.

La Vallée Village Achievement AwardE: Anis Ghaibal drives his car over green 11.

Evian Resort Surprise Price : Martin Rivier and Genevieve Ferrer.

Concours d’Elegance Yséal Salon and Hairdressing By: Nicholas Ceremet, Ariel Boisard, Patricia Oberger, and Isabel Delister.

Yséal Salon and Coiffure Competition. Karen Dilthey

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