The Open du Cher begins Friday in Vierzon, before continuing at Sancerre and Bourges for the 12th edition of the very open.

With a new heat wave hitting Berry this week, contenders will have a lot of interest in starting early. At Picardière Golf Course, on Friday, the first departures can take place before 8am.

After hosting the final stage last year, Verizon Golf Course opened the ball this time around. As is usual with each release, the order of the stages changes without affecting each other’s strategy. The next day, the Open du Cher will take the direction of Sancerre; Then the Borg, Sunday, where the prize will be handed out. It should be noted that the player has the option to participate in only one or two rounds, regardless of the standings of the Open Tournament.

Nadine Shagnon wants revenge on Claire Salmon

The game format used is Stableford. “This affords everyone the opportunity because, in each series, we take into account their respective (index) rankings in calculating the course points, explains Picarder Golf Club President, Nadine Chignon. Thus, those in the lowest rank can claim the net ranking, in Their chain. Stableford also makes it possible to miss a hole entirely without much effect.”

Registrations have been closed since Tuesday, so we should find about a hundred contenders for the World Open. Among the ladies, the title should be disputed between Nadine Shagnon (the 2019 winner) and Claire Salmon. Young Sanceroise won the previous edition and had the luxury of beating her rival from Vierzon at home during the final round. Revenge will begin, this time, in Picarder. If we’ve seen in the past that Open du Cher hasn’t won it since day one, we must above all be careful not to jeopardize our chances by starting very cautiously.

Besides rating, this Open du Cher is above all a popular meeting of local golfers.

“The course is still green because it has rained a lot in recent weeks, which is good. There has been a lot of work on it and we have had good feedback from outside people. This will be very cool,” promised the Verizonaise president. On the Berruyères side, 2020 winner Valérie Chantefort, and Nadesh Razavendrakoto are unconfirmed.

The hierarchy among men is likely to be turned upside down this year. In fact, Berruyer Aymeric Pommerette will not be defending his title due to his professional commitments, as Ugolf host. This week, and through Saturday, the Bourges golf course is already hosting the French Third Division U-16 Championship. “The course is set for this and the competitors will be in very good shape for the final of the Open de Cher on Sunday,” we know from Berruyer.

Victim of a herniated disc in the spring that has held it up for two months, Nançayais Xavier Campo will also not be there to take advantage of it. “I am not taking any risks this year, very unfortunately,” said the vice-champion of the previous edition.

Massey’s loyal delegation to the meeting

These conditions may allow some outsiders to find a place in the sun. We’ll see veteran Cyril Benon or perhaps the former South’s now-licensed Berroyer, Eric Girault, the 2016 winner, whose participation is unconfirmed. Like every year, the Open du Cher will welcome a delegation of golfers from the Massy Club, among whom we can find another former winner, Sébastien Lamonnier.

Besides rating, this Open du Cher is above all a meeting appreciated by local golfers, due to its original formula. It also demonstrates the desire of the division’s three major golf courses to work together throughout these three days of competition.

Philip Roche

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