A new gym to help young people achieve their dreams

A brand new gym for young basketball talents has opened in Montreal in the Rivière-des-Prairies region. Built by Canada Elite Montreal, it is a new club that gives hope to many youngsters for a day walking the floors of the NBA.

We are a branch of a Toronto sports club [la] under the shield [Association]Coach and director Rinaldo Gaudi explains.

Canada Elite describes itself on its website as an “incubator for basketball players who need academic and athletic support to reach their full potential.” Through the Under Armor League, players participate in sporting events not only in Canada, but also in the United States.

“We play against other programs over the summer. We had the first session in New Jersey, the second in Philadelphia, and then the third in Indiana,” says Mr. Judy.

The youths then played at Pacers Stadium, on the same day the American club recruited Montrealer Benedict Mathurin. Something to dream about these 13 to 15 year old basketball players.

There is an emergence of talent. Young people can be seen on American soil,” says Mr. Judy.

Talent hunters are often present in this type of tournament, allowing players to find out and possibly get into the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association), and why not someday in the NBA. This was already the case for many members of Toronto’s Canada Elite, such as Nickeil Alexander-Walker, who was drafted on 17e The location of the New Orleans Pelicans in 2019.

“[À Toronto]They’re 20 years ahead of Quebec. “There are a lot of places like this where youngsters are being developed,” the 30-year-old coach comments.

in church

The just-opened gym in RDP is located…in a church! The pastor of the Archdiocese of Haiti has generously donated part of his headquarters to the realization of this project.

For him, young people are the future of tomorrow. […] “The location for young people to come and train at any time is something that is missing in the neighbourhood,” said Mr. Judy.

“I would not have had such a thing in the RDP. If, in my generation, we had a room like this, where you are supervised, it would have changed the dynamic a lot,” he adds.

He explains that many basketball players travel to the center and west of the island to play “because there is nothing in the east”.

Joshua, 13, along with coach and manager Rinaldo Gaudi. Photo: Clement Polano/Metro Media

Since the gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, young talents only need to ask one of the four coaches to accompany them, alone or in a group, to perfect their technique.

“You cannot hope to excel at a high level if you do not devote the number of hours to training,” describes the man who Fitness Trainer Basketball players for eight years in the area, at Jean Grou High School in particular. Thus, players can train at any time that school hours do not allow.

Joshua, 13, asserts that it is “changing the way I train.”

frame for youth

In addition to her sports career, Canada Elite Montreal gymnastics allows young people to develop within a framework.

“We have a small room where they come to do their homework,” says the principal. As long as the homework is not completed, it is impossible to get to the field. The way “supervise the child, and show him a certain discipline. When he comes home, he’s too tired to bullshit,” Mr. Judy smiles.

“I was young too, and then the lack of things to do meant I didn’t take good care of myself, [en ne prenant] Sometimes not the right decisions. The dream is possible. You just have to prepare the child so that he can reach him. Even if he doesn’t go to the NBA, he’ll at least go to college.”

Before they can get to the court, during school periods, young basketball players must do their homework.
Before they can get to the court, during school periods, young basketball players must do their homework. Photo: Clement Polano/Metro Media

During the summer, the gym serves as a sports camp for Canada Elite Montreal youth during the week. On the weekends, they travel to Ontario or the United States to take on other teams. They are funded directly by the coaches plus some contributions from parents and a small financial aid from ONBL Les Ballons Intensifs.

Therefore, the generosity of a thirty-year-old man and a shepherd owes the creation of an incubator for the young talent of Montreal. “It was really nice to get financial help,” Prairivois admits.

The club receives 60 youngsters and has already received more than 150 applications. And if the project has grown larger than he had imagined, Raynaldo Jeudy is proud of it.

“Of course it is tiring, but the result, what you give to young people, is worth it.”

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