Community management in the video game industry

The community management It is a practice that can be spread in all fields, and for each of them, we discover the peculiarities of each universe.

So Community management in games It is a good example, where you can mix social networking and field practice but you can also bring your projects to life. Let’s get acquainted with the highlights of video game fieldwhich can provide you with insights into your role as community manager.

Community management in video games

is being Community Manager in the video game industry It can be a dream for many people, whether they work for a publisher or a brand. We can mention Microsoft XBox, Sony Playstation, Nintendo, famous studios, or even working within the esports team. The world of video games on computers or computers is also very specific if we compare it to other universes. And if you are a fan of games as a community manager, you will undoubtedly combine business with pleasure.

video game industry affects a large number of consumers; Younger and less youthful, but above all very standardizing and creating a simulation, when we talk about the big licenses in particular. this side the Union It is a positive point in community management, because the role of the community manager is the first to seek commitment from his community.

The more this area is located in the entertainment square, look at the culture, the easier it is to take care of it and therefore deal with the players in this sector. It is also a world where community manager is recommended to work both online and offline.

At this point we will come up with interesting ideas to exploit from the role Community manager about video games.

Suspension : The gaming world is no exception to badbuzz and therefore it is very important for any community manager to practice moderation and crisis management. The more a community is associated with a brand that produces video games, game consoles, or basic licensing, etc. The more active she is in every sense of the word.

So you should be careful and know how to manage delays, issues caused by a game release, errors encountered after releases, etc.

Social networks adapt to the gaming sector

within Social networks perfectly suited for video game contentWe find Twitter which is a platform geared towards sharing news. The media is very present there around video games, as are publishers and brands.

However, the most suitable platforms remain those that defend videos like YouTube on the one hand and Twitch that have video games in their DNA, because we are talking about a streaming platform here.

Social networks adapt to the gaming sector

Obviously, YouTube will allow you to share everything related to trailers, gameplay, and use of influencers who have channels entirely dedicated to video games, and there are plenty of them.

Twitch allows you to make appointments with your community to stream video games, and even add a platinum game to bring it all to life for its members. This is where a game community manager might work with a publisher or studio to bring the community together.

We can still upload Instagram which lends itself well to sharing visuals in the early development stages of the game. It’s also interesting for contests that allow the game to win when released, or any other element about the latter.

Gaming community management: online and offline

Highly recommended in community management, especially in games Meet your community. This will allow you Keep your commitment And create an affinity that will make the relationships with your members more fluid.

Many events such as promotions, special advertisements, exhibitions such as Games Week in Paris and even e-sports competitions are related to video games. If these events are organized by the entity in which it is Gaming Community Managerso it is a must to go there to meet your community.

For a community manager, it’s a way Connect with your communityBy informing them of the details related to the development of the game, by inviting them to various events or even meeting some members of a restricted or special committee.

A special event, for example, makes it possible to reward active members by inviting them to visit the studio, to discover a game in the preview, etc. Hence we also find the operations that are performed using influencers.

In addition, it will be easier to work on the game than on hardware, in particular, consoles that will be prepared by major manufacturers; Sony, Microsoft, or even Nintendo. This area is kept secret unlike many previously announced games or licenses. On a material level, it will be about promoting peripherals or limited edition consoles, as can be seen on a frequent basis with the Nintendo Switch.

How do you make society live in games?

Say it’s easy to do Promote a community in games Not always a fact, but it remains a central element that is easy to put in the center. This is of course a video game in development.

As much as it may take several years to develop a video game, there will be material to share for months. A good way to keep the community in suspense until the moment of its release, so it will not be necessary to miss it.

esports games

When society is mobilized like this and grows in parallel, it will be ready for it Migrate a video game when it’s released. During this development stage, you have to be careful and keep your promises; Not only in the game itself but also in its release date. If the game meets all the requirements of a community that can be described as gamers, this is a huge lever that we can rely on to ensure its promotion.

A phenomenon that occurs in major studios and major licenses. We can see real enthusiasm for games, licenses or studios such as:

  • Mario games ,
  • zelda license,
  • Call Of Duty is a first-person shooter that attracts millions of fans of the genre
  • Final Fantasy, the iconic RPG for decades and video game consoles,
  • GTA games where 6The tenth The shutter waits with steady feet,
  • Diablo license up to 4The tenth opus and blizzard in particular,
  • One of the program’s games with the latest popular and highly acclaimed Elden Ring game,
  • Pokemon license that is a real phenomenon in Japan to Europe and across the Atlantic

We’d like to see it spawn more among “small” freelancers who don’t always have the budgets to bring their project to life in this way, mobilizing the entire community at launch. However, it is an accessible portal for community managers wishing to work in this field.

Procedures for deployment during development stages

Depending on the latitude of studios, publishers, or others, it is achieve development By sharing content from the upcoming game. You can also share other internal projects in the pipeline in the meantime.

It may relate to elements taken from the video game that is initially in development, and/or the people working on its design, such as:

  • video game images,
  • gameplay videos,
  • Character rendering (character design or cara-design) that we often find in RPGs in particular and fighting games,
  • Character animations, NPCs, etc.
  • View environments or open world if this is the case,
  • The music of the game, which also plays a big role in the atmosphere,
  • Interviews with producers, developers, composers etc.,
  • View studio and histories of DNA identification.

Thus there are many things that a Gaming Community Manager Can be shared about game development and that’s not all. There are pre-launch periods where the beta can be put into the hands of players to report any bugs and/or corrections that need to be made.

The goal is to have a perfect bug-free game when they appear. An early release could also make it possible to meet the deadline in a roundabout way, while continuing to develop.

Influencer Marketing and Community Management in Games

In order to amplify the range Communicating when launching a video gameInfluencer marketing is recommended. For the community manager, it is possible that he will manage a part of the influencers that can be counted during the official launch. It’s often a case of sending a press release accompanied by a boxed game version or code, or a press kit when it comes to big licenses.

Influencer Marketing and Community Management in Games

Internally, the Communication/Marketing unit, in partnership with an influential marketing agency, can manage customized processes such as invitations to preview the game, visit the studio, meet with development teams, designers, etc.


The Community management in gaming Very rich, and has a central theme which is video games, so the entertainment helps to reach many residents of all ages.

Biology Project under development Your community is undoubtedly one of the best levers to work on engagement, and the world of video games is a good example of inspiration to master your community management.

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