Music, cars, shoes, cooking… the strange interview with Yuan Macondo

Called up with the Blues for the last international window, even if he didn’t play in a match, Yuan Macondo He is one of the rising stars of French basketball.

After a new season that saw great progress for Cholet, which brought him back to the playoffs after a brilliant season-ending finish, Melun’s vaulted interior has heard his name in several rumors linking him to major French clubs and some other clubs. Offshore, including Murcia in Spain, and why not across the Atlantic at last.

Anyway, having been recently in Sacramento and in other NBA franchises for a few rehearsals before the last draft, Macondo agreed to answer our questions about his own garden.

We’re starting to get to know player Yoan Makoundou, who is as versatile as he is explosive towards the circuit. Get to know Yuan Macondo, the man.

Your first memory of basketball?

One of my first trips in Bois le Roi. This was my first immersion. I must be 15 years old. I have a teammate send me alley. I saved the video for that matter. He threw the ball to me as I dunked it. Even if it was actually a throw ball.

Your favorite dip?

The knight or the mill. I’m hesitant between the two…

Your first idol?

Kevin Durant. He has a fairly slim physique like me.

Your first shirt?

I think it was LeBron in Miami. My brother is a big fan of Miami. The first shirt I wore was Dwyane Wade. But the first I had was LeBron. It seems to me that this is the year of the title. Another rare shirt. The Big Three of the Heat were amazing.

The first time you thought about turning into a professional?

When I started doing well at Espoirs [avec Cholet Basket]. In my second year at Espoirs, it was the first time I felt really dominant, at the top. From there I told myself I had a chance to become a professional.

When did you first feel ready for the NBA?

When I started playing well in Jeep Elite, and then in the European Cup as well. From this moment on I thought to myself that I might be able to photograph it. [Et puis, vous avez goûté à l’Equipe de France également]. Yes, it was huge. It’s a good way to find out where I am. This is the way I imagine it. I could see what I still had to work on.

If there was no basketball?

It’s a good question. I ask myself that sometimes. I like cars a lot, so I guess I would have done something related to that. Set up a small chest with friends. [Dans le tuning ?] No, no, I like when the cars are original, I don’t really like making modifications. Mustangs, that kind of old car.

Your favorite city in the NBA?

New York. I really like the energy there. I haven’t been to Madison Square Garden yet. I’ve actually done Staples Center, it’s the only NBA room I’ve done, so let’s say it’s my favorite so far. But I have a great memory there, good anecdote. There’s halftime entertainment as always, let me come and dance on the field [rires] ! it was amazing. I was arranged high but they spotted me live.

Your favorite place in Europe?

I’m a kid from Cholet, I’ll say La Meilleraie. This is where it all started for me.

Your favorite pair of shoes?

Right now, it’s the Jordan 5, the soft white, it’s creativity. Otherwise, to play, I’d say kobies. I’ve played a lot with Kyrie too but I’ll say Kobe anyway.

Your favorite meal?

This is my mother’s dish, Madjisu. The most common name is bassi. They are meatballs with a sauce made of peanut paste and they are great. For my part, I cook quite a bit, and this happens to me from time to time. The dish I often make is pasta in sauce with chicken.

Your favorite movie?

taxi chain [rires]. Oh yeah, that’s my thing. Sami Nasri is the safe man [rires] ! The last episode I didn’t like. The number 4 deviated a bit but it was still going but the number 5, I didn’t really like it. I’m more of a movie than a series, because the series I rarely finish. I’m totally “sci-fi” and horror.

Your favorite video game?

I resume now. When I was young I was more of a “player” but I stopped for a while. There, she resumed with Call of Duty. Otherwise, I necessarily play all the car games, with all the dream cars. Racing in a free world. Need for Speed ​​ForzaThis kind of game.

Your favorite book?

This is it Zero kilometerIt is a book about luxury. A bit philosophical, it’s full of interesting little tips to help you with life in general. [Pas de mangas pour vous ?] No, I’m not a fan of manga…

Your favorite album/artist?

I listen to many different voices but the artist who got everyone to agree is Drake. And my favorite album is takes care In 2011. Album marked me. I listen mainly to hip-hop, “relaxation” music.

[Propos recueillis par téléphone]

single nipple

Cheeseburger or butter ham?

Cheeseburger, because I don’t eat pork [rires].

Without you or against?

Dunk. [Comme celui qui a fait le tour de la planète face à Orléans par exemple ?] Yes like this. I didn’t force anything, it just happened by itself! [On imagine qu’il y en a eu d’autres dans la même veine à l’entraînement avant, et depuis ?] quickly yes [rires]…

Cheese or candy?

candy. tiramisu.

50 points or triple?

double triple [littéralement du tac au tac]. I love making passes. There are a lot of situations that I pass by. My personal highest score was 42, but that was when I was young. I was still at Marne La Vallée. In Espoirs I scored 39 points and in the French championship 32 I think.

Magic or a bird?

Charm. I love flashy play and then the best Lakers over the Celtics.

Jordan or Kobe?

Jordan. I discovered the character more with the documentary The Last Dance, like many people do. But to me it is a goat. Kobe is obviously a great guy but I would say Jordan.

Time travel: where and when?

These are good questions! [Merci !] I think I’ll go to the States and to Rucker Park, for the hot times. Or during the Series Finals against Utah, when Jordan won his last title, with his last decisive shot.

Three people for dinner?

Kobe. Kevin Durant and next, I think of DeMar DeRozan. In the frame of mind I am in now, I think of them. After Omar C. can also be invited.

Three things on a desert island?

What are you listening to music (phone or speaker). Basket. And a pool!

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