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St Andrews, Scotland | These days, it’s impossible for a senior golf governing body chief to escape the noxious noises that the new LIV Golf Series is making. On Wednesday, the CEO of Royal and Ancient stepped up when he burned down a league that is upsetting his sport.

Obviously, the governing body for golf in Europe, which also wants to be the strongest voice in the system, does not appreciate this competing circuit handing out billions of dollars.

“There’s no free lunch. I think the pattern we saw in the first two LIV Golf tournaments is not in the sport’s long-term interest. It’s all about the money, about the league attracting athletes by flooding them with tens of millions of dollars,” Martin Slimpers said.

“We believe this model undermines the merit-based culture and spirit of open competition that makes golf so special.

“There is a path to elite golf. It depends on skill and willingness to work hard to get there. This has been advocated for decades. I firmly believe it is worth the fight. In my opinion, it is the most important part of our ecosystem.”

Not a penny!

This means that LIV Golf does not invest a penny in developing the sport, from the roots to the elite through experience, training and numerous programmes. Governing bodies pay too much for it.

Instead, the series targets men to bring them into a professional league where scholarships are offered by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. A source of money that has spread its tentacles all over the world which causes a reaction. The country is trying sports washing Wanting to restore its image tainted by human rights violations for a very long time.

do not exclude

According to Slumbers, the answers to the stakes and the future of golf don’t lie in creating a small league where the money flows.

“It is implausible and even undermines people’s perception of our sport. We have worked hard to improve it over time. We must continue to increase participation, ensure diversity, and ensure that golf is open to all.”

As for the future of the British Open, Slappers settled a point. You will not ban any player. However, he assured that Royal and Ancient (R&A) would quickly review the criteria, exemptions, and qualification process.

It was established at the beginning of the year. The Competition Committee has the right to review it.

“Golf players should earn their ticket to the World Open. It is key, as it ensures that we are able to bring together the best players in the world.”

world ranking

In this regard, a golfer can participate in the British Championship by meeting certain criteria, including world rankings and previous achievements.

If the world ranking management refutes LIV Golf’s request for recognition, golfers who play in this series will be dropped from the net. So they must undergo a qualification process to participate in the next opening.

Members of the administration also met on this request, Tuesday evening, in St Andrews. The major players in its constituent industry are studying it while several elements are hanging out of the formula according to the set standards.

With all the risks in the sport, that decision is eagerly awaited.

The seven magics of the ancient cycle

Golf - British Open

7313 yards

Normal 72

go | 3,599 yards

back | 3714 yards

Legendary Departure

Golf - British Open

In the forecourt of the royal and ancient castle, the announcer invites golfers to sprint on the oldest course in the world. Their names echo in the small streets nearby. We hear pins from among the thousands of spectators crammed into the huge stands. 1Verse and 18e The holes share the same lane about 140 yards wide between the Lynx Street fence and the bleachers.

the ring

Located at the other end of the property, it is a series of four holes particularly affected by the elements when Mother Nature decides to act. These take place along the mouth of the River Eden. There are two unique Level 3 features of the course. The 4 short crossbars also provide excellent opportunities for birds depending on the direction of the wind, while it is possible to get dangerously close to the flag.

road hole

Golf - British Open

Without a doubt, one of the 4 strongest players in the world of golf, 17e The hole is called Road Hole because of the small cobbled road that runs along it. It’s the toughest on the course since 1984, when stats began to be compiled. In 1984, his average stroke was 4.79, making it the hardest in British Open history. In 2000 and 2010, it varied by a few cents. why ? It’s all about perspective, daring, and luck. From the hill, the wall of the Old Course Hotel gives the angle of the curved opening to the right. Unblocked bets lie on hold at all times. Golfers prefer the flight path over the hotel in order to attack a very narrow green flag with a shorter iron. In front of the rooftop, they must also avoid the small and dangerous Road Hole. To find yourself there, you have to pray for a precise and smooth exit. A small gravel path also runs to the right of the green. In 1978, Tommy Nakajima was discharged after four strokes. In 1984, the great sword of Ballesteros, the hero of the Claret Jug, described his way in 17e Thus: “Good Shot, 5 Irons, Approach and 2 Strikes,” at his side, an R&A member noted that it was the equivalent of 4. Sif replied: “For you, George, it is equal to 5, but for Sword of Ballesteros, it is equal to 5 ”

Hell vault

Golf - British Open

If one of the 112 brilliantly well-located bunkers on the old track were to be avoided, it would be a 5-bar, 614-yard “Hell Bunker” at the 14th.e The hole, the longest in the course. Located 115 yards from the green and to the right of the waterway, it lives up to its title. Measuring 10 feet deep and covering an area of ​​300 square feet, it has butchered many aspirants throughout the ages. In 1995, Jack Nicklaus executed four flips there to make it to 10. He had expressed a desire not to go back to it again. When Tiger Woods won in 2000, he avoided all the pits in his four rounds in a dominant, mixed performance.

pure strategy

Golf - British Open

Hole O’Cross explores the old cycle philosophy where you have to find a balance between strength and centering. The three shelters to the right of the driveway more than 260 yards from the hill are called “coffin bunkers.” Falling in there, you better be prepared for a big hit. Since 1984, 12 players have committed triple bogey there. Golfers prefer the course in the direction of hill 6e For a better scientific attack.

7 joint vegetables

Another authentic element of the old court: There are seven huge greens that share two flags. 1Verse9eseventeenthe and 18e Are the ones where you can see a single flag floating in the wind. 7 . surfacee and 11e It is the widest because it measures 112 yards. This is from 5e and 13e Covering an area of ​​37,000 square feet. According to prices in the real estate market in Montreal, it will cost 16.6 million dollars! But in this piece of Scottish land, it is priceless.


Golf - British Open

From the hill, you can see the Swilcan Bridge, R&A Castle, the gable end of the Hamilton Grand Hotel, the three decks, and the massive main board. We feel the full weight of the history of the sport. Sin Valley is about 50 yards from the green, a tricky mountainous area that is best avoided in all directions!

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