Krut: The Mythic Wings review (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

The ruthless army of Ogres invaded the land of Garuda. Garuda’s army was defeated and the capital finally fell. There is still hope…

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It’s a bold bet! In fact, a game based on a Thai scenario that is practically unknown by the majority of earthlings may seem daring. Thus, it is an Asian animated film that has served as a support for this title, which has a flashy name Cards: Legendary Wings.

In any case, upon opening the game, we are transported quickly enough to distant memories. Remember those action/platform games on arcade or PC like Amiga and Atari ST. For those who lived through this golden age, flashback is sweet, reminding us of our glories and battles…video games! 🙂

It doesn’t take longer to learn about these games that were in the past, like cool games monster shadow She has always remained in the hearts of our children. Krut brings it right off the bat, which suddenly makes him endearing.

lovely game

This past flashback, we go back to our console. The studio that took the time to write his story. It’s always surprising to see today’s designers take the time to write, draw and bring colorful graphics, drawings, and characters to life. This gives the body and materiality of the game which is, after all, a simple action game.

Visually, a specific effort has been made to transport us into a myth-like story. A six-level story in which you will discover vast, subtle, epic and above all variety. Forward and backward planes are worked out, contemplated, animate, and engaged in the player’s assimilation. Thus, you will cross deserts, luminous islands, endless jungles and other dark places. Enemies, especially bosses, have been of particular interest in terms of design: they impress, which is always a positive point in an arcade game.

This distinct atmosphere is accompanied by music from appropriate bills, curated but whose inspiration recedes from the graphics. The voices are there, although they are a little reserved.


Alas, if the atmosphere is present, even convincing, the impression is completely different when we analyze the background. Also, we soon understand that this game offers nothing but classic patents, and it’s definitely wrapped in a fun arcade atmosphere, that no longer exists today.

Of course we are no longer in the ’90s. Krut offers most of what we can expect from a platform/action game in 2022 especially the good gameplay.

As we’ve seen, it’s fun to think about the paint, but the two-dimensional scene where our character represents time. We advance, left to right, sometimes for a long time, without anyone seeing. Surprise: Will the world of cards be abandoned? In fact, the enemies, few in number, meet irregularly, sequentially, which gives a funny idea …

So many flaws

Unfortunately, this chaos increases with the hours of gameplay. In addition to being small in number, enemies do not offer many attacks. There are two types of attacks for simple enemies and three or four for bosses. Creativity, found in visuals, is no longer here. This gives shameful battles that make us glimpse the limits of boredom.

Moreover, your personality does not stand out from this noticeable average level. Finally, few moves, some of which are hard to achieve (full energy bar to fly and see the famous legendary wings…), we often find ourselves bothering with the X button to end these redundant battles.

Of course, there are improvements. Obtained when you conquer a save point. It is then possible to improve his life bar and energy bar and offer some other combos to our poor warrior. But in fact, they are often very expensive, difficult to obtain, and do not exclude the note that you felt.

Unfortunately, the confusion doesn’t stop there. continue. It was confirmed everywhere. Let’s talk about level design. The designers did not think enough about their levels, did not try to surprise, and fell into another trap: linearity. No matter how hard we looked, we looked in a corner of the rock, behind a tree whose leaves might have looked suspicious … but no. There is no secret passage or very little of it. There are not enough places to hide treasures as we like to find them here and there, along a frantic adventure which unfortunately is not.

Pleasure trampled on him

We could also mention the character animations, which are pretty weak, making all the action tough and especially the battles with the bosses. Battles that go on like a boss’s life bar is long…like the list of flaws in the title.

Then the panic begins. After several hours of playing we ended up falling into a monotonous sloth as the admirably great Paul Verlaine could have described. A sweet sadness felt deep inside and swept away over time. This is a game that tries, without success, to remind us of good memories. But the truth is there, stubborn: cards are boring.

It is boring, by its technical weakness, by the length of its levels, by its bosses, who are certainly cool but abused, and by a monotonous adventure. Even its visual impact, however appealing at first, is squashed by an army of flaws that will eventually turn off many players.

Krut: Legendary suites aren’t that pricey, so you might carry some beloved dreamers in search of nostalgia. The latter, true for a few years, was the white bread for young studios. But it will not be enough here to convince the majority of players who are becoming more and more demanding of new things.

Game test - score 5.5


  • Gorgeous graphics and character design
  • written adventure
  • arcade type

  • Animations I mishandled

  • unstructured levels
  • Boring battles

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Note that the tested version is the existing version the computer. The game is also available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Switch.

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