Results in Golf de Brigode

Great match on Brigade Greens for the Lille stage of our women’s pro. Once again on this friendly sports day.

In Picardie, our competition stopped at Brigaud, one of the private clubs in the area, located in Villeneuve d’Ascq, just ten minutes from downtown Lille. Its path is a small haven of green, punctuated by several water obstacles, which glide through the middle of weeping willow, purple beech and centuries-old oak. The seven golf courses near the capital had all the teams lined up initially. Among them were many players.Green color» A generation of this league, the whole displays single-digit indexes. As a guide, the scores on arrival are: minus 19 total and minus 32 net.

Madame Figaro Cup at Brigods

net awards list

first network (Score: 104): Morgan Caillou, Celeste Darloy, Jeanne Couvreur and Celeste Caillou qualified for the final at Evian Resort Golf Club. They win a box of Baobab, a Claris Virot card holder, and a bottle of Charles Heidsieck champagne.

net winners Karen Dilthey

second network (Rating: 101): Christophe Patai, Julie Pereira Fernandez, Delphine Legues and Sylvie DeKerfe won a Dammann Frères tea.

The third network (Score: 101): Philip Bazin, Laurie Nagberg, Clarice Denzart and Caroline Amignegan won Leonor Grill hair care products.

Fourth NET (Score: 96): Gauthier Ferrand, Margot Poissonnier, Adelaide Buczkowski and Emma Huang won the Kaviari box.

Fifth NET (Rating: 95): Camille Blanc, Lilo Czaichi, Lola Czaichi, and Delphine Czeecki beat Yves Delorme’s Bath Towel.

6e Clear (Score: 94): Clement Meunier, Frédéric Meunier, Sarah Sales and Isabel Marchand win Geely swimwear.

7e Clear (Score: 92): Raphael Dennis and Sylvie Godefroy win the Epic chèche.

8e Clear (Score: 92): Piott products were won by Antoine Charpentier, Fannie Mackie, Aurelie Rivaux and Caroline Templar.

9e Clear (Score: 91): Matthew Lamotte, Chantal Danielo Bricotte, Anne Honoré and Sophie Tolmond won the EdenPark accessories.

10e Clear (Rating: 90): Chris Phillips, Sophie Pluto, Isabel Singer and Migo Lesor win the Munity Prestige bottle.

11e Clear (Score: 83): Patrick Roult, Michelle Brugniard, Stephanie Teller and Agathe Defense won the Exeue Accessories.

All net results

List of primary prizes

first total (Score: 91): Philippe Delobel, Charlotte Conod, Chloe Jurcica and Philippines Zablowski qualified for the final at Evian Resort Golf Club. They win a box of Baobab, a Claris Virot card holder, and a bottle of Charles Heidsieck champagne.

Raw Winners Karen Dilthey

second total (Rating: 88): Benjamin Regent, Sophie Basnon, Violet Lernon and Constance Lintrebeck won a Dammann Frères tea.

third overall (Score: 87): Bruno Petit, Charlotte Bouquet, Lale Doliguez and Hannah Jullier won Leonor Grill’s hair care products.

fourth overall (Score: 83): Sylvain Raoult, Agnes Thibault, Natalie Dihope and Helen Bonnier won the Kaviari box.

fifth overall (Rating: 81): Clara Avling, Emily Vandami, Valerie Main and Federica Ortelli won the Yves Delorme bath towel.

6e raw (Score: 79): Adrien Dubois, Gaelle Debruyne, Nathalie Kraus and Véronique Leroy won the Gili swimwear.

7e raw (Score: 77): Gilles Morell, Delphine de Witt, Patricia Dusseler, and Barbara Huijie Stadsbadr won the epic chèche.

8e raw (Score: 72): Jamie Monfort, Alexandra Trichard, Raphael Dion and Julie Verhol won the Piot products.

9e raw (Score: 71): Jean-Marc Riberol, Frédéric Vincent, Brigitte Desmidt and Annie Naturegal won the Eden Park accessories.

10e raw (Score: 64): Didier Behen, Marie-Ange Capwin, Leonie Tellier and Line Blondeau win a Minute Prestige bottle.

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Eden Park Driving Contest : Violet Lernon 245m and Jimmy Monfort 285m

Lexus mode contest : Charlotte Conod 15 Boots.

Accuracy Payment Contest : Hanae Goullier 2.47m and Sylvain Raoult 3.5m

La Vallée Village Achievement Award : Michelle Brugniard

Evian Resort Surprise Price : Isabel Marchand and Anne Honor

Concours d’Elegance Yséal Salon and Hairdressing : Camille Blanc, Lilo Czaeki, Lola Czaeki, and Delphine Chizeki.

Concours d’Elegance Yséal Salon and Hairdressing Karen Dilthey

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