Tiger Woods away from the cut in St Andrews, Dustin Johnson in the lead

While the weather was very mild Friday morning on the old field, Tiger Woods was unable to recover. Legend largely missed the cut, while Dustin Johnson, Scottie Scheffler, Terrell Hutton and others took advantage of these favorable playing conditions.

The sequence alone sums up the dashed hopes tiger wood And his endless fans. A nice streak for a little birdie in 3 gave a crazy hope of a comeback, saddled with a poor 78 (+6) poor in the first round.

Hope quickly faded: from hole 4, Tiger missed a shot less than a meter away to concede to a bogey. On the next hole, continue next three times on an easy 5 level.

Limp and uncomfortable in his undulating lanes, hesitating in the greens, Woods, composed of 75 (+3) and +9 in total, so missed his championship, when he had a verity of this participation in 150 British Open His main goal since the announcement of his return to competition.

The cut should be around -1. It is unattainable. Symbolically, he was 150th in the ranking at the time of this writing…

Alors que les meilleurs joueurs du monde profitaient des conditions de jeu très faciles du matin (greens rendus humides par la pluie de la nuit et quelques averses matinales, absence totale de vent), le Tigre, lui, pour a semblé étrop Quarrel. The (physical) observation is not very reassuring.

Enthusiasm and passion

It is still too early to tell if this will be the last appearance of Tiger Woods in St. Andrewsbut here’s what we do know: Rotating “The Open” lets you go back to the old track every 5 years.

The Tiger, who has won The Open twice in these stadiums, is 46 and hasn’t stopped at Swilcan Bridge for a spooky farewell photo.

This moment of fever has passed, and there is a good hope of finding her in the Holy of Holies. Not to mention the applause he received again during his return on the 18th.

Indeed one of the highlights of this hole that rips a small tear from him… A wonderful sight.

Day of the traitors

While the legend suffered, others, and many others, suffered from the bird and the red glow on their cards. This Friday morning was a party for my players… Leaf golf.

Sergio Garcia Thus he signed 66 Latif (-6) and returned after him 75 the day before. American Taylor Gotsch He scored 69 (missed a lot of chances) and totaled -7 which puts him in the lead. Mexican Abraham AnserHe played 68 and is in the “Top 20”.

With 67 (-5) followed by 68 (4), Dustin Johnson (-9) temporarily alone at the top of the championship. Simply. Therefore, Saudi sirens did not extinguish the ambitions of the DJ in the Major. He wiped three bullets at 1 by six birds without another slip.

Scheffler again and again

The one who also promises to be one of the best conquest favourites Claret jug is number 1 in the world, Scotty Scheffler. 68 seconds in a row puts him one step ahead of a DJ, in a very temporary second place.

also with Patrick CantlayAnd the Jordan Spieth And the true thigala It launched well in the middle of the day, and the top of the leaderboard was crowded with American players, a celebration in the circumstances where the game mode is key. Einglish Terrell Hutton (-8) and Australian Adam Scott [-7]It was also warm and warm in the club[-7)كانتأيضًادافئةدافئةفيالنادي

At the beginning of his journey, Cameron Smith (-10 timer) was in the game thanks to three birds in the first 3 holes. But mostly we’ve been waiting to see Rory McIlroy Rush to give more spice to the very “star and stripes” leader board.

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