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TopGolf continues its expansion and does not forget about continental Europe. With the resort opening much later than it should be due to COVID, TopGolf Oberhausen is on paper. Is it accessible? Will it be as good as the one visited in the US? It’s time to take stock and see if it’s worth taking the two hour trip that separates us.

As soon as I heard that TopGolf was going to open in Germany, I was quick to find out exactly where. Oberhausen, between Essen and Dusseldorf. It is ideally located at a crossroads. The complex is located near the Dutch and Belgian borders, in the heart of the metropolitan area Ryan Rohr whose population does not exceed 10 million.

After my experience at Top Golf in Birmingham, Alabama, in the US, I had to go there at least once to back up the comparison.

What is different about TopGolf in Oberhausen

Too big screen

To the left of the entrance is the bar, or should I say the waiting room. Despite the free bays, we are forced to wait at the bar in front of this giant screen of 36 square meters. I have lived in smaller apartments before. Glamorous, I drink my first beer before I get a text telling me our bay for the next two hours.

giant football screen topgolf

Rooms and terraces

Upon entering the building and even seeing it from the outside, I noticed that it was smaller despite the fact that the number of bays (about 100 spread over 3 floors) in Oberhausen is similar to that of TopGolf in Birmingham. In fact, the latter has seminar rooms, outdoor terraces and other facilities.

very small shop

It’s a real difference. While in the US, we find in the store a mid-release installer; Polo shirts, glasses, hats, T-shirts, etc., TopGolf Oberhausen is located in the corner on the right, almost hidden from visitors. There are two racks of T-shirts, and some accessories, but that doesn’t make you want to go there. Moreover, I did not buy anything there.

But what is left?

On the other hand, there is still the primary.

Fun and sound games and an unparalleled atmosphere. We were the only ones who (somewhat) looked like golfers. All the other bays welcome families, friends, couples and in short everyone. This is what attracted me the most to the United States. Here’s the same story. Relaxing atmosphere where people come to drink, eat, laugh and hit the ball.

The place lends itself well. In the heart of the activity area, the car park is spacious. You can make noise without bothering anyone.

Why would we go back there?

The good, simple reason: Because it’s TopGolf. Whatever happens, we are having fun, whether we are an experienced golfer or a simple beginner. The atmosphere there is the stratosphere. When night falls, the complex turns into a club, where you can also enjoy playing golf. Plus, we were the only ones who brought our own golf bags. Not only to do a good job but because the next day we planned to play 18 holes (2 x 9 holes) at Oberhausen Golf Club.

Extra: Golf Club Oberhausen

golf club oberhausen

If you pass by TopGolf Oberhausen, I advise you to stop at Golf Club Oberhausen. It is located across from the railway track. The 9 hole course is located just 10 minutes from the TopGolf.

For a relatively affordable price, the course was in exceptional condition. The greens were almost as perfect as the ones in Japan. The reception was very good. On the other hand, our Dutch payment cards didn’t go through while they worked everywhere else. A very big handicap this club admits, very close to the border with Holland. Tip: Remember to take cash if you go there.

1 hole golf club Oberhausen

Hole 1 that runs along slot 3. With out of bounds on the right it is nothing but slot 3

Piping hole 1 golf club Oberhausen

Passage view from 3 on Hole 1

Hole 6 on par 3 of about 200 meters
Hole 6 on par 3 of about 200 meters

With a high course, challenging obstacles but also impeccable quality for an affordable price, Oberhausen Golf Club is the right choice for you. Especially if you play it after TopGolf. You’ll already be hot from the session the day before!

If after TopGolf you want to explore the area and its courses, feel free. Germany is full of affordable luxury courses, not much is said but Germany should be your next golf destination.

general impression


Maintenance work


An experience almost similar to that of the US, much closer and above all the TopGolf experience.

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