Cameron Smith wins the British Open, his first major

At 28, Cameron Smith won the British Open on Sunday in St Andrews. The Australian was famous for the quality of his posture and for his unique looks, which made history in Sunday golf.

Historic conclusion

On the eve of turning pro in 2013, Cameron Smith warned without a mustache or mullet, without many people listening to him except for Queensland: “My goal? To be the best player in the world.” Nine years later, the Brisbane right-hander, who already enjoys a cult following for his long range of mustache and neck, isn’t world No. 1 (he will be second on Monday), but this Sunday, the Brisbane right-hander became legendary by winning the British Open, over The earth is dry as legendary is St. Andrews. The 28-year-old Australian has produced one of the best final deliveries of the last two decades from major golf clubs.

Starting with four strokes behind Rory McIlroy, Smith took advantage of the Northern Irishman’s lack of success (17 green strokes, 70) and the Norwegian’s inexperience (74), to send the sparrows needed for his comeback. If passed at -2 to go, he will make a killer hole attack from 10 to 14. Five consecutive birds in a grand slam score, that’s strong. But what about its counterpart that saves at 17, which is the toughest hole in the open spin.

After his only iron shot of the game, Smith took out his favorite tool, the racquetball, to get around the Road Hole lair. “I just wanted to get to five meters and try to shoot”, he will then explain, as if he were telling you about an ordinary shot in an ordinary hole. Total clarity to play in this moment of maximum pressure, while Rory McIlroy and Cameron Young still have a shot or two in the cylinder.


No The Open winner has ever completed the last nine holes in 30 strokes. The A-6 was signed at St Andrews by Cameron Smith.

McIlroy failed situation

That average saved at 17 would be followed on the last hole by a new magic bat shot, once again from outside the green. Un birdie final pour un 64 (-8), assurant un total de -20 inaccessible, un coup devant un étonnant Young (eagle au 18, 65) et deux longueurs sur McIlroy, dont la dernière approche à la “desesperado” ne trouvera pas Target.

The Briton wouldn’t miss anything of the day, however, touching 17 greens without a bogeyman. But without the slightest success in the rankings, the world number two would leave Fife with a hot third place. His eighth year is coming to a close without a major, and even if he already has a bottle of claret in the window (Liverpool, 2014), he still misses the year given to St Andrews. Such a legendary place for such a special edition, version 150 of the oldest of the four. An opportunity that will not come again before 2030, the likely date of the next visit of the Open Championship to the territory of the builders of this game.

Peaky Blinders, dachshund and Trevino with scissors

And so it’s Cameron Smith, who’s going down in history for life, because as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods so vividly emphasized this week, a major victory over these ties is the primary key to the champ’s outfit. As the title goes with the pitcher, the new “Golfer of the Year Champion” is a simple guy. A rugby enthusiast with all its rules, he is able to follow the A-League championship live during his press conference on Tuesday.

Fired to perfection on Thursday (67,3), in the lead on Friday (64) and then on Saturday (73), the Florida native spent his evenings” in relaxation mode »In his own words, Peaky Blinders devours me to pass the time. For the rest, also know that he’s the proud owner of a dachshund named Kendrick and that his hairdresser (Smith, not the dog) is called… Lee Trevino, just like a six-time winner, including twice in 1971 and 1972.

From the Australian dollar, we will retain its effectiveness in the scoring game. The qualities of under 100m from the hole have allowed him to dominate this week despite a third lap without feeling which made him very well healed. “I was really disappointed yesterday with the way the third round went.he said Sunday evening. I really attribute it to the fact that we play on links. You can sometimes get weird bounces here and there, which can put you in a bad place. But I reacted really well last night and was able to move on. »

An Australian never gives up

Put back in the saddle after his power on Saturday by Grant Field, his coach since he was 10 (a $90 coach an hour on his website, and thus as simple as his player), Smith was able to remember that even with four backhands, even on Two of the best players on the planet, nothing is lost. As he did in 2013, he overcame a 5 down deficit in the Australian Amateur Championship final. His eagle on the 18th of the 72nd hole at the 2015 US Open would be most striking. Fourth place propelled the then-unknown player from the Asian Tour to the 2016 Masters Championships, and then full-time on the PGA Tour.


The four main winners in 2022 are Under-30s, Scotty Scheffler (Masters, 26), Justin Thomas (PGA, 29), Matt Fitzpatrick (US Open, 26) and Cameron Smith (28, The Open).

Barely from his fourth place, six shots behind his ringside friend, Victor Hovland, would tell this Australian, who never gives up: “I played a lot with CamNorwegian summary. When you look at it, it doesn’t have that wow factor. But, nevertheless, it impresses me. Bad shots don’t bother him so he knows how to hit a good shot right behind him. He is a worthy hero. »

Smith has admitted that without difficulty on several occasions, his tried-and-true hair look for two years will do as much for his fame as his six PGA Tour titles. As for the famous rat’s tail, which was originally destined to be cut off after the success of the first Grand Slam, it can finally rest easily, as its very happy owner will say: “I find him cool, people get to know me thanks to him and he makes people laugh. So keep it up!”

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