Gym lacks efficiency against Fulham (0-2)

Despite his dominance and chances, OGC Nice lost to Fulham on Saturday (2-0), due to two penalties against the course of play.

In the third preparatory match, Niswa lost to Fulham (0-2). However, the Azores generally dominated the match, creating the best chances but lacking efficiency in front of goal. Initially, Lucien Favre decided to renew the same 11-year-old who had finished the match against Benfica the day before, with two changes, Polhindi and Limina.

Thus, Polhendi, Atal (hat), Nahonu, Danieluk, Lutumba, Bouanani, Belhyane, Limina, Claude Morris, Troiler and Brahimi, started the match for the first time in the 2022-2023 third jersey, which was placed at 4-4. -2.

Gym conducted on the playing track

The first quarter of the meeting offered little to no rhythm. Teddy Polhindi easily grabbed a header from McAvoy. Then the sports club got the first hot positions in the match. Brahimi crashed on the right side of the penalty area and saw a shot with his left foot. The flogging returned to Trouillet who shot with the right foot on the first intent but Rodak grabbed the ball.

After receiving a superb pass from Reda Belhyan, which was very technically fair, Badreddine Bouanani controlled his thigh but missed his shot. The gym players were standing on their feet and retaining control of the ball, forcing them huts to make mistakes. A low free kick by Bilal Brahimi just before entering the area ended up in the side net.

The Reds and Blacks continued to put pressure on the English side. Very distraught, Brahimi hurried into the area and turned back to Claude Maurice, completely alone in the area. The powerful shot went from inside the 24-year-old midfielder’s right foot into the goal, but Odutayo hit it with a corner kick. But contrary to the course of play and after a mistake by Atal on Harris, Fulham opened the scoring with a penalty kick by Kebanu (0-1, 41).

Shortly before the end of the first half, he hit Brahimi with his right foot after a one-on-one encounter with Claude Morris but lost his one-on-one match with Rodak, who veered off the flogging. Dominant and dangerous in the offensive stages but lacking in efficiency, Lucien Favre’s men returned to the locker room one goal behind.

Repeat again

At the start of the second half, the Aiglons went on the offensive. Active and exciting Bouanani served in the area, Brahimi shot with his left foot in the first intention but the Kotagers defense blocked his attempt. The Algerian international hit the ball again with his left foot a few minutes later, but an intervention from Audotayo hit the ball, which nonetheless took the direction of the tire. Marcin Bulka, who came after returning from the locker room, intervened twice before the hour mark, clearing the pole header from Odutayo with his hand to a corner and stopping a powerful shot from Jasper.

Over the past half hour, Lucien Favre has made several changes. Polka, Mendy, Todibo, Dante (Cap), Bard, Boudaoui, Rosario, Traore, da Kona, Guerre and Delors made up the eleven from Nice at the end of the match. Andy Delort emerged quickly. The Set Bison grabbed a millimeter center from Mendy but the striker’s head went a few centimeters away from Rodak’s cage. A few moments later, Aiglon in the 2021-2022 season attempted an acrobatic comeback in the area after a cross from Bard but Rodak pushed the ball away from a corner kick with a one-click.

In the last ten minutes of the regulatory time, the referee set the penalty point after Todibo’s foul on Jasper. Wrong Wilson Bulka and doubled the lead of Fulham (83). The club then tried to reduce the difference, but Melvin Bard’s right shot in extra time was blocked by the Fulham defense. After this procedure, Andy Delors walked off the field.

The score did not change and the Aiglons lost. But the match ended with a penalty shootout, which the Cottages won 2-3. This will make it possible to choose between the two teams in the event of a tie during the final classification (the tournament is held between 3 teams: OGC Nice, Benfica and Fulham).

Preparatory course continues

And after he played three friendly matches since his resumption, the gym will complete his preparatory camp in Portugal with a meeting against Roma next Saturday (8:00 pm). A week later, the Aiglons will face another Italian team, Torino FC, for the final test in Allianz Riviera (30 at 5pm).

Certificate of Authenticity

OGC Nice 0-2 Fulham (2-3 pens)

Goals: Kebanu (41 minutes) and Wilson (83) for Fulham


OGC Nice
Bolhandi (Polka 46 minutes) – Atal (hat), Nahonu, Danieluk, Lutumba – Bouanani, Belhyane, Limina (Traori 46′), Troiler – Claude Morris, Brahimi.

From the sixties: Polka – Mindy, Todibo, Dante (hat), Bard – Boudaoui, Rosario, Traore, da Cunha – Guerre, Delort.

Fulham’s starting line-up
Rodak – Fossey, McAvoy, Odutayo, Robinson – Reed (hat), Shaluba – Jasper, Harris, Kebanu – Stansfield

Referee: Helder Carvalho

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