The Last of Us Part 1: Is a new release really worth it on PS5 and PC?

game news The Last of Us Part 1: Is a new release really worth it on PS5 and PC?

The question really did arise and arise again as The Last of Us Part 1 surpassed gold. What’s the point – other than financial – of recreating a game that is barely ten years old and considered one of the best products ever? All at a high price! Since the project was announced, some Naughty Dog developers have spoken out. It’s time to evaluate.

You may have heard the good news: Part 1 of The Last of Us has gone gold! A key moment in every development is the signing of the completion of the CD copy as well as the start of copying it. So for sure, the remake of the cult game Naughty Dog will launch on September 2nd on PS5 (later on PC) as announced during Summer Game Fest. While the excitement is building on one hand, some players are struggling. Because it is beyond the interest of such a project, it is The price that defies. The first part of The Last of Us will be sold at 79.99 euros.

unfavorable price

Common price for all 9th ​​generation 3D consoles. But this new version is not quite as popular as the others and that is what annoys some fans. After the release of the base game in 2013 and its re-release on PS4 two years later, the first installment of The Last of Us will determine Third Edition The adventures of Ellie and Joel in just under ten years. Everything comes over in a slightly fed up context regarding remasters | Remakes. Even if the ambitious re-creations are welcomed, on the one hand, by the press and audience (Demon’s Souls, Resident Evil 2), some games, such as the PS5 and Xbox Series version of Grand Theft Auto V, reflect reassuring practice in the industry but which has its limitations. However, Naughty Dog doesn’t arrive empty-handed, which here invokes a “rebooted from scratch” work based on PS5 traits – new visuals, battles – with the goal of delivering an “ultimate” version of The Last of Us.

Here’s why PlayStation is selling The Last of Us Part 1 for $70: Management thinks (correctly in my opinion) that people will pay; A price equivalent to the current generation AAA; A way to denote the aura of a title by its value – Dom, video game financial analyst, dated Twitter

The Last of Us Part 1: Is a new release really worth it on PS5 and PC?

The project is taken from scratch

Concretely, what progress has The Last of Us Part 1 made? On the fringes of the technique and the faces of the main duo, similar to Episode Two, there is a comparison of Tess’ character, who I particularly liked, last month. Six seconds of video, short ambition of the protagonist, that’s it! The Emotion of the Remake Undeniably superior. “(For this project, editor’s note) we found a way to get closer to our core vision,” said Neil Druckman, author, director, and co-chair of Naughty Dog, at the Summer Game Fest. “All the animators have come back to study the original performances of the actors and are closer than ever to them.”

But for some players, the account still does not exist. “The problem is not that (Naughty Dog and PlayStation, editor’s note) are recreating the game. The problem is that they’re asking $70 in return.”Shouted During a show by Parris Lilly, well-known host of the Gamertag Radio podcast. Show me why I should pay $70 for a title I’ve played twice in the past 9 years! It is certain, for the time being, Naughty Dog hasn’t revealed much From The Last of Us Part 1. Expect a long gameplay phase. The new release will undoubtedly be the subject of State of Play over the summer, as much as the PlayStation Showcase’s Back to School timing seems to be pretty tight.

Car un remake – c’est bien le mot utilisé par Naughty Dog sur le PlayStation Blog US – ce n’est pas seulement mettre un coup de peinture et de nouvelles têtes sur des modèles qui datent de 2013. The Last of Us Part 1 délivrera No doubt deeper repair. On the Sony website, we can especially hear about further exploration”PayMaybe unlock areas like The Last of Us Part 2? After all why not! Anyway, the studio doesn’t have a reputation for doing things in half, having already turned DLCs into full projects (Uncharted Lost Legacy). Furthermore, One of the developers said that there was no crisis in this project.

The Last of Us Part 1: Is a new release really worth it on PS5 and PC?

Talking Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part 1, A way for Naughty Dog to make easy money? Anyway, that’s clearly not the opinion of Robert Robison, the app’s animator. in message Twitter says it’s about the project “The most meticulous in construction and ingenuity” of her career. For his part, Neil Druckman talks about “incredible work”. Furthermore, at the Summer Games Festival stage, the co-chairman specified that the remake was not only driven by the arrival of the HBO series The Last of Us (early 2023) But let’s offer PS5 and PC players the best version of the first installment. Yes because, we must not forget that during the same event, Naughty Dog also formalized its massive multiplayer project from the same franchise, which is supposed to make news next year. Meanwhile, why not create new fans thanks to the first ever hit The Last of Us?

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