British Open: Carlo Blanchard column on Cameron Smith’s impressive performance

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The 150th edition of the British Open ended Sunday in a festive atmosphere as Australia’s Cameron Smith virtually stole the show with a final 64-card deck, including 6 birdies in the back and a nine. We expected over 5e The main surname of the Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy, who had to accept 3e Score, after the last round of 70.

Smith has already won the Champions League and Players’ Championship this year, and he has clearly shown that he is the best on the Greens when the pressure is on. A chain of 5 birds in a row between 10e and 14e Holes allowed him to climb to the top of the championship. Not only did he shine on the greens, he put his shots in the right place and was never in danger, except for the 17e The hole in which he brilliantly saved equal on a strike of ten feet. He also becomes the first player to return two cards of 64 or better during a major tournament in addition to his tie with -20, the best score obtained during that tournament. He even allowed himself to break the St. Andrews record with one stroke, a record set by Tiger Woods in 2000.

Card author 73 through 3e On Saturday’s round, unrecognizable to the Greens (35 strokes), Smith quickly set the record straight in the final round with 10 classes and eight birds. This victory allows him to increase his earnings to nearly $10 million for the current season. It’s also 6e career title, having also won the Australian PGA Championship twice. There is no doubt that he will be in the next edition of the President’s Cup next September and certainly in the next edition that will be held in Montreal in 2024.

Cameron Smith triumphed at St Andrews

It was finally American Cameron Young who took second placee Place thanks to the amazing eagle on the last hole. Impressed by many for the quality and consistency of his game, Young, being recognized as one of the longest-running hitters on the PGA Tour, has shown that dexterity and strategy are also part of his arsenal. We’re talking here about a player in his first season on the big circuit who, barely two years ago, played on the Canadian circuit before joining Korn Ferry and racking up two wins there. Sa 2e The place allows him to increase his earnings to over $5.8 million…not too bad for a newbie!

Fan favorite Rory McIlroy has nothing to be ashamed of as he played very methodically in the final round, hitting nearly every green in the prescribed kicks. His racket let him down somewhat, as he resorted to 36 strokes over 4e circular. His game was solid, but his lack of opportunism on the greens prevented him from getting his hands on the 5e headline. However, McIlroy claims 4 of the 8 best in the big companies this year.

Finally, a few words about Victor Hovland who did nothing in the final round. We felt he was a bit hesitant at the start of the tour and that his game in general had nothing to do with the game he gave us the day before. Canadian Cory Connors did well on Sunday with a card of 67, claiming a cumulative score of -8, which is good for a draw at 28e Site.

Overall, it was a great competition, contested on a very tough and fast track. There were plenty of tee shots at 350 yards, but it still had to be put in the right place. Players used their creativity and were forced to imagine shots and tracks they weren’t used to. This is part of the magic of the British Open, which is a one-of-a-kind tournament.

Make way for 3M Omnium

The 3M Open kicks off Thursday in Blaine, Minnesota. Defending champion Cameron Champ should beware of Tony Finau, Hideki Matsuyama, Jason Dai and Sunjay Im, who are the main seeders present in this tournament. RDS will present Rounds 3 and 4 of this tournament this weekend. You’ll also be able to follow the progression of the four rounds of the England Grand Open from Thursday, noon, in the RDS rounds. This major tournament will come to you live from Gleneagles Stadium in Scotland.

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