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Square Enix’s Outriders and People Can Fly are back in service just over a year after arriving on Planet Enoch for additional content that changes the game system somewhat and introduces an entirely new adventure. Will the Worldslayer expansion be able to convince players to revive Looter-Shooter?

An epic expedition

Worldslayer follows first-hand the events that conclude the main campaign and the multiple missions that players have launched. The anomaly that is supposed to end as a result of the actions of the Outriders continues to escalate and directly threatens the last survivors. The planet Enoch is also witnessing the emergence of a new threat to human colonies. The Commander, the new leader of the Rebel faction, is determined to take control of the place and by force impose a highly personal vision for the future of humanity.

Imagined by screenwriters People Can Fly with a final duration of 4 to 8 hours, this new expedition captures the great archetypes of the action story’s inhalation of testosterone and gunpowder. seldom surprising, The main campaign can be appreciated for what it is… a narrative version. The staging, still basic, is similar to that of the original game, and content punctuates the stages of the game, mainly gun battles, with well-made scenes.

For the rest, the Outriders are on familiar territory. Mission objectives seamlessly follow each other in the heart of environments that once emerged from the hues of gray and brown that players have criticized so much. Valleys of warm colors, bluish deserts covered with ice, etc. Artists make use of their color palettes for a highly compelling result that brings out a sense of disorientation. The planet Enoch has finally been discovered and stands out for some of the architectural and environmental quirks that make it a unique and unforgettable star.

looting method

Outriders Worldslayer is also trying to change its video game format, more specifically its RPG mechanics. Confrontations are always tense and moving It’s really the emergence of Outriders that are given new options. ” Players can now choose from two specializations unique to each class (Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster). This secondary tree of passive and active skills called PAX allows you to improve your gameplay a bit more.

People Can Fly Studios is pushing the survivor assignment process even further by incorporating a new system called Ascension that awards points for distribution into different attributes. Thus it is possible to enhance her stamina, to increase her life points or enhance her strength related to anomalies, etc. With the aim of becoming the strongest defense stepping on the surface of the planet Enoch. These gameplay add-ons reward feats and guarantee a massive lifespan of more than 100 hours by the developers. They even took the time to tweak the difficulty system and named it the ‘Apocalypse Tier’ for the occasion… The Mass is over!

Adjustable on the fly according to the forces at hand, it allows Outriders to balance clashes and take on tougher challenges. If you succeed, this leads to more epic loot than ever before… Legendary weapons and equipment that delight players. These opportunities offered by People Can Fly won’t be too much to beat a resurgent talent and audience of rebellious bosses as you wish. Despite this endless and extremely fun quest for the ultimate loot, Outriders can’t shake off that feeling of repetition that signals the end of their weapon after several hours of killing endless waves of enemies.

Outriders Wolrdslayer: Epic DLC for the Square Enix action game


strength point

  • Very epic saga
  • New RPG mechanics (PAX, Ascension, etc.)
  • booty galore
  • Lifespan (+100 hours of playing)
  • Difficulty system (Apocalypse Tier)

Weak points

  • It’s still a superficial show
  • Same feeling again after a few hours

Outriders Wordslayer is definitely the extension that Looter-Shooter fans have come to expect from Square Enix. Without revolutionizing the game or genre, DLC is very generous in content and provides enough new features to encourage players to return to Planet Enoch. People Can Fly improves its title in its own way and creates a desirable spooky and satisfying adventure.

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