Does Elden resonate with the same wilderness of Dark Souls?

game news Does Elden resonate with the same wilderness of Dark Souls?

The critically acclaimed Elden Ring and Breath of the Wild have been the subject of burning comparisons for some time. True or Flase ?

It’s been a few months now as players around the world have been trying to compare two worlds of the open-world giant, one a much-adopted classic, and the other making a new home on the shelves. “Does Elden Resonate Wild Breath of Dark Souls?“Our Antistar asks on Twitter;”Elden Ring is the same from Wild Souls, but it’s also Skyrim of Breath of the WildGanesh claims;EldenRing is the result of every From Software experience under the influence of Breath of the Wild‘, concludes from his side Atomium.

Breathing out of wilderness-style exploration?

The similarities between the two titles were already discussed at length months before the game was released from the software. During the first previews, the media Wccftech He wrote in particular:Elden Ring looks more and more like the dark Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘, first for a set of obvious reasons: A huge open world inhabited by a few friendly NPCs and a host of enemies. The Elden Ring, like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, encourages player curiosity and exploration without really directing you.. Each of the maps is initially incomplete and contains a story unearthed during its journey. Note already made in our test:

Like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Elden Ring chooses a gorgeous universe with crystal clear patterns, to highlight all that’s worth seeing.. And the best part is that it works very well. The lack of points of interest contributes to the ongoing mystery of Entre Terre, and forces the player to keep their eyes fixed on what is happening in the game in front of them.

    Does Elden resonate with the same wilderness of Dark Souls?

So it’s a good idea to get lost in the Elden Ring to discover a whole host of small and prime places. However, you are not completely left out; Just like the campfires in Dark Souls, a streak of light will show you the way to the next major location. Finally, to the media reflectElden Ring even dethroned BOTW exploration in certain aspects:

Elden Ring takes things a step further by publishing his world and a map with a variety of visual cues that players learn to recognize.. Statues and tombs mark nearby finds, churches provide valuable reinforcements for recovery, and you never know when a murderous chief will appear.

Keep dungeons, as in BOTW, free of access to them. In our testing, we noticed when they saw it: “Again, like Breath of the Wild, it’s possible to dash from the first moments in Legacy Dungeons, these massive dungeons often, and sometimes even mandatory to access the rest of the open world, representative of the traditional Souls experience. Which way is obviously not highly recommended, you can imagine.

    Does Elden resonate with the same wilderness of Dark Souls?

But it’s still a strong taste for spirits

In any case, the Elden Ring is above all a spiritual sequel to Dark Souls and retains its essence. Creatures hidden in nooks and crannies are always there, as are huge and absolutely epic bosses. However, the overall design remains curvy and full of secrets that need to be revealed. The newcomer still welcomes the main new features of the franchise: a mountain, the possibility to escape from a very complex area to try your luck elsewhere, as well as a vertical jump:

Not forgetting that Elden Ring welcomes a very important novelty: a vertical leap, the Sekiro style. What you should climb onto the railing, jump over a ledge and enter through an open window. A real fun, especially with the stealth dimension, which is also new, which can lead to really interesting situations (entering from I-don’t-know-where, note that there are too many enemies, crouching to get out or grabbing monsters from behind) . Fun that nevertheless requires levels designed for it. And when that’s not the case and you’re outside of the open world, you can feel like you’re “only” playing Dark Souls.

And to erase any frustration, the player can count on Marika dolls, new checkpoints that have been added to the locations of grace. Elden Ring, like its predecessors, is still a demanding game, learning enemy moves but also your resistance to pressure is the key to success. The sense of accomplishment is always there. But the open world structure undoubtedly helps to overcome the ceilings of difficulties. However, only 54% of players who purchased the game today have beaten the first mandatory boss.

Elden Ring is set to be one of the shows’ biggest hits. The episode took less than a day to reach 765,000 concurrent players on Steam, well above Dark Souls III’s 130,000 and Sekiro’s 125,000. It is still more difficult to persuade the public than to persuade the press. On Metacritic three days after release and while the game inherits 97/100 from journalists, it’s only 7.6/10 signed by players. “PS3 graphics, no improvements since Dark Souls 3, empty open world…Can we read in the reviews.

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