European Women’s Singles Championship: Verana Heck, in red

The European landscape is beginning to get used to seeing her tall and slender silhouette evolve, adorning the circumstance with a smile as well as a resolute look. In a few weeks, the world stage will also be open to it. Among the 18 French players present this week in Saint Germain to dispute over European Women’s Singles ChampionshipAnd the verana heck He is one of the players to watch.

It’s true that RCF player La Boulie went through July with a gorgeous beauty. The month that began in the freshness of Iceland, as she went with her buddies from the France girls’ team to win a beautiful European title. Happiness does not come by itself, after a few days of good news: with her teammates Myles Lamore And the Constance Foyer“Vaï”, from her little name, will represent France during World Team Championshipend of August to national golf and for San Nom La Britque.

A dream since he was 10 years old

Verana Heck, during the girls’ European Championship final, earlier this month. (Photo EGA)

A great achievement for a player who, ironically, did not like golf in her early years. “I started hitting balls at the age of seven or eight, and I didn’t really like that,” she smiles. And then about 10 years old, my dad took me to La Boulie, and I started doing competitions, and that was, for once, something that really motivated me. » Then the little girl already dreams of becoming number 1 in the world later. “Inevitably, to get there, you have to run into a world championship, She explained. So since then, I think it’s been in my head. »

Between the dream and the supposed goal sometimes remains a margin. It is recognized that since the merger of the French women’s and girls’ groups, Vairana has become part of the group led by Juladis Nocera. But with so many players called up and three places elected on arrival to play the world championships in France, 17-year-old Racing didn’t necessarily envision herself in the team at the start of the season. Especially since the latter became complicated for her.

To find more satisfying performances, Vairana Heck applied her method: Play her game, without thinking about the rest, and let things happen on their own. So it was necessary to wait until the European Girls’ Team Championship, at the beginning of July, for the selection to end with the worlds occupying a corner of it. “I was always in trouble at the beginning of the season, I don’t really know why, specify. But my parents and my mental trainer Anael Malherbe and Goladze helped me a lot. »

Gwladys Nocera: ‘I know I can count on her’

Strength of character, stubbornness, the ability to stand on their feet again after complex periods … are many qualities that the former French No. 1 noted. “Vairana gives me the impression of a girl who knows very well what she wants, and puts things in place to make it happen, Gwladys Nocera attests. She works out a lot, trains a lot, is very attentive, trusts the people around her and is also a trustworthy person. I know I can count on it. In Europe, I went looking for incredible things. She has an amazing strength of character that amazes me in every tournament. »

This week in the European Women’s Singles Championships, verana heck You will once again have the opportunity to demonstrate these qualities. She will also be able to count on her volleyball shot, in the lanes Saint Germain Made very hard by dry conditions. And then, four rounds of blows, one at a time, in front of the French audience … In terms of game formula and framework, nothing of the two worlds will come close between now and the deadline at the end of August. And this is even in the general living environment: this week, the three players and their staff will live together throughout the tournament in the same house, just as they will during theEspirito Santo Cup. Starting this weekend, everyone will be taking the direction of Les Arcs, for a course on the hike.

the following ? Opening a few notebooks in August. Because after the world championships, Vairana Heck, at the end of the first semester, will have to face another kind of challenge in September: the baccalaureate exams.

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