LIV Golf and PGA Tour Learn better to coexist

I hope you enjoyed the magic of Sunday afternoon in St Andrews.

Equal parts joy was beating heart, pure, pure unadulterated as she continued.

Because the drama that unfolded at The Old Course on Sunday – as well as last month’s US Open in Brookline, the PGA Championship in May and the Masters in April – where Cam Smith beat the rest of the contenders by 64 finals (which included 30 in back nine) to pass Rory McIlroy and winning the Claret race, it’s probably the last truly sparkling golf you’ll watch for a while.

Until further notice (read: anytime – if ever – the PGA Tour lifts the current suspension of players who have signed with LIV Golf), last week was the last time you’ll see the world’s best players get together. . else.

To think about it is a little depressing as we descend from the euphoria of this British Open.

Men’s professional golf was broken following the Saudi-backed Greg Norman-led round and the subsequent defensive response of the PGA Tour to ban participating players.

The Ryder Cup could also be affected (injured?) by the LIV move with the news that European captain Henrik Stenson is set to withdraw to the rival ring. A number of Europe’s most decorated Ryder Cup players are members of the LIV and may no longer be welcome, starting with Sergio Garcia, the all-time leader for Europe.

The Ryder Cup is the most popular golf event in the world. It attracts more eyeballs to sports than any tournament. Players and captains are prevented from doing so which is detrimental to the game.

Jay Monahan, Greg Norman
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None of the major tournaments in 2022 followed the PGA Tour strategy of suspending LIV Golf players, who are among the best in the world. But it seems clear that there is a move in place from the governing bodies of the US Masters, R&A, USGA and PGA to make it difficult for LIV players to qualify for the majors.

At the moment, LIV does not have access to any World Ranking Points, which is a key criterion for players to qualify for the Majors, a bullet in the PGA Tour’s portfolios and everyone conspiring to get rid of the LIV.

This, of course, appears to be collusion, although all the major corporate governing bodies have been very careful not to divulge this in alignment with the PGA Tour.

The bottom line for now is this: Like it or not, LIV Golf, which has gained quite a bit of momentum in recent months with so many high profile players joining in and with rumors of a lot of people to follow, don’t. drifting away. thus. He has a lot of money behind him. Money that neither the PGA Tour nor anyone else in the game can match.

The PGA Tour, which has been on the sidelines since LIV’s formation because commissioner Jay Monahan did not take the contender’s tour seriously enough, resulted in players being suspended from the sport.

If players like Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Brooks Koepka (to name a few) are banned from playing in the major leagues, what good is the sport when the majors don’t have the best players competing against each other?

it’s not.

Cameron Smith celebrates after winning the British Open.
Cameron Smith celebrates after winning the British Open.
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It is not an endorsement of LIV Golf, which has become a nuisance to the sport. Norman insisted in the fall that LIV did not want to compete with the PGA Tour, but wanted to work with him. If you think so, you’d think Tiger Woods is on his way to winning the 2023 Grand Slam despite his built-in back and mechanical right leg.

It is simply a fact. LIV Here, in the interest of the sport, concessions have to be made on both sides so that there can be some kind of coexistence.

Unless that happens, we may lose that magical vibe in the final round of the Grand Slam brought to us by the PGA, the US Open and, most recently, the British Open.

You’re naive if you don’t think LIV has contacted Cam Smith and might consider a move to play this round. His asking price definitely rose on Sunday. Rumors of Smith making the move have been circulating for weeks.

After his victory, Smith was asked about it and had every opportunity to bring it down, but he didn’t. “Everyone has their price,” Zander Shaveli, who left the door open to join LIV, told The Post last month.

More players – possibly starting with 2021 Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama – will sign with Lev.

It’s time for all the forces of golf to come together and figure out how to co-exist for the benefit of the sport, not their bank accounts.

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