Summer League | 2022 Draft Stars Results

Almost all specialists agreed to declare that the cuvée draft is dense, with many interesting profiles. Summer tournaments confirmed this first impression.

with Paulo BancheroAnd the Chet Holmgren Or even Keegan Murray who has starred in Las Vegas, as well as in Salt Lake City and San Francisco, the rookies are starting to come in strong.

Top 5 from the last draft

Paulo Banchero (Orlando)

He played only two matches, but Paolo Panchero shone in the summer league. The number 1 in the draft is supposed to be in full position with 20 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists on average. In fact, he’s even the first No. 1 in the draft to score at least 20 points in Las Vegas since John Wall in 2010, twelve years ago!

Dominating his strength towards the circuit, Paolo Panchero did a little of everything, emphasizing his “all-around” talent. Between his small 180-degree dunk on the counterattack or a few small midrange shots on the turn, the former Duke is a constant threat in attack. At times a little defensive, he was very sharp a few times, both in interceptions (5 interceptions in two games) and against Jabari Smith in particular.

Excellent near the circuit with the support and a set of “spins” already developed already, Paolo Banchero is a clear candidate for the title of Future Rookie of the Year. He’ll have the magic that will build around him, obviously knowing there will inevitably be a bit of a waste, with missing balls that was his sweet Las Vegas sin (5 per game), and with a game dedicated to the moment ignoring the triple point (2/4) …

Chet Holmgren (Oklahoma City)

With 23 points, 7 rebounds, 6 blocks, 4 assists in 24 minutes, all on 7/9 on shots including 4/6 from 3 throws, Chet Holmgren fired hard from the start. A perfect deterrent with a counter-record for the Utah Summer League, he quickly made his mark, especially in defense but also in his relationship with Josh Gedi, the Australian leader in the baton.

This duo (which will become a trio with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander) will become the main focus of Thunder for years to come. A leader – a large, versatile pivot set, Giddey – Holmgren’s husband has already done well in Salt Lake City, then in Las Vegas, with 14 points (48% on shots including 42% from three-pointers), 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks averaged over five games for the former Gonzaga team.

Unicorn 2.0, Chet Holmgren has everything to succeed offensively, with his outside shooting quality and dribbling ability to create for himself or his teammates.

However, as cuber Kenneth Lofton has demonstrated so aggressively, he will also struggle to defend against the heavier top-tier players in the league. If his ability to defend the circle vertically is no longer shown, not even his ability to switch to “small”, then No. 2 of the draft will have to prove his ability to fight in heavyweights on rebounds and in duels.

Jabari Smith Jr. (Houston)

Disappointment would be a big word for the Rockets’ junior interior, but with 14 points (38% on shots including 26% from 3 throws), 9 rebounds and two assists per game (more than five games), Jabbari Smith Jr. She didn’t really show her best face in Vegas. He got a mention of “Well, you can do better.”

Still clumsy to shoot and inclined to pick up contested shots, Jabari Smith simply complicated the task and forced it. In his defence, the capricious and individualistic context of the Summer League is not really in his favour, he is the one who still needs open shots and a more structured game to shine.

But the former Auburn still remembers why he was drafted into the third choice in defence, with a superb counter-ball at the top on Greg Brown in particular. Resilient enough to take on faster outsiders and tough enough to take hits in the paint, Smith has what it takes to dominate “all defensive teams” in the future.

Keegan Murray (Sacramento)

The author of 26 points (at 10/14 on shots including 4/5 from 3 throws), 8 rebounds for a super clean start, Keegan Murray is the best unofficial player in the Sumer Leagues. After scoring 20 points and 8 rebounds in San Francisco, he followed up with 23 points (50% on shots including 40% from 3 throws), 7 rebounds, 2 assists (4 games) in Las Vegas.

By being the clutch plus, with his 3-point shot to grab the extension against Orlando. Thanks to his good performance, the Kings (for now) have largely toned down the criticism that followed their choice in favor of Keegan Murray, rather than, say, Jaden Ivey. A true 3-point player, the former Iowa player is also able to create his shot halfway up the circle with his wing.

Between De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, he seems to already present himself as the indisputable bearer of Sacramento through his versatility. His coach, Mike Brown, is already under the spell.

Jaden Ivey (Detroit)

Jaden Ivey was injured 11 minutes later in his second game, in the air in Las Vegas. The author of a good first game with 20 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds against Portland, he has shown a good sample of his explosive full range “keeper combo”.

Unfortunately, he was injured when he fell on the ankle of Isaiah Todd of the Wizards after a 3-point attempt. The former Bordeaux still finished with 15 points (50% on shots including 50% from 3 throws), 4 assists, 3 rebounds in 19 minutes of his very short summer appearance. According to the person concerned, this injury is not serious.

Still confusing speed and rushing in his first match, Jaden Ivey will need time to channel his energy, like the Westbrooks or Morant before him. But with Cade Cunningham in his ear, and the young team around him, he must learn at high speed.

Good surprises

Benedict Mathurin (Indiana)

The Pacers’ pick is the highest draft pick since 1988’s “The Flying Dutchman,” Rick Smits, and Benedict Mathurin is certainly not expected to be Indiana’s Messiah. But the prolific goalscorer from Arizona this season is clearly seen as pivotal to the future of his franchise, possibly pregnant since the start of the next school year.

A real threat outside the arc, the young Canadian international can punish his opponent in penetration by not being afraid to make contact on his way to the circuit. A complete striker, he doesn’t leave his turn to the dog in defense either. With 19 points and 4 rebounds, he’s pretty convincing at 49% overall (but a small 38% of the three), but he’s still one-dimensional.

He also did not play as much as expected, with a slight defect in his left big toe forcing him to draw the curtain prematurely (only three games).

Galen Williams (Oklahoma City)

Like Chet Holmgren who takes advantage of Giddey on Pick & Roll (and pick and pop), Jalen Williams has also found a perfect partner in the Australian Thunder point guard. Their thing is the back lane on the baseline. Against the Rockets, Galen Williams finished with 15 points and 5 rebounds, stuffed with good balls but above all rewarded with his inspirational chops.

Even if he is drafted right after him, it appears that Galen Williams has already overtaken French rookie Ousmane Dieng in the potential hierarchy for next season. More physically solid with great recoil and simply more complete, he would have a good role to play in the OKC project.

Tari Eason Houston

Tari Eason was picked 17th when he left LSU, and he wasn’t necessarily expected at such a party. But with 17 points, 10 rebounds, and 2 steals per game, he was one of the Rockets’ best players. In summer league style, he was in his place, the one who tended to play for his apple.

But, a big and very energetic athlete, Tari Eason will have a say in the rotation of the Rockets, and that, in an interesting debut film alongside TyTy Washington and Jabari Smith.

Jabbari Walker (Portland)

Samaki Walker’s son fell very low on the night of the clouds. Selected penultimate (just before Hugo Besson), Jabari Walker is now one of the summer league’s biggest winners.

With 12 points (63% success rate including 43% from three-pointers), 9 rebounds and 1 average, the Blazers’ rookie interior was the perfect teammate under the boards. Tirelessly on bouncing balls, he also showed great skills behind the arc. A very good choice for Portland who was quick to give him a contract over the course of several seasons.

Credits: Ochai Agbaji (Cleveland – 15 points on 37% hits, 5 rebounds, 2 assists); Galen Doreen (Detroit – 11 points on 62% shooting, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block); Dalene Terry (Chicago – 12 points from 58% shooting, 3 assists, 3 rebounds); Regal Branham (San Antonio – 15 points on 43% of shots including 42% of 3-pointers and 4 rebounds); Christian Brown (Denver – 12 points on 30% shot, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals); Mar John Beauchamp (Milwaukee – 13 points from 43% shooting, 3 rebounds, 2 assists)


Johnny Davis (Washington)

Limited to three games due to lower back pain, Jonny Davis finished the fast lap in Vegas with small averages: 7 points, 4 rebounds and less than 2 assists per game, in 24 minutes.

At 29% on shots and 33% on 3 throws, the 10th pick for the last draft didn’t make fans dream. As always, these shows summer league It’s clearly no gossip, but Johnny Davis will have to get back in shape through training camp.

Credits: Mark Williams (Charlotte – 7 points, 44% on shots and 7 rebounds); Wendell Mor (Minnesota – 12 points with 35% on shots including 25% from three-pointers, 4-rebounds, and two assists); Osman Deng (Oklahoma City – 9 points from 34% shooting including 20% ​​from 3 throws, 5 rebounds, 2 assists); Jake LaRavia (Memphis – 5 points with 38% on shots including 30% from 3 throws, 3 rebounds, 2 assists); Max Christie (Los Angeles Lakers – 7 points on 27% on shots including 20% ​​on 3 throws and 5 rebounds.)


Dyson Daniels (New Orleans)

Picked up eighth by the Pelicans after a transitional season with Ignite, Dyson Daniels could only play for 8 minutes before spraining his right ankle when throwing the ball in front of Portland. Bad luck! With one point at 0/5 in shots, two passes and one interception, the 19-year-old Australian was hoping for a better start on the NBA scene.

The author of a campaign with 11 points, 4 assists and 2 steals last season, Dyson Daniels will be a part of Willie Green in Louisiana. That delay in ignition shouldn’t hurt him too much in the Pelicans’ ambitious yet again this season.

Sheldon Sharp (Portland)

Shaddon Sharp has been a mystery due to his unusual career, and was expected to land the role in Vegas because he hasn’t played this season. Drafted by the Blazers in seventh, the menacing full-back was unfortunately only able to defend his chances for five minutes, as he injured his left shoulder in his first game.

Just like Jaden Ivey and Dyson Daniels hit them in the ankle, he couldn’t extend his legs and gave us his flexible and lively offensive game. It’s just a postponement, but above all a good missed opportunity to adapt to the NBA.

Jeremy Suchan (San Antonio)

The only player in the top ten of the last draft not to wear shorts and chase, Jeremy Susan caught Covid at the wrong time. After missing a week of training, Spurs took the lead in turning him into an assistant.

Being a defender with elite potential, the former Baylor will be a surprise in the upcoming comeback of a San Antonio team that is still rebuilding. Without much certainty…

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